Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny Engrish again

Christmas '08 Wish List

It's never too early to start a Wish List!

Among the things I covet around the world, here are some that are at least, obtainable, and hopefully, in some of the wrapped boxes I receive :P

  • L'Occitane fragrant candle/s
  • Eiffel Tower wall decal
  • A big, black, leather bag. Well, not too big
  • A ticket to watch ZAIA in Macao
  • More later.......

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I can't believe Dirty Sexy Money is gonna be cancelled!! (Well, technically, ABC is just not buying anymore episodes, but that's kinda the same thing). No no no nono no no no nono no no!! I LOVE that show, I love Brian and Karen Darling... I love Donald Sutherland... SIGH.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Into thin air

I have been spending so much money lately, it's not funny. And it's not even to clothes shopping! Once I get my hands on some RM50 notes, they literally fizzle away. Sigh.

First, it was a new PC to replace the old one which kept crashing. I keep this PC as a backup for... I dunno what for. But the little terrors love it, so...

Then it was that Amanda Brown dress which is splendid, but which still magically siphoned up quite a few RM50 notes.

After that, it was a new mobile phone (stupid Sony Ericsson S50i keys keep getting stuck and crack themselves, I'm fed up!). This one I'm quite excited about as I'll be going back to my beloved Razr, specifically, the Razr2, which is supposed to be better. It'd better be!

And, what? Christmas is coming up? I'm gonna start pulling some people's hair out if I don't get paid on time this month!



On the very day I blog on how much money is slipping away from me, Sunshine Mary very nicely takes me to Telawi to return her borrowed clothes to Mooie, and I end up purchasing some very nice stuff from there and Moca too! Grrr...... luckily they were all on sale.

Monday, November 10, 2008

DIY notebook

A few days ago I was quite restless. So I made a notebook.

That's the front and back. You may think it looks good, but... it can't be opened. Hehe. The ribbon I used was too short so I had to tie it really tight till I couldn't open the book fully. Haven't had the energy since then to replace the ribbon. Well, at least I made use of some of the stack of raw material I have stashed in my shelves.

Answerable? Or not.

A guy meets a girl in a bar. What goes through his mind? What goes through her mind? Is there such a thing as meeting people for friendship, or is there always that one motive that drives us? And if there really is only that one motive, when one party discovers the other is uninterested or unavailable, do they just lose interest and lose contact, or value the other still as a potential friend?

What are the dynamics between two people who meet in a bar??

Friday, November 07, 2008

fashfab #6 = absolutely fabulous

So I attended fashfab #6 at twentyone last night and it was great! First up, I always enjoy the music there. Sounds like house to me (what do girls know about music genres, eh? <-- according to someone I know), it's really good anyway, kinda like background music for clubs. You can talk over it if you want, and you can move to it if you feel like it.

TallJac picked the best spot at the bar because we were right in front of the bartenders, Ben from Sweden and Kelly from New York, who kept serving up samples of their specialty drinks. But even if we had to pay, it would've been alright, because their specialty cocktails were RM10 right up till... 11.30pm or somewhere there. Niiiiiiiiiice!

Since last night was a shoesshoesshoes thingy, there were 2 fashion shows displaying their shoes, and then some... corsets? But a word of advice to shoe models out there. Sure, you start your walk at the top of the steps and pose sexily with the shoes, but when you walk, do you have to walk as if you're Lewis Hamilton's car? Just a flash of... wait, was that yellow? And then a BLINDING flash from the camera, and then another flash of... maybe it was gold, after all?

Talking about shoesshoesshoes, we got a goodie bag from them which, as I wrote yesterday, I was pretty excited about. Obviously I didn't really think there'd be shoes in there, but at least something more substantial than... an RM20 voucher off their shoes. A bloody RM20 off shoes that are RM300? And only for the month of November? Eh, this is what I would enter in Wiktionary under the heading "grudgingly". I seriously would've expected more from them, not in terms of discount, but class. This disappointment was at least made better by twentyone's generous RM50 off their food. That's more like it!

On the whole I had a loada fun, just us girls out for the night. Can't say much for how they're feeling this morning at the office though, heheheh...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Past weeks in a nutshell

It's been a while, yes, but I've not been in the mood to type. I've had loads of things running around my head, for example, the existence and persistence of man (yes, it's true...)... and one other thing which has now completely flown out of my head.

Maxi peed in my room 3 days ago and was solitary-ed in the backyard for 2 nights. Darn dog still managed to find a way through the fence and kept pitter pattering into my room about 5 times a day.

I've also been out a fair bit... oh, I watched Quantum of Solace on Tuesday. Nice nice nice! Daniel Craig is awfully sexy, innit? Yeahh... he's GOWgeous :P

Also went to Quattro for the first time last weekend. Doesn't seem a bad place, except to someone's friend, who left early, saying, "The people here are too cheesy". Mmm... okaaaaaay! It's so good to know we've got a 'coolness' barometer to let us know whether we're at the right place or not. I thought it was nice anyway, and the people upstairs at Winter seemed pretty normal to me.

By the way, I just heard the advert on the radio for Quattro. The voiceover pronounces Quattro's 'Qua' like the 'quar' in 'quarter'. I dunno, but it seems to me that it should be pronounced like 'kwa' since it's Italian. However, as far as Malaysians go, most people would probably pronounce it with a super quick 'w' in the middle and make it sound pasar, just like how they pronounce Leona (Lewis) as if it's Liona instead of LeOna. So perhaps pronouncing Quattro as in 'quarter' mightn't be such a bad idea. It just kinda shivers me timbers whenever I hear people pronouncing foreign words wrongly.

I also attended 789's 2nd anniversary party on... I think it was last Thursday? And, well, it was free flow and that was nice, but the people there are so leery. They're all in their late thirties to fifties and all the guys are looking for a fling, and all the women are watching out for competition. I love the place and all, but the people there that night (and I expect, most nights) just seem a tad pretentious, wannabe urban crowd. Isn't this supposed to be a classy, chic place? Not some pick-up bar?

Tonight, however, I'm really looking forward to it... going off to Twentyone with some girls for the shoesshoesshoes party. No idea what it is, but hopefully we get some goodie bags hehe. With a pair of shoes in it, maybe????

Oh, and I know, I wish I had some pictures to post, but ever since I started using G's camera, I haven't actually been able to use it. It's a digital camera, not an SLR, but not a simple point and shoot either. Also the size is like a mini SLR and it's just so un-glamourous to hang around your neck when you're wearing a nice little dress :)