Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday night chillout @ Home

I'm sitting at home right now... on a Friday night... having spent all night chilling out, watching Gossip Girl episodes. Lame? If it was, I wouldn't be feeling as calm and relaxed as I do now (with the exception of the searing pain in my neck... must've strained a muscle).

Yep, it was nice being at home and watching other people's lives (even fictional ones) unfolding. Not to mention the glorious clothes worn throughout.

Staying home also gave me time to check out the new beauty products I picked from the Beauty Box (see 2 or 3 posts down on my last day at Marie Claire... sorry can't be bothered to find out where it is... my neck hurts). Feels nice to pamper myself!

Enjoy the new track playing in the background, while you catch up on my latest posts.

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