Friday, January 28, 2005

The Beginning of the Motorcycle Chronicles

Great, just great. I wrote so much and something went wrong.


Basically, I said that I'm amazed with some motorcyclists who manage to balance themselves on their teeny bikes without bursting their tyres. Previously some of you may have seen the fat lady from Penang on her tiny bike. Fascinating, isn't she?

To say the least, these Motorcycle Chronicles will showcase some of the most amazing bike scenes around KL. I'm sure you'll all be entertained!

First off is this graffiti. You can find it all over KL but I don't know what it means. Do you?

MC Exhibit B : I wonder what's inside. Rice for Nasi Lemak? Should have hijacked him.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cute white guys, A**hole drivers and Bangsar!

I just saw 2 cute white guys at the post office! Very nicely golden tanned with surfer outfits. Unfortunately whenever I see such nicely tanned people I always wonder if they'll get skin cancer in the future.

"Wow they're kinda cute. What a sexy tan! Oh hmm... I wonder if they'll get skin cancer next time. Hmm... not such a good prospect for a future partner then."

Very unromantic I know.

Reckless drivers! Don't we all know about them? I experienced one today. We were turning at a bend and he totally overtook me, he was so close I had to squeeze to the left and I couldn't honk him because I was concentrating so hard on not scraping the barrier on the left and his car on the right! What was the whole rush about, IDIOT??! His number plate was PCW 6089 or 6039. A maroon coloured old Hyundai Sonata looking car. If you see it, beware! IDIOTIC DRIVER INSIDE who doesn't care a monkey's ass about you and your tiny expendable vehicle.

Anyway, I really feel like going out to Bangsar and having a sitdown and a drink somewhere relaxing with a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately I don't know who to call. Plus, I don't really have money to throw around. Still, if someone was willing... anyone wanna ask me for a drink?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Being optimistic

After quite an uneventful weekend, all I can say is : "Two days nearer to Grandpa G's arrival!".

Let's see, on Saturday, I went to mass to sing with the band's choir... unfortunately, I'd lost my voice and it just came back that day, so I had to push the microphone away :( After that, I stayed back to help with decoration jobs for the Life Teen party. I only came home at midnight, and boy, was I tired! Because of that, I upset poor Grandpa G by calling him dense! I'm such a mean, mean human being.

Ms Loong did say that if I'd said that to any other guy from here, they probably wouldn't be offended because they wouldn't know the meaning of 'dense'. HMM... half true, I'd say.

Sunday night was at La Bodega in Bangsar to play board games. It was sooooo quiet. And smoky. I didn't realise it till I got into my car and my car started to stink up instantly. I had to have the windows down all the way home. My poor lungs... SOB!

Anyway, does anyone like the new song playing by Delerium? I've got loads more from them so if any of you like a particular song or artist, do leave some comments or requests.

Adios, cucarachas! HEHE.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Highly recommended site!

My friend Lap Sap (sorry, man! I always use nicknames!) recently emailed me this website which he highly recommended. I do find it highly amusing and not at all nonsensical and idiotic like some other blogs other people recommend (like that xiaxue's). I'm not against her, but really, she writes about trivial, itty bitty things which is really good for a twice a year visit, but not every day.

This site is written by an American teacher in Japan and his experiences with the kids and fellow teachers. It is indeed, very entertaining.

Visit it here! NOW!

HAHAHA!!! I just continued reading after I posted the above paragraphs, and boy oh boy, this site is not AMUSING, it's HILARIOUS! I can't believe I'm laughing at my laptop screen - but I am! My favourite is "Rico Suave Meets Velma". Although I'd recommend you to read his posts in order, to get into his writing style and character. Personally, I started from the last post to the first.


GRRR... what's this, man?? Someone just emailed me and said they didn't know they'd bid on my item. They bid accidentally??! Hello? Can anyone be that BLUR? And then they have the audacity to say sorry for ANY inconvenience. Oh yeah it's just soooo simple to retract a bid, right?

Well, here's a newsflash for you, Walter Kronkite...


Quite frankly, it's impossible. Once you bid, you bind yourself to a legal contract with the seller! They remind you of this so many times on eBay... what did this fool do? Just simply click click CLICK on BID? Confirm BID? OMG... stupid jerk. What a waste of my time.

And what's more, that item had 11 bids on it! What does the idiot think I'm going to do just because he accidentally and unknowingly bid? Just say it's fine, let me relist it? For goodness' sake! How unfair to the other genuine bidders and ultimately unfair to MOI, if I have to lose all those bidders!

Okay I'm still upset, but here's another thing... I've lost my voice! I woke up this morning with half a voice, a throat lump and a bullet in my head. And I'm singing in church tomorrow! And I've got a verse to sing solo! Aaaahhhh..... hopefully it comes back by tonight.

(Actually, I have to admit I did have a lot of chocolate shortbread cookies, but that was before I knew I'd be singing this week!)


Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh yeah, MUSIC!

