Thursday, October 21, 2004

A story to tell

A fire broke out at the mental hospital today. Yes that's me and Beach Babe running for cover from the smoke. Like the clever gal I am, I grabbed our mental records (in my right hand) so no one will ever know we just escaped HAHAHA!

And that's Beach Babe copying my pose as usual. It's part of her mental illness. Don't ask anymore, she's very touchy. The only time she doesn't copy people's poses is when she's surfing at Venice Beach.

Sometimes I wonder if we're better off at the mental hospital. Look how happy we are doing our thang.

Anyway as we were running out a discreet pink limo nearly knocked us down and flattened us to the texture of the tar road. Then the friendly Woman wound her window down and asked us to hop in. She promptly proceeded to sleep.

I guess people in limos have nothing else to do.

As Beach Babe and I marvelled at the outside world, she excitedly pointed to the clouds and commented on how it looks like someone we know. Yes, I told her. It kind of looks like a sweet potato. And she sighed and said how cute the lyrics are about walking into the sunset. Yeah. Maybe we shouldn't have left the hospital.

Okay enough crapping.

For the moment.

--- ooo --- ooo ---

I'm back! Just had dinner and felt so guilty about it considering I've been eating the WHOLE day!!

It's a girl thing

Guess what? I bought nail polish!! Hah! It's been ages, and I usually buy nail polish, use it once then leave it to rot. This time I bought a smaller bottle. Hope I finish it. And you know what? I actually left it on the counter and walked out of the shop! And did the cashier come running after me to give me the polish? NOOOOO... I bet she wanted it for herself! Sheesh! Get one yourself, aunty!

All she said when I went back was, "Forgot to take ah!" and she was just sitting there comfortably behind the counter. Of course I forgot to take it! But did you behave like a responsible cashier, aunty?? I don't think so!

Wow I feel so ladylike now with my nails all painted.

Of all the nerve...!

A kind little bird whispered into my ear that when she opened up my blog, horror of horrors! A popup appeared! The powers that be are watching, I tell you. No one's safe anymore. Write about how you hate popups, and the next thing you know, a popup appears on your site! Tsk!

Naturally, the little bird did the common sense thing and closed the popup without even seeing what it was advertising. Are you listening, popup advertisers?!


By the way, does anyone know how to get rid of adware that has installed itself on your PC? Mine irritates me by putting a search link on my words. And that's really irritating because IT'S NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!

Also does anyone in KL have a DVC I can borrow to transfer my video from the cassette to my laptop? I just need it for one day. It has to have a DV output. (DVC = Digital Video Camera)

Lastly, I'd like to recommend this food to everyone : MARKS & SPENCER'S ALL BUTTER CHOCOLATE BITES! It's the most heavenly food after Le Cake from Pangkor Laut Resort. Slurp!!


Beautiful Dreamer said...

HHAHAHA ~!!!! Love the story, love those pics~!! =D
Thtas a pretty good shot of Jean sleeping there~!! Oh just look at her....**grin**

Anonymous said...

Yo ishkabula here. Thx alot for using gross pics of me*rolling eyes*...uh harlo I look like I hav wet worms on my head...n d crookedly printed shirt...ur rite man...that's just such a disgrace..Neway...the beginning part was so darn funny!!!LOL! Was laughing out loud to myself!:$ the first 2 with u n Beach babe VERRRY funnyla...ur just so ur username...of all names..., 'shoobs boobs'!! LMAO!!! Like people will wana meet someone who talk abt their boobs...Anyway, those pics n the story really made my day sis!!! Thx!!! Ur so funnyyy!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Did I make a mistake by inviting you two lunatics to join me in my perfectly posh limousine!! HAHAHAHA. well, I sure had a deep sleep whilst the chitty chatterings of shoobs&beach babe abt clouds n trees! Well, was feelin lazy&tired cos I've got ntg else better to do besides travelling frm city to town.. wht a spectacular view having to bump into the gals who were showing off theirs moves only to realize tht they're running for cover frm tht smokey building... (hmm..hosp is wht you call it eh?? )!! Heh heh. :)

Anonymous said...

my gosh! i look horrible and come i didn't know there was a pic of me looking like that!! you could have warned me first then i'll put on my 'uncrazy' look. you're right. i can't live without the friendly nurses at the assylum. Oh why did i bother to escape with you!! haha. funny story by the way.
beach babe.