Sunday, December 31, 2006

Weh Weh!

My good friend Malaysian Devil is finally moving to this part of the world!

I can finally see him more than once a year haha... well, he's moving to Singapore which isn't quite as cool (uh huh uh huh!) as Malaysia but *sniff* apparently I was uncontactable when he wanted to come to visit Kay Elle. He might have moved here instead if he'd seen this super super cool place. :P

February 8, le diable!

Hey amigo, je ne peux pas visiter ton website! Je pense que c'est parceque le earthquake à Taiwan...

It's All About The Music

It's frustrating that I can't connect to the site that I upload music to.

So although you can see there on the right that "Familiar Feelings" by Moloko is playing, there is in fact, NO MUSIC PLAYING AT ALL! Yeeeesssss... ye now know TOO much (in the style of that Scottish hotelier dude in Little Britain)!

Talking about music, I bought the new All Saints album, Studio 1 today.

It's less melodious and R&B compared to their last album Saints and Sinners but it's pretty funky. Heard the whole thing 3 times already and cool tracks are Rock Steady (of course), On and On and Fundamental.

I should really be putting those tracks on my blog but hey my connection to the site is down and by the time it's up again I'll probably forget.

So settle with Moloko.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

This is my job.

I do layout design for a magazine.

According to some people ie. AA Jase and Curly, apparently my job is to put a picture here and place text there, and voila! A magazine sprouts up from there.


There is soooo much more to layout design than moving pictures here and there - like choosing fonts, choosing colours and even making pictures bigger (or smaller).

Yes, I definitely don't get paid enough to do what I do.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Me no get drunk...!

Last night an institution was born!

It has no name but loads of people are trying to crack it haha...

Last night was the night we discovered I can't get drunk!

AA Jase was buying Flaming after Flaming (while chatting girls up at the Loft) but they couldn't topple yours truly. I was so apprehensive - I hate feeling drunk (I know, I can't get drunk yet I know what it feels like? Yes, I do). Maybe I should have told them that wine does it :P

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tis the season to get merry - and very, very, VERY friendly...

Howdy ho folks! Hope your Christmasses were as merry as they should be!

As for mine, haha! Managed to stay puke-free for another year! Which is great, man... really great, all things considered. I still have to return the favour of two pairs of puke-stained shoes to a certain friend of mine. You know who you are!

Lots of fun things happening around town, one of which was the incident where my car keys and house keys were in a friend's car, who was incidentally completely gone; and my phone, IC and driving license were in a friend's purse (and she was completely gone as well). It was complicated, but with lots of running around (and driving without my license, yikes!) everything was settled.

Basically, it's been a fun Christmas season for partying, but I also really enjoyed the decorations they've made an effort to put up around town. Very nice! And of course, we must always remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. I hope none of you missed out on your church celebrations for the birth of baby Jesus with all the boozing you're getting!

I don't have any photos from the parties, so I'm trying to get a friend to send them over to me, hopefully I'll be putting them up here before the next Christmas...

But here are photos from my mum's family celebration last night!