After an excruciating amount of time, I finally found a way to add streaming audio without purchasing any software. I know it's an old code, but it isn't easy to find in this modern day of "too lazy to hard code". Plus, it's good to get an mp3 file that's small enough to stream. I hate MIDIs!

And by the way, the music I play is completely and legally bought and just ripped for the public's listening pleasure.

If anyone who reads this blog regularly has any suggestions for new music to be streamed here, do leave a comment!

HRH Prince Harry and the SWASTIKA!! HOHOHO...

I had a lot to say this morning about the Prince Harry/Swastika issue, but somehow it's all just fizzled out. I guess I just want to add my 2 cents' worth that basically, the world has better things to debate on. And that he really should have thought that just maybe photos of him would leak out, so he should still be cautious about what he wears even to a private party. But basically, can the world just move on and stop talking about what he wore?

There are some really interesting and good comments on what people think on It's a real balance, but generally, what I found was that most Brits don't give a baboon's ass and it's basically the Americans who decide to suffer for other people. HEHE.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Baker Street

Elementary, my dear Watson!!

Yep, I did some baking last night. I attempted to reproduce my own version of the most heavenly Marks & Spencer's All Butter Chocolate Bites! Here's the chronology of events in pictorial format.

Well, it turned out a bit salty, probably cuz of the butter... but generally it tastes quite good. I added chocolate chips as well so it helps make it sweeter. Well my next batch should be better!
I bought a book and a CD yesterday : Bergdorf Blondes and Hed Kandi Winter Chill. When I bought that album, the guy said I was outdated cuz it's from 1999! Sheesh... good music is still good right? And so far Bergdorf Blondes seems good... first 2 chapters. Will keep you guys updated on it in case you want to purchase the book hehe...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I finally quit my job! I only lasted two and a half weeks there. Oh gosh, I'm such a quitter.

However, it gives me time to do more research on bathrooms (yippee!) and other projects (ahem!) I'm working on. They're a secret for now.

I shall follow my good friend Malaysian Devil and provide some foreign vocabulary to people who might need to use it in the future. HEHE...

Useful French Words
  • Shit! = Merde!
  • Idiot = Idiot (m) / Idiote (f)
  • Stupid = Stupide
  • You are too fussy! = Vous cherchez la petite bête!
  • I hate you, GRRR! = Je vous déteste, GRRR!

J'ai raison, M. Charloroco?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Wish List #3

My birthday's coming soon and I'm sure MANY people will be wondering what I want, so I've decided to be helpful and thoughtful and put my wishes online. HEEHEE...

Birthday Wish List

  1. Calvin and Hobbes books - the big ones, not the small ones.
  2. Lots of earrings, especially hoop ones. Small ones will be good so I can wear them every day.
  3. Baby tees, especially from FCUK.
  4. New thongs, preferably in black or white. Thongs, meaning flip-flops, meaning slippers.
  5. A new boyfriend. HAHA!! I know he doesn't read this blog, so it doesn't matter.
  6. Some spending money in Pound Sterling.
  7. Marks & Spencer All Butter Chocolate Bites. The double sized tub, please.
  8. People to stop behaving like spoilt brats and work hard towards a better life.
  9. Grandpa G celebrating my birthday with me.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Remodeling Bathrooms

I'm gonna remodel my bathroom and I have a few ideas on how to go about it. Just have to keep it way under budget so I can spread the money to other areas of the home. I'm now browsing this website which looks quite extensive and has a lot of info.

Bathroom Wish List #1
  1. A pull string for the light instead of a switch.
  2. A whole entirely new toilet with a half flush and full flush button.
  3. A door or some sort of barrier to stop water coming out of the shower and onto the floor outside.
  4. A way to keep the toilet floor dry always.
  5. More mirrors?
  6. A new water heater and a new powerful shower head.

This afternoon I went to a jeweller's to watch my sisters get their ears pierced. There was a lady there with really big legs, but even worse, she was wearing low quality purple stockings and I could see the ladders and runs on them. But the worst was that I could see her leg hair through it. Long and dark and clumped in areas. Terrible, eh?? What a sight.

I'm also feeling awfully and terribly upset at someone. GRRRRR... I don't want to go into further details but if drastic measures have to be taken, I WILL do it! I can't take this much longer.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Things I hate about other blogs

Wow some people really work hard at their blogs. All the coding and extra giz-giz-gizmos they use. Whew! And somehow I have a feeling these people are all under 19. Figures, doesn't it?

And they're already so "misunderstood" so "depressed about life" and "wondering if life is worth it".

PUKE PUKE. What a bunch of idiots.

I did get a really cool link from this "Kelly Osborne-esque, misunderstood, angry at my papa" blog which is Check it out to put music on your website!

Another thing I hate about other people's blogs is when they keep putting... words... like this... in sentences... because... they just... feel so damn... misunderstood... unloved... depressed... alone in this world... and just had the most horrible January in the history of mankind.

You suck!! Get out and make your life a life!! :P I really hate it when people feel self-pity. I wish I didn't have to enter those blogs, but unfortunately... a lot of the blogs out here on blogger are like that.

Difficult to read?

