Saturday, May 31, 2008

Korean BBQ Yumster

Last weekend, I was feeling kinda bored, so I called a few of my kaki for dinner. Dan, Bin, Thila and Lapsap (sorry, dunno what other name to give ya) joined me for a Korean BBQ dinner at Seok Gun in SS2. My first experience in Malaysia.

Since Lapsap is almost a Korean himself, we bade him do all the ordering. Happily, he ordered in Korean and we put all our trust in his tastebuds.

He proved himself to us with a wonderful dinner of beef, pork (there was pork, wasn't there? Or did we accidentally get a double order of chicken?), chicken and 3 types of soup. All very tasty except for that beancurd soup thingy. Can't tell you not to order that since I've no idea what it's called.

Those are all the side dishes that accompanied our order. Had fun trying them all, but I dunno if I'd have all of them again the second time. Nothing really stood out for me but maybe I just had a taste amalgamation situation in my mouth with all the spices.

That's Thila on the left, dreaming of Jason Castro of American Idol fame. Unfortunately, Jason himself was dreaming of Bob Marley.

I just had a thought: Isn't it funny how all my dinners end up with 5 people, no more no less?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Review: Cirque Balagan in KL

The experience of watching Cirque Du Soleil is to have watery eyes (you dare not blink), shortness of breath (you hold your breath because the stunts just go on and on and on and on) and prickly skin (the music and performance engulf all your senses).

Today's show was nothing like that, sadly, although the clown did quite well, getting some laughs out of us and being very likeable, staying in character all the while. Another character who stayed true to himself was the 'ringmaster', in this case some funny bird-faced guy carrying a dusty book and huge feather quill around the stage.

However, the rest of the cast just didn't live up to expectations. Most of the acrobats were just not world-class performers, being not very fluid, and not having proper training in performing to an audience. Cirque Du Soleil cast members have the benefit of an amazing artistic director who directs them in every tiny detail, from whether their hands should be open to the audience, to what degree their arms should be stretched out from their body. Acrobats are not natural performers and have to be trained, after all.

I was expecting a better show today. On the other hand, I thought that maybe I'd been spoilt, having already watched two shows from the best circus in the world - so after the show today I asked Mumsy Bumsy what she thought, and she gave the same response as above.

The choreography was well below the standard it should be when they charge people over RM300 for one show. The acrobats naturally are not Olympic standard (as those have already been grabbed by Cirque Du Soleil). Although some of them weren't bad, like the contortionist and the Oriental group of ring jumpers (whatever they're called) - they could be much more enjoyable with better choreography and training.

If you haven't seen this kind of cirque performance before, go and check it out anyway just to find out what it's like. Just buy the cheapest tickets and opt for the matinee show because the hall won't be full and they'll ask you to move to the front anyway. They're on for another 2 days.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Magic Sponge?

I've been receiving so many enquiries about the Magic Sponge I wrote about several months ago (type 'Magic Sponge' in the search bar at the top left). And every time I tell people it's at Village Grocer in Bangsar Village, they don't seem to be able to find it. So I decided to go for myself and check if they're still selling it.

Here it is.

It's still at the same place at the back of the store. To be exact, just walk up the Japanese food aisle towards the shelves displaying kitchen/cooking utensils.

Price is now RM5.90, but I still say it's bloody useful so go buy it and clean up that shit-infested laptop!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've been intending to write about so many things here but they all seem to require much thinking and planning before the writing actually gets achieved. But it's been a while now, so I thought I'd just jot down the topics instead of writing a full-blown post about them.

I had a meeting today, after so many weeks, at Hunky Jap Guy's office. So there I was, all hopeful, ringing the doorbell. I'd been to the office next door every day last week, but never had the opportunity to go to his office, so I thought, finally, today's the day! Anyway, I rang the doorbell and peered inside, but he wasn't at his desk. "Uh oh", I thought. True enough, he wasn't there today. Sigh. Hopes dashed, expectations dissolved. At least I know his name now, anyway.

I bumped into him a couple of weeks back at Mid Valley. He was with a girl. Hopefully not a girlfriend. Although it doesn't make a difference to me, seeing as I'm already in a relationship myself! But you know... I'm sure you girls out there will understand what I mean.

On the other side of the world, G has finally decided to buck up and work hard at his photography career. View his photos at They're really good. If anyone's looking for a photographer for an event, party, wedding or to take photos for a catalogue or ad, do contact him via email. He'll be available in KL from August 2008.

At least, he'd better be if he wants me to stick around.

What else is there? Oh, lots! But... my mind is suddenly a blank now and I'm starting to feel quite hot in here with all the windows closed.

Do I sound unfaithful?

Friday, May 23, 2008

May: Why don't you...

I know it's a bit late to be talking about doing something in May when there's only a week left, but "it's never too late" should be everyone's motto. So why don't you...

Image grabbed from official website

Watch Cirque Balagan, showing for only 5 days from 28 May. It is so rare for Malaysians to catch a performance in this genre - European circus - locally that no matter how expensive it may seem (RM93-RM353), it will be worth it. Sure, it isn't the Cirque Du Soleil, but you take what you can get! And this promises not to disappoint, based on the music I'm listening to on its website right now! Click here to listen.

