Saturday, December 31, 2005

iTunes does everything!

When I was moaning earlier about Apple not having much software available, more specifically a software which converts audio files into any sample rate I want... I was mistaken! I explored iTunes and discovered I could do what I wanted to!! This is why, my blog is finally featuring a new song. Very short song, but it's just a test. I will now update my songs more regularly YIPPEE!

Hope tonight's New Year's Eve celebration will be fun. I may or may not bring camera tonight... will keep you posted. A bit lazy now to write a lot. Am clearing my room... not a new year's resolution, just preparing for my big move to the new flat which will hopefully be ready before the end of January! Also will put up pics of that :D


Thursday, December 29, 2005

WNF 7163 - What an IDIOT!

If you double park and block someone's car, surely when you hear someone honking once, let alone 15 times, you'd buck up and check if your car's the culprit, right?

But NOOOOoooooOOO... this idiot driving the WNF 7163 nearly got his/her and my car scratched because I had to squeeze out of my LEGAL and PROPER parking space in Desa Sri Hartamas, after the other person who was also blocking me moved her car. Although this other lady was also blocking me, at least she had the courtesy to rush out of the shop and move her offending vehicle.

So red car owner of WNF 7163, be a little more considerate, will you?!

As I always promise pictures, here are some... irrelevant, but entertaining anyway.

Foxy the Spanish Senorita

Maxi the Science Guy

Arya the Menace

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Apple's not all bad

I was driving in my car and thinking how irritating copy-protected CDs are. I love ripping my CDs and having hundreds and thousands of them in my computer so that I can play them anytime without having to search high and low for the CD case, find out it's empty, then discover the actual CD face down under the bed filled with scratches and dog chew marks.

Especially if it's a limited edition, or a particularly precious album by my favourite group bought during my travelling.

So I am a big opposer of copy-protected CDs, which don't really serve much function anymore because ding ding ding! Apple's current iTunes 4.7 I think... or 4.8... oh maybe it's 5. Well, their current one anyway - rips all types of CDs! Hallelujah! So Apple's not all that bad after all.

Thank you.

Welcome home!

I'm writing this now while listening to the soundtrack from Narnia. What a great show! What amazing actors! I just can't get enough of Lucy Pevensie, she's so talented - and CUTE!

(I'm also disappointed that I can't seem to find free software to convert my mp3s into lower quality files so that I can put them up for our listening pleasure. One particularly good one for use on PCs is called Switch. It's really good, and I'd love to see more facilities available for Mac users soon.)

Well, once I get my PC up and running again, I'll upload a low quality mp3 ripped from my Narnia CD (for personal use only - as usual) so that I can read my floobles and comments with a Narnian mood ;)


What have I been doing the past few weeks?

Grandpa G's been to visit and it's been really great having him over. He left this morning, and thankfully I handled it well, although I really don't recommend seeing your boyfriend off a few times a year. Anyway...

And - I've got the apartment! I've got the apartment!

My parents have finally moved out, so I've been spending the last week renovating and learning handyman tips from Grandpa G. There's still quite a bit more to do, but I should be able to handle it. Unfortunately, there'll be no Christmas party at my place this year as it's taken much longer than I expected (thanks to maids who don't clear up and clean out as well as I'd hoped). Will put up some pictures as soon as my apartment's done.

Did you hear, for Kelly Osbourne's 21st birthday, she got a £1 million flat in London? Whew!


And, yes, I will put up more and more and more pics... I know I've been slacking off. Oh! Wish List update!!

Check out the post entitled Wish List Christmas 2005.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wish List Christmas 2005

Alright! Another year has passed and therefore I have the most dreadful job of producing another wish list for this Christmas. What a drag asking for things you want, isn't it?

