Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pre-NYE party

What do partygoers do pre-NYE party?

Assuming there's no work that day, I guess they can do pretty much anything. I dunno what anyone else has done today, but I, for one, have ventured out onto the roads this afternoon to try and redeem my dinnerware from Cold Storage in BSC with the 35 stamps I have. Pulled on some jeans and a top, and with ruffled hair, braved the Bangsar traffic (which was pretty bad, I might add).

Parked, climbed the stairs and looked for someone who could give me some bowls and plates... well, to be honest, my stamps can only redeem about 3 bowls... but I digress. This Indian guy told me that they'd run out of stock! First thought in my mind was "Crap." because 31 December is the last day they run this promotion and I felt that I shoulda gone earlier to get my bowls. But then Mr Indian Dude told me they were ordering more dinnerware and the promotion would last till 15 January! So I thanked him and walked the roundabout way to the ticket autopay machine just so he wouldn't think I was a loser for driving out to BSC just to redeem 3 bowls on New Year's Eve.

At least my parking was free!

I needed to fill my tank since I'm driving to town later with Quebec Jo, plus my tires needed some major air. After I was done at the pump, I wanted to reverse into the Angin spot, but just then, some idiot in a van decided to go fill his own tires instead. Doesn't he realise I need to fill mine because I'm doing something important tonight?

Turns out it wasn't only for that reason that he shoulda gone to another petrol station. When I reached the Shell near my house, it started bloody raining! I got drenched just getting out of my car and getting the air hose, the rain started so quickly. Had to unlock my doors and grab my Super Umbrella, and fill my tires while holding an umbrella and my car keys, and the little air inlet cover. I'm just thankful I'm a pianist and therefore have full control over each of my fingers and they can multitask. Heh.

Oops... I now only have 30 mins to get ready for dinner with Quebec Jo. Better sign off and do my stuff. Have a nice celebration, everyone...! I'll be at Phuture, so come say Hi if you bump into me :)

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