Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The perfect PC

Why can't there EVER be a single PC that works properly? Or maybe I should ask why there are some people out there, so MEAN to make popups that live in your PC? I'm so SICK AND TIRED of closing extra windows, also FED UP of my PC crashing all the time, especially now that all my final assignments are due. It's such a waste of time having my laptop restart over and over again. CAN'T ANYONE MAKE DECENT PCS? OR SHOULD WE ALL SWITCH TO MACS??!

I'm so so so pissed. As in angry. Not drunk.

I don't know what's wrong with my IE now, but when I want to go to a website sometimes it just gives me that 'page cannot be found' error and some funny address in the url place, like res://shoc blablabla... i dunno. It's just irritating. And when I try to click on certain links, it doesn't go to the link! I can't read any of my comments... does anyone know how to fix this?

And you know, if I use Ad-Aware, my Kazaa will then not work at all. What a dilemma. I'm sending my laptop in for a complete overhaul after all my assignments are in. So I might be missing for a bit next week.

Useful facts

Here are some useful facts for you people out there. Fellow mates in Henry's class will have read about this already, but this is so important that I really have to put this here for the benefit of the others.

You may think you know this already, but trust me, it's more serious than you thought. TRUST ME. Read on.

What is Secondhand Smoke?

  • Mainstream smoke : smoke emitted at the mouthpiece and exhaled from the lungs of smokers
  • Sidestream smoke : burning ends of a cigarette, pipe, cigar etc
  • Sidestream smoke has even more carcinogens (cancer causing).
  • Only 15% of smoke is inhaled by the smoker. The other 85% goes directly into the air to be inhaled by nonvoluntary nonsmokers.
  • The general public’s exposure to secondhand smoke is much higher than most people realize.

How SHS affects people

  • Tobacco smoke directly damages the lining of the lining of the arteries.
  • It reduces the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen to the tissues.
  • It increases the stickiness of the blood
  • The best part is that the same thing is happening to the bodies of people who inhale second-hand smoke.

Unborn babies

  • Cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke pass from mother to unborn baby through the bloodstream, whether the mother smokes or not.
  • Babies of smokers have much higher levels of the chemicals
  • The compounds can cause genetic damage and may be a prelude to childhood leukemia and other cancers
    - lung and skin cancer
    - bladder cancer
    - liver cancer
  • All three substances attach themselves to hemoglobin, the Oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. The carcinogens continue to circulate through the babies' blood for the life of the red cells -- about four months.

The Dangers of Second Hand Smoke!

  • direct health threat to people who already have heart and lung diseases.
  • Increases the risk of serious lung disease during the first two years of a child's life.

Did You Know?

  • Nonsmokers who live with smokers are more likely to develop lung cancer than other nonsmoking adults.
  • If you have asthma, secondhand smoke can make your breathing problems worse.
  • Young children are especially sensitive to secondhand smoke.
  • A baby who lives in a home where one or both parents smoke is more likely to have lung disease serious enough to need treatment in a hospital during the first two years of life.
  • Children exposed to secondhand smoke in the home are more likely to cough and wheeze and to have middle ear problems.


  • increased risk of lung infections, such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies and ear infections
  • ear infections, sinus problems, heart disease, strokes, nose, eye and throat irritation, nausea, dizziness and headache.
  • If you live with a smoker, you have a 30% increased chance of getting lung cancer or having a heart attack.

Smoking and Impotence

  • Impotence, or penile erectile dysfuntion, is the repeated inability to have or maintain an erection.
  • Smoking is related to an abnormal decline of blood pressure in the penis.
  • Smoking leads to artery damage where plaques form on their inner lining, slowing the flow of blood to the penis.
  • Nicotine causes the constriction of blood vessels. This means that blood supply to the penis will be further compromised in a man who smokes
  • Full or partial recovery of erectile function is possible by quitting smoking. Men who lose their erections before orgasm have completely reversed this situation by quitting smoking.

Smoking and Male Fertility

  • Reduces sperm density and motility compared with that of non-smokers, increasing the risk of infertility.
  • May also result in more couples having baby girls than boys, suggesting that sperm cells carrying the Y chromosome are more vulnerable to cigarette smoke toxins.

So guys please check out some health websites for symptoms if you do live in a smoking environment. I'd like to do my bit to help people protect themselves.

The information above was gathered and summarised from a variety of great sources :


Anonymous said...

ishkabula here ya...Anyway the second hand smoke blog was great...thx for sharing ur knowledge...anyway..whats with ppl n blogs now everyone is getting blogs LOL...Keep up the good work shoobaba ur bloggie is so interesting! Btw...i thought u would be happy to noe this cuz since I like ur bloggie here alot i invited my frens to visit it too! So good luck n keep the imagination flowing!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, PoCkY Man here...I dispise passive smoking...when someone snokes near me i blow the smake back at them. The smoker gets pissed off and asks why i do that. So i show no mercy and tell em what i feel about them smoking near me >(

lol..awww...Im sorry for ur computer problems. Mine is 100% custom that me and my sisters BF built from scratch. It is very powerful with lots of advanced technology. It better them any comp u can buy in a shop, and it only cost me £600 for the parts.

-K- said...

that res://XXX is probably cuz your com is filled with spyware/adware/trojans/hijacks. main culprit? kazaa.

try kazaa lite...or shareaza. as for a windows update and get Windows Service Pack 2.

one of those google/yahoo/icq toolbars have popup blockers as well. not totally effective...but cuts down on a fair bit.

Anonymous said...

don't use kazaa lite or others ...use LimeWire . Thank me i've saved your lives .