Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome to 2009

Does 2009 feel any different to yesterday?

For me, I think... in a way, yes, because it sorta feels like I can make a fresh start and forget whatever happened last year, last month, or yesterday. And no, because I still have the same thoughts, same feelings and am in the same situation I was yesterday. Yet... I don't have to be in the same situation because it's a new year and it's the perfect time to forget things you want to forget and move on.

Enough 'philosophising' about old and new years. You really wanna know how I made the transition from 2008 to 2009, don't you? :)

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to Phuture (one of the rooms at newly-renovated Zouk, in case it flew past anyone). Quebec Jo had told me that her friend had a table there so we could join them. Apparently she only knew that one guy, so I figured we'd be in the same boat, since I only knew her. And it's always fun to meet new people.

But when she told me she'd met this person at Zlynn's party, little warning bells started to ring in my head. I thought, omg do I also know this person? And could it be the person I'm thinking of?

Alas, yes, when over dinner I finally asked her for his name and she told me, I couldn't help swallowing my words and stuttering for a while when she asked me if I knew him and what I thought of him.

This guy, several months ago, was - as I now realise - the first of a few who would start eroding my positive and trusting attitude towards the opposite sex. Perhaps it's just the male/female differences of thinking. When I meet a guy who seems interested in me, I give him a chance if he seems decent. If it doesn't work out on my side or his, I still don't mind being friends. It seems that it's different for guys though. Once they've decided you're not who they're looking for, or not gonna give them what they want (or already gotten what they want from you), they'll just drop out of the scene.

Okay perhaps I'm generalising, and only guys not worth my time are like that. But it's too bad that I have to give them my time and energy first in order to find that out.

So anyway, this guy hadn't been nice to me, and I got over it. I did try to make things work for us as friends, but he made it clear that he didn't have that in mind, so I moved on.

Imagine me trying to answer Quebec Jo then, when she asked what I thought of him! But whatever came out of my mouth (eventually), she did agree with. So I'm not just imagining these things, and it hadn't happened to only me! What a relief. Although she did get an invitation from him for New Year's so she fared slightly better than I did :)

I told her what had happened between us and she agreed that the situation would be a little weird, but she assured me that I had nothing to feel weird about. I was worried that this guy would think that I had invited myself to his do! Which was obviously NOT the case.

But I couldn't help smiling strangely to myself at the way things work out. This person who started my erosion of faith was with me to say goodbye to 2008...! I should probably take it as a sign to forget the others.

Other than weird goings-on in my head about the situation last night, the night itself went well. We had a table in the VIP area, overlooking the floor below. Great spot for crowd-watching! I also met a few nice girls, and caught up with some other people I knew from before (who're much nicer people than Mr Erosion).

I also managed to get myself drenched in champagne at midnight. Okay, it was Moët so I couldn't have been doused in more prestigious champagne... except maybe Mumm... or Dom Perignon... or Perrier Jouet Cuvee Belle Epoque... okay, I digress. Now that I think back, it's rather silly to run away from the person who's about to pop a champagne bottle. He's obviously going to pop it away from him, and he will probably also have that extra New Year oomph in him to create more pressure for spraying further. I must remember that little pearl of wisdom for the next New Year celebration.

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