Not in any particular order:

  1. Merde Actually by Stephen Clarke [GOT IT ALREADY]
  2. Calvin and Hobbes and Weirdos from Another Planet
  3. The Return of the King Extended DVD set
  4. Enid Blyton's Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage and Mystery of Holly Lane
  5. Nice looking trash cans [Updated!]
  6. A job in Manchester
  7. The Sims 2 for PC or Mac ORIGINAL Version
  8. Any Sims 2 ORIGINAL expansion pack
  9. Foyle's War DVD Box Set any season (I didn't specify "original" *ahem ahem*)
  10. Sex & The City DVD Box Set any season
  11. A good French tutor that doesn't charge RM120 an hour
  12. A nice leather purse [Updated!]

Hmm... my mind seems to have gone blank at this point, so this is my list thus far. Check back often, those of you who're planning to get me gifts ;)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris Riots?

The riots in Paris are in World News every day, it's pretty scary. I know what they mean though, while travelling on the train from Charles de Gaulle airport to Gare du Nord (Central Paris), I was looking at the suburbs of Paris and they looked pretty rundown. To me, an outsider, it looked like the money was all pouring into Central Paris instead of being spread out.

However, that's still not an excuse to cause danger to civilians and their property. Hmm... but maybe they weren't given sufficient education to know better. Could it be that the root of most problems are with the educated classes?

Anyway, this week is my last week of uni before graduation!! Been pretty busy, but trying to spread things out evenly although slowly. I have a final exam for Consumer Behaviour in 2 1/2 hours and I've hardly read anything. I just can't concentrate! I'm just relying on my quick mind (and fingers) to help me through this open book exam.

Another video due tomorrow, that's nearly done and it's really fun watching and editing it. If it's possible, I'll try to upload it to this blog. I'll TRY.

Grandpa G will be here in 2 weeks!! I'm really looking forward to it. Also, because my parents are moving out and leaving me this apartment unit all to myself. It'll be great fun doing it up, I can tell.

Time to go back to studying... how dull! Give me a video anytime!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered why the early people didn't make words with a triple letter in them? We've got loads of double-letter words, like, RUFFLE, RIPPLE, APPLE, CRUMMY, DOLLY... you get the picture. So where are the triple-letter words?

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered why the early people didn't make words with a triple letter in them? We've got loads of double-letter words, like, RUFFLE, RIPPLE, APPLE, CRUMMY, DOLLY... you get the picture. So where are the triple-letter words?

Friday, October 21, 2005

... and that was the end of my phone.

Someone stole my phone!

And don't wonder where I put it, because I don't go "putting" my phone on tables and places everywhere. It just slipped out of my bag in the changing room of a certain FCUK outlet (grrrr...) in PJ. Well, at least that's the only place it could've been stolen cuz that was the first and last place I put my bag down until I found out it'd gone. Moreover, I spent a good 20 more minutes in the shop after the changing room, before I left, but no salesgirls had anyone pass them a 'lost' phone.

Either that, or someone pickpocketed me really well.

But can you believe people like these who don't have a conscience about taking other people's things, especially something expensive like a handphone? Do they think that people with a handphone can afford to buy another one just to replace the one they lost? Do they think the person they stole from is more privileged and wealthier than them? Are they stupid?

I certainly hope none of my blog readers have or would ever commit such a foul and unfair action against their fellow humans.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

IQ test

I just finished an online IQ test by Tickle. Mind you, I was distracted with various instant messaging chats and I whizzed by a lot of questions, not checking for trick questions... but here's my score!


Congratulations, Catherine!
Your IQ score is 126

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician. This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.


Oh rats, I'm using a Macintosh to type this out and it doesn't seem to give me the option to change text colours and sizes. What the...?! So I have to use these dumb hyphens to separate my achievements and make it more obvious. Hehe... well Apple and Blogger: get to work!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Blunders of the Corporation

Big companies may give their advertising accounts to big advertising agencies, but are big agencies always the best? Actually, I don't know for sure who CELCOM is paying for the creation and management of their corporate website, but look at the first page ( :

Two mistakes in the opening corporate statement - "At Celcom, we see mobile phone as more than just a phone." Notice the grammatical error? And "...we give you the power of true connention." Connention?

