Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm not being racist

My previous post was not racist. I was merely stating that I don't think we should back down and cower from being injured by fanatical religious activists. If we are truly faithful people, we don't have anything to fear.

Of course it's very easy for me to say this, sitting in my room in comfort. But I would really like to see more people with more faith.

The Rights of Religion and Politics

I heard a rumour - at least I hope it is a rumour - that the Three Little Pigs are about to be renamed to God knows what. Why? Because of the word 'Pigs'.

Last Christmas, London didn't celebrate it with decoration-lined streets and Santas. Why? Because they didn't want to seem overly Christian, trying to convert people.

I can't think right now of other examples, but doubtless there are several more situations of oversensitivity to the Islamic religion.


Well - I've been asked to remove the next several paragraphs out of sensitivity issues. Just the sort of thing I was writing about. Anyway... love live truth and freedom of thought.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thoughts on my name

This blog has had over 5500 visits in a matter of 7 months - and only 3 visitors actually come here purely for my ramblings. Haha...

You know why I have so many visits then? I just checked out some of my stats the other day and I realised that it's the BOOBS that has 'em rollin' in!! Haha!

I was thinking of changing my blog name to something of a Masochistic feel, but I realised it'd sound like those depressing blogs that aren't really depressing, but because it has a title like "The Revelation of the Philosophical Epiphanies of the Sadistic Virgins", it just puts the readers in a rather black mood and I dare say (my favourite phrase of the moment - "I dare say") that even though my blog is not depressing, it would put a whole damper on the reader's mood while reading my blog.

Did anyone understand the previous paragraph? I so totally didn't. I just know what I meant because I know what I mean, but I don't know what those words above mean.

Oh gosh. The Ramblings of a Masochistic Piggy.

Hahahaha... Oh... back to work.

Oh my... I DO sound like those sad, depressing blogs! NOOOOOO HELP ME!!!

Okay okay... well I did get a cheque today for RM1000... WOOHOO!! It can all add up to my Travelling Fund. So happy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Joyeux Anniversaire Charly!


Sorry I forgot about your birthday, but don't worry, your present will be delivered soon!

Tu as vingt trois ans, n'est-ce pas?? I know you are! Wait for le cadeau!

Friday, May 13, 2005

OUTRAGEOUS! + some CD reviews!

I was watching TV last night when I saw a commercial for ASTROMobile advertising their new Phone Tattoos or something like that. It was just a simple, plain ad, definitely not worthy of the gazillions of ringgit Astro sucks up every minute from its subscribers who don't have any other choice of satellite TV.

At the end of the ad it says,

"It's Funky!"
"It's Outrages!"

Okay, I didn't notice the rest because my eyes had popped out of my head. "Outrages"?? ASTRO's 60 second advertisement not even undergoing spell check from a director? Was it not even checked before it was sent to be circulated on all the TV channels?

Surely ASTRO can afford better designers/directors/copywriters/spell checkers.

CD Spree!

I went on a wonderful CD buying mission today. I was planning to get the Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack and Ciara's album. Unfortunately, the former was not released yet and the latter was sold out. Instead I bought the new one by Télépopmusik called Angel Milk, French Kiss (compilation), the new one by Garbage called Bleed Like Me and the CSI Soundtrack.

Here's a review so far:

Télépopmusik Angel Milk : Very nice. Much smoother and a more sophisticated and slightly different sound from the first album Genetic World. Sounds just a teeny weeny Delerium-like according to my sister. Maybe that's why I like it. The sounds are less funky electronic-y and more ambient-y.

French Kiss (from Intentcity Records) : A compilation of songs which are supposed to be Paris-y and romantic. I must agree. Maybe not romantic, but they sound very delicious. I especially love the first song, Tu Es Le Seul by LornaLee, and the last track, French Movie by Loner. A few French songs, very smooth, very chilled and pretty sensual.

Garbage Bleed Like Me : Personally I prefer Beautiful Garbage to this, but it might grow on me later. I just bought it for the loud factor before I slowly die out from all the chilled music playing in my car. I like Shirley Manson's vocals. I usually like females singing on loud rock songs.

CSI 1st season Soundtrack : I haven't finished listening to all, but I can tell you I will love it! Every time I watch CSI I fall in love with the music they play. It's a great buy, I tell you! You've got deep grooves mixed with alternative tracks, but always sound great together. On the whole, an upbeat, deep groovy sound.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I watched Kingdom of Heaven today and I really liked it. Not only was it a good movie (especially the music - brilliant!) but it was very suitable to my current state of mind and it really spoke to me.

In the beginning of the movie there was a scene of a few medieaval knights resting in the woods. And looking at them, and how they live and fight to survive, I found myself thinking again about how blessed I am to be living in this age, so comfortably. So, yet again, I thought to myself, "What does God want me to do with all the abundance of gifts he's showered upon me?"

ps. I LOVE the music and architecture in the film. Well done!

Renaissance of Catherine the Great

I just had a renaissance (ie. enlightenment) when I was driving earlier.

I saw an elderly Chinese man struggling to pull some really heavy things on a wheelbarrow at the side of the road. He was incredibly tanned and he looked like he was really struggling, poor man. I got to thinking, "I wish I could help him - but how can I help him? Thank God I have this life where I'm so blessed and comfortable and the only thing I have to worry about is getting my degree, and saving up money to go travelling around Europe..."

Then I thought about all the blessings I have - I have all my physical capabilities, I have money, I have talents, skills and knowledge... but what am I using them for? I'm using just enough of it to get by and I'm not helping anyone who's less gifted than I am. I feel useless all of a sudden. And suddenly I wish I had ambition.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Been so busy...

I know I haven't been posting recently, but I tried twice before cuz I wanted to put up pictures of some parties I attended but my Photoshop hanged while I was saving the pictures! So here's just a note saying that I've also been too bogged down with work to do anything else at the moment. However, I'll try to put up the pics during my breaks.

Happy Holidays, Charly!