Saturday, December 06, 2008

And we thought we escaped...

Another Friday night at our fave hangout, twentyone... Tequila Lin and I got there late last night as she had her company's annual dinner to attend. Very formal 'do, so she's forgiven for turning up in a ball gown... haha... she looked so cute and respectable among all those short dresses, camel toe leggings and belly-baring outfits.

I'd had a really good dinner beforehand so I could really enjoy my drinks without getting affected. Makes a really, really nice change from a week ago.

I'd thought it was gonna be a nice little night out, just the two of us, no thinking about guys, just getting drinks and enjoying the music spun by DJ Rob Nutek. And it started off that way... until I noticed this old-ish white guy standing next to Tequila Lin eyeing her. He finally spoke to her and I thought, "Awesome, this guy can buy us the next round!". But try we did, and fail we did.

He still stuck to us, though. What the...

So I pretended to be gay. I bought Tequila Lin a drink in order to appear that I "owned" her, and I tried all sorts of ways to make it look like we were together and wouldn't be needing his company.

Failed again.

Sigh, long story short, this guy was actually turned on by the whole situation. Asked us several times to hook up after twentyone, but DUH, we said no and gave our excuses. Interestingly enough, another old-ish guy suddenly appeared next to us and started chatting to me. Are lesbians more attractive than straight, single girls?? At least this second oldie got me a drink though. So a few brownie points to him.

But what the heck? We couldn't lose them for the last half hour in twentyone! And normally, all this would be flattering, but..... these guys were like..... 40????? I'd thought my oldest would be 33 (which is just about acceptable considering who it was), but looks like the old folks home was giving their tenants a night off.

Mouldy oldies aside, Tequila Lin and I did have a lot of fun with each other last night. And I just realised... OMG this is another twentyone Friday night that turned dodgy! I'm seriously gonna think twice before I go there on a Friday again.

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