(Just a note for people who are a lil blur - "At Celcom, we see A/THE mobile phone..." and "...power of true conneCtion.")

I'm doing a report on Celcom for a school assignment and this error immediately jumped to my eyes - I hope whoever is responsible can change it soon. Not that it irritates the eyes, but isn't it better to have flawless communication when you're in the communication industry?

And, please, people out there... do be hands-on and check your websites, ads and other promotional/marketing materials for these mistakes. It just isn't very professional not to.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Yes! I went to watch it! One of my dreams come true....!!!

It was amazing. The place was smaller than I thought - probably cuz I normally see them perform in auditoriums and in Singapore they had put up their new blue and yellow tents.

But their performance was flawless and absolutely fantastic! They did the most complicated acts and pulled each one off. The music was fabulous and the costumes and makeup just wonderful!

The Cirque store was so nice... I wanted to buy their masks but they were selling for over S$80 to the hundreds of dollars. If I was working I'd buy at least one! But I'm sure I'll get a chance some time in the future. It was just great to be able to see them, and it's all thanks to this guy I was talking to on the plane back from UK. I didn't get your name, but I sure am grateful to you, sir!

He told me he'd watched the Cirque in Manchester and liked it so much that when he found out they were playing in Perth while he was there on holiday, he booked tickets to watch it again! So I thought, if they're in Perth, maybe they'll go to Melbourne while I'm there! Unfortunately they weren't there, but I did find out that they were going to Singapore! So it's just fantastic the way things turned out!!

Here are some pictures from that wonderful, wonderful day - 17 September 2005.

I arrived in Singapore in the wee hours of the morning. This is the circus at about 5am from my hotel just opposite.

This is a picture I took from my seat in the second row. It's the set before the show starts. I didn't take any pictures during the show cuz it wasn't allowed, but I managed to take this one without using flash.
Me during intermission in front of the main tent. It was blazing hot!
My sister Elle in front of the main tent.

Me in front of Gate 6 which is at the other side from where my seat is, which is Gate 7.
Me and Elle tent-trotting. We're at Gate 3 now.
After the show with Dad and Arya (facing away). Brilliant show! Thanks Dad!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy again!

I'm having one heck of a week this coming week. I've got a quiz, plus an essay draft (very heavy one, that) and lots of other things, so I won't be uploading any pics this week. I'll be so relieved to get to Singapore for Cirque du Soleil on Saturday!

Been to watch Dukes of Hazzard and Lords of Dogtown... oh! And something new! I got a fish! He's a betta (fighting fish) called Bo (after Bo Duke). He's such a lovely thing with a great personality - except he keeps spitting his stupid pellets out. So I had to get him blood worms.

Now I'm thinking of getting two zebra finches (I bet my mom is freaking out now). I'll name one Stacy (after Stacy Peralta!) and the other Jay. I want two males cuz I don't want any breeding!! Just reading up on them first before I decide. Will keep this blog posted!

I'll be back with pics of Bo soon as well.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Missing in Action!! But I'm back!!

I'm back!!! Many apologies for leaving without a word, but I've been too busy!

Anyway I've been to Melbourne for 10 days and it was quite pleasant. Was nice to see old friends again and enjoy the cool weather. It was amazingly WINDY but the temperature wasn't too cold. It was sort of like Northern England in the summer!

I will upload some pics later on, but at the moment, my priorities are to catch up with work I missed last week - AARRGHHHH!!!

McDonald's must be doing a good job in Melbourne because this trip I didn't see any obese girls with fat bulging out of their jeans!

It could be that they were wrapped under jackets and furs but... I'll give those Aussie gals the benefit of the doubt.

So I go into McD's and they have fruit juices, deli sandwiches... what?! Isn't this McDonald's???