Oh wow I just realised my blog is so difficult to read especially when I write loads and loads in one paragraph. Was just reading another blog with the same template and boy, did I NOT want to read it! Only if the posts are really interesting/useful... which mine are, of course... but... um... gotta cater to those with weaker eyesight, right? Right, so I'll change my template... NOW!! Hehe... yeah... won't be so cool and dark anymore, but it'll be easier to read!


My links and flooble have disappeared!! BOOOOOHOOOO.....

Everyone whose links to my blog were displayed here, please please leave your urls on my comment page so I can add you again! Thank you thank you..... also if anyone else would like to be listed on this blog, do give me your url.

My eBay! Comments please!

Yes I admit, I've been a seller on eBay for some time now and it's been going quite well. I'm just trying to sell some new things now and if you have any feedback, I greatly welcome it. Here are some pictures. If you want to bid on them, go to the link I've provided below the items.

The model is my lil sis!! It probably looks better on a nice white doll neck but hey, I'm just starting out. If these work out, I'll get a better 'model'!!

This is a combo of 1 pair of earrings with 2 necklaces, one saying 'Best', the other saying 'Friend'.

Click here to bid >>>

This is a really nice necklace with translucent brown beads and I find it really elegant, worn with black clothes :) Unfortunately my model was busy on the phone and couldn't change clothes as was needed. HEHE.

Click here to bid >>>

I really love this green bead necklace. I think it's really funky and goes with day or night outfits.

Click here to bid >>>

This is a funky metal necklace in rusty gold colour. Looks a bit antique-y and it really stores tiny items inside!

Click here to bid >>>

Luna Bar!

Let's see how nice this place really is... I'll be back with some pics!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Meet The Fockers!!

I watched Meet The Fockers today and it's so funny! I love that show. The Fockers were sooo funny without being corny or cheesy. Those actors are just naturals!

Work tomorrow! SIGH...

Anyway, just found out that the MAS Fair is on February 19 at Mines, so anyone who wants cheap airfares, head there!! But beware of the traffic! On second thoughts, don't go, okay?!! Since I'll be heading in that direction as well. Hopefully I can get a flight without waiting too long.

If you miss the MAS Fair anyway, you can wait for the MATTA Fair which should be held March 11 2005 at the usual PWTC. But I think the rates there will be less competitive than at the MAS Fair. Oops! Pretend I didn't say that.

Go to the MATTA Fair! Go to the MATTA Fair! Go to the MATTA Fair! Not MAS!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Wish List #2

It crossed my mind to say My Wish List #1.1 but I figured it was too nerdy HEHE.

Okay, so here it is! I've managed to fulfill numbers 7 and 8 on the first one so my aspiration meter is quite full. Gold, though, not Platinum. People who play The Sims 2 will know what I'm talking about.

  1. More Calvin and Hobbes!
  2. Air ticket to England
  3. Debt to my mom erased
  4. A new branded PC
  5. An Apple iBook/PowerBook or plain Apple computer (just for style)
  6. Purple/Pink handbag from Cats Whiskers (can't decide which colour)
  7. Another trip to Paris
  8. Trip to Amsterdam/Stockholm/Venice/Prague
  9. More money
  10. A job for Grandpa G
  11. A really good book to read

Maybe you're wondering why I haven't had any new opinions to talk about recently. In fact, I did, but by the time I reached the computer I got lazy. I'll just roughly write it down quickly now.

At church last Sunday the priest was talking about how we're so unaffected by the tsunami disaster and something about how not-good it is. So we should think about what the victims suffered and feel sorry for them blablabla.

Well, in my mind, I was thinking that if it were an open debate I'd stand up and say that I don't agree. I think that we should not focus on the bad but on the good. Which is that we're STILL ALIVE! We should be thanking God that we're all still alive and healthy (or even unhealthy but alive). Naturally we feel that the disaster was awful and tragic but we should help how we can and not dwell on it. Will that bring the victims back? Will the injured suddenly heal faster? I don't THINK so!

But the right thing to do is :

  1. Pray for the souls of the dead and for those injured or lost
  2. Donate as much money as we can to help the general building back of the cities (they are not rich countries affected, which makes this tragedy worse)
  3. Donate money for the children
  4. Donate money for the hospitals
  5. Thank God we are alive!
  6. Thank God for the many blessings we have and the fact that we can wake up every day and choose whether or not to eat breakfast.

Make every second enjoyable! Don't just let it pass by while we're thinking of the next minute.

Oh, which reminds me of an experience I had when I was younger.

You know how when you were in your late teens and you liked to go out till late but you weren't allowed to? So once I was out late and I felt really worried that I'd be screamed at when I got home and I was worrying and stressing the entire journey home, but once I reached the entrance of my apartment, I thought, "There's no point in being stressed before the thing happens. Just enjoy the moment of peace I have right now!" So I did.

And guess what... my dad was asleep when I got home and he never scolded me! So not only is worrying about the future pointless and tiring, it's just not worth it and there may be nothing to worry about anyway!

And, by the way, it didn't only happen once, so it wasn't a one-off. Believe it!