Sunday, October 19, 2008

Product of a lazy, crazy Saturday :)

I actually managed to achieve something yesterday. Really quite surprised myself, as I only did it to pass the time and didn't even plan ahead. It's a watercolour I did, straight from the palette and onto the paper. Considered sketching out a rough shape first, but I hate pencil lines underneath painting, so decided to just jump right into it. And I'm honestly surprised it came out quite perspectively correct :)

I haven't finished the top of her head and below her shoulders. Unfortunately, the two little terrors are over and I persuaded them to do some painting instead of playing my computers so they've taken over the palettes.

Hey, don't pick at the painting and say it's this and it's that, cuz this is purely for relaxation, but I thought it'd be nice to document this as I paint so very rarely. I'm telling you... you and I will be very lucky if I actually finish it.


Siedne said...

hey catherine! been reading your space for some time, just had to comment on your painting -- wow! she looks a bit like amy winehouse, don't you think? hehehe.

miss you at church! see you around ;)


frachely said...


gary said...

cool pic looks quite moody, should paint more often, its a talent

Anonymous said...

very goood... paint more pls

elleLee said...

yes tis nice!