I have to give Ronald a pat on the back though, for giving us Cajun Chicken McNuggets which are really YUMMY! Now I'm just waiting for the nuggets to go on tour here.

Signing off now... back with pix soon!!

ps. Nice of Charly to visit while I'm gone! A big "Bonjour" to you, mon cher!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Lousy radio ads

There are so many lousy radio ads and lousy radio ad voices here. Someone needs to do something about them.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Year in the Merde!!

I finished reading A Year in the Merde by Stephen Clarke last week and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone! Especially, ESPECIALLY those who have been to Paris! It's so hilarious - the only book I've encountered so far (not including Calvin & Hobbes) that makes me laugh out loud even when reading on my own.

Another great thing to look forward to - CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!!!!! Yes!! I'm going to watch Quidam in Singapore next month and boy am I looking forward to it big time! I'm also hoping to catch Alegria in London next year. I'm so blessed.

Except for last weekend. My PC has been frustrating me to no end. Aarrghhh.... but anyway, I'm a bit distracted and can't write a remotely interesting post today so I'll end it here.

Oh Mom's friend from Germany is visiting so she's claimed Elle's room, so we're sharing my room now. What joy. Pyjama parties every night?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Last few pictures from UK

Taken on the last day with Grandpa's housemate, Matt. He has a very infectious laugh and a way with the gals.

Stella, Andrew et moi. Oh and Sally the dog.

Last picture taken before I flew back home. Sniff!


After reading "A Year in the Merde", I realised that my experiences in Paris were not one-offs. Apparently, it's a Parisian's patriotic duty to act the way they do. And this is not always what we (mankind) would call normal.

Oh, to digress, there is a song by Minnie Driver called "Everything I've Got In My Pocket" which is surprisingly really good. It's very soothing adult alternative. She sounds really good. Get a listen if you can. You may download it (Oohh..!) or try to catch it on Yahoo! Launchcast on the radio station called "The Coffeehouse".

I think I'll save my Parisian stories for another time. I'm sure you guys are eagerly awaiting some Paris pictures, so voilà!

Cimetière Père Lachaise. What the heck is that guy doing dancing there? If he falls, he'll be so shattered!

No, the pic on the right is not that golden dot on the horizon of the left pic.
Pont Alexandre III (left) and detail of sculptures on the roof of Opéra Garnier.

In front of the Arc de Triomphe on Avenue Champs-Elysees with Grandpa G and Malaysian Devil.

In a bar/lounge, called (can't remember) at (can't remember). Can you help me out, Charly?!

Sacré Coeur and the view across the rooftops of Paris. Second highest point after the Eiffel Tower.

Does this really need any description?

Grandpa G and I were hanging around the Trocadéro to watch the sparkling lights of the Tower that happen every hour for 10 minutes. As it was nearing 11pm it was getting quite windy and cold, but I didn't want to appear wimpy in front of Grandpa G and decided to act like him and not put on my jacket. How smart was that, huh. I'm so macho.

Ah!! Bee-yoo-tee-full!

One of the 3 wings of the Louvre with a bit of the Pyramid entrance peeking out on the right. The bloody Louvre wings are so huge you can throw away your membership to Fitness First and just apply for a Louvre card and walk the whole floor on each wing every day and you'll have buns of steel in no time.

On the right is the Carousel in front of the Louvre. At night the carnival opens and it's a real lively do. All sorts of rides and games. Brilliant. Of course, one ride costs just a little under the cost of a heart bypass surgery.

Still at the Louvre. Pronounced Loov...ruh!

I think this is in Pigalle. Pervert heaven.

I could've stayed in front of this building for hours watching the fire eaters and listening to the gypsy music. Unfortunately, guys are not so romantic or dreamy. Too busy being macho I guess.

You'd better recognise these 2 places from before. And No, that is not the London Eye.

Actually, if anyone wants some advice from me, just sleep during the day and wander about Paris at night. It's much nicer and there are less unsmiling shopkeepers. They're all already at home practising for the next day full of un-smiles.

