Thursday, December 04, 2008

5 + 2 days

I used to think 5 days was waaaay too long for a working week when you only get 2 days of rest.

Well, technically, they still are. But these days, for some reason or other, these 5 days seem to magically get sucked into a black hole, and lo and behold... the weekend has arrived. And gone.

Is this another phenomenon of falling over the tip of the iceberg? I've read that once you reach a certain age, 15 years becomes 15 seconds. How ironic that the opposite is true when you're a wee child. Would I wanna be a child again? I honestly don't know. There are lots of things I wouldn't wanna have to do again, or make decisions on again. Time-travelling would definitely not be one of my desired Heroes abilities.

It's Thursday today! The 4th day into December. November seemed long, yet fleeting... but December is just being chewed away ferociously by the cookie monster. My notepads are still sitting on my shelf. Will anyone buy them as Christmas presents??

I need a break.

I need to buy some really nice clothes...

I bought a hippy headband last night which I might wear to zoukOut. Am thinking though, that sweat + headband + looooong hours DOESN'T equal to a very nice forehead. But what the heck... it's Sunday the next day, so there wouldn't be any partying for the next few days anyway.

So pleased that my good friends in SG will be joining me in the pool of fun next weekend!

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