For more information, visit Time Out KL.

Thank God for Fridays


  1. Clients can't demand things for the next day
  2. Everyone you meet is just a little happier (except clients)
  3. Midsomer Murders is on TV
  4. Sleeping late is guilt-free
  5. Another week gone, another week closer to G's arrival

I love Fridays!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Change is necessary

It annoys me somewhat whenever people say that kids these days are overweight and obese because they stay inside playing their computer games and PlayStations instead of going out to the park. And then they'll go on to the topic of "I used to walk to school every day and now kids get sent in their 4-wheel drives and don't have to walk at all... that's why they get so fat!"

Well, you had to walk to school and play outdoors every day because those were the times and those things were done. In modern days, how do you expect kids to play outdoors and walk anywhere alone when there're so many mental people about to kidnap, rape or kill them?

These are the days when you have to find other ways to keep kids active. Can't just keep moaning about "those were the days, tsk tsk". Sure it's sad that your kids can't do the same things you did, but times change and you have to change along with it.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Art Grabbed

Dropped by Central Market today to see what was on offer at Art for Grabs, where everything is RM100 or less. Sounds potentially rewarding, doesn't it? So Bea and I went eagerly looking for hidden treasure.

Well, the Annexe Gallery was full with everyone displaying and selling their wares. I must say I was hoping for more art, rather than the abundance of crafts that were available. Sure, crafts is art too, but really, you don't have to go far to find crafts for under RM100, do you?

Ex-colleagues Danny and Winnie were there selling photographs. Very nice, but... I don't buy photographs. Why buy when your boyfriend is a photographer who takes brilliant photos? Plus, I don't frame photos of places I haven't been to, or of people I have never met. Having said that, though, please buy photos if they really take your fancy.

Oh yes, I also bumped into ol' Fahmi F who was bouncing around the place carrying some intellectual literature, or mind-provoking prose, or whatever it is he's championing at the moment. :P.

After buying a pair of handmade mengkuang earrings and some mini cupcakes for Mumsy Bumsy, I went downstairs to They Art Gallery to look for some real paintings. Everything's very affordable there with canvases ranging from RM25 into the few hundreds (but very worth it considering the size and technique of the artists).

By the way, I was speaking to an artist selling his paintings at the event upstairs, and found out one of his paintings cost just under RM2000, so I peered closer at the work to see what could make it worth so much. After which I still saw black and white lines and a huge smudge. To each his own, I guess.

Anyway, back at the gallery, a piece of art by Damis of Super Sunday, a graffiti artist, called out to me. So I bought it. Very nice, simple and good display of technique. It's now hanging on the wall next to the main entrance.

Viewing by invitation only.

Friday, May 02, 2008

An Enigmatic Post on Life and Love by One

After being virtually single for an extended period of time, one's mind (or eyes) can't help but start to wander. It should have happened before the four years it's taken, but in this country, somehow, guys just don't get it right.

(Until now, but technically, the wandering eye is looking towards the Far East)

And now that one's mind has started to wander, one starts to see the benefits of not walking down the aisle. Not committing to any one person frees one to steal as many glances as one might like to.

And one would really like to :) So she has stolen a little glance through the glass doors of the next door office today.

But can one continue doing this without consequences? I think not. And not, especially, to someone who is perfect for her in almost every way.

And, so, one guesses, there will be at least one path - a very desirable path, one might add, desirable but morally forbidden - that one will never be following.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Restaurant Review: Cova

There's something about a nicely made bed. Especially mine. It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

There aren't many restaurants in KL that are really good in terms of service and/or food. Cova is one of the exceptions.

Located inside The Gardens just off the walkway from Mid Valley, it looks like any other ultra-modern, clichéd and personality-less restaurants. But we were hungry and it was close by. So we went in. And like any other ultra-modern, clichéd restaurant, the smoking area outside was full of yuppies. But we should be thankful enough that it's actually separated from the non-smoking area by an actual glass wall and not just by 3 feet of air.

Prices are pretty decent there - I ordered the chargrilled chicken wrap (felt like being healthy) which was under RM20, and a carrot and orange juice which was RM10.50 - also really decent for a genuine freshly-made juice.

The waiters were friendly and courteous, and the manager came over to explain some of the dishes and to tell me what it was that smelt so nice (fried chicken wings, by the way).

Unfortunately, the food took its own sweet time coming. I didn't keep time, but it was well over the usual wait. However, when my meal came, I have to admit it was worth it. The chicken wrap tasted just right, and the chips were authentic potato chips and cooked to perfection. Yelleh Belleh's pan-seared dory fillet waited another 20 minutes to show up, but the manager brought her a wildly tasty wild mushroom soup to tide her over in the meantime. And judging by the look on her face when she had the first taste of the fish and mashed potato... the wait was definitely worth the fish ;)

This restaurant comes highly recommended. I normally hate waiting for my food, but you can tell that this restaurant takes pride in their dishes - which makes it all worth it.