It's better appreciated at night and under it than from across the suicide's dream road - L'étoile of the 10 lane variety.

See why I said it's better to see Paris at night? Although this is still a pleasant building in the day.
Gosh, this doesn't need a description does it??? Okay, fine. 3 guesses - this is where the Hunchback of Notre Dame lived.

View of the majestic and très impressive gates from the compound of the Palais de Justice.

We had actually visited the Sainte-Chapelle which is just behind the Palais, but still in its compound, so this made the Sainte-Chapelle the only church I've ever known to have metal detectors and body searches done just to enter.

One of the immense stained glass windows that Sainte-Chapelle is so famous for. But I bet you've never heard of this church, have you? Have you?! Well, I hadn't heard of it either so relax.

Yes, it really is.

This is what happens when statues dance on stone tablets. They fall eventually. Oh, unless this statue saw some Nazgul/Dementors and is about to be stabbed in the left shoulder and risk becoming a wraith himself by having all the life and happiness sucked out of his soul at Mordor/Azkaban.

Le Moulin Rouge!! Nude ladies in feathers! Famous can can dancers!
Fortunately, tickets to the shows cost just a little over the price of the Crown Jewels so it makes this show more glamourous than the typical nude dancing show. Keeps the poor pervs away and the drooling princes coming. :P

At Montmartre taking a hurried picture before another "man who pretends he doesn't see people taking pictures right in front of him" walks right into the picture again.

Chinese restaurant at the Galeries Lafayette with French-speaking Chinese servers. The good thing is, Ils parlerent anglais!! And the bonus is, they smile!
Grandpa G commented that one of them looked like a hooker from Shanghai. To me she looked more like a frazzled housekeeper. What the heck is Grandpa G thinking??!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Back to KL

Aaahhh.... :(

I'll be leaving for the airport in 4 hours. I'm so sad!! I've been really enjoying myself here, meeting friends and Grandpa G's family etc. Everyone I've met has been really nice. Except for the Parisian shopkeepers.

Which reminds me, I just bought a book called 'A Year in the Merde' - 'merde' meaning shit in French. I've only read about 30 pages and it's making me laugh out loud!

Anyway here are some pictures of the Lake District and Paris just before I run upstairs to get packed.

Okay, on second thought, I'll go upstairs and get packed before doing the pictures of Paris. See you guys later!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Off to Paree!!

The pictures below messed up the layout of my page! For the flooble and other links that used to be on the right, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Just want to inform everyone that I'm off to Paris tomorrow morning from Birmingham. Will be staying at Montmartre, arty village that I hope will live up to my expectations! Also will see Charly again after a year. I wonder if he'll look any different??! :)

It's been pretty cold today because the sun never came out from behind the clouds. Didn't do much today either, just planned the trip, read my Harry Potter book, washed the dishes... went to Shrewsbury again to get a new car tax disc for Grandpa G. Shrewsbury looks more arty than the last time I saw it...

I'm really looking forward to watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! I watched Fantastic Four two days ago. It was........ alright, I guess.

Au revoir! A bientot!! (Sorry no accents above the letters, for those who mind... no french keyboard here.)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cool, drizzly Saturday morning @ Telford

Okay haven't got long because I'm off to Stokesay Castle, "England's most perfectly preserved fortified 13th century manor house" and one of the Historic Jewels of Shropshire. Ooooooo....

So here are the pics from before. These are not all. Haven't finished transferring the recent ones. These are from Ludlow mostly. I think... Monday.

Hmm... something's gone wrong with my image hosting service, so I can't see them pics. I'll just add subtitles in case they appear later so that you guys can see em. Ciao!

Meerkat from Hoo Farm (leftover pix)

Wallaby at Hoo Farm. Very friendly.

Tyrley Locks. Very peaceful canal. I really loved it. Saw lots of little boats with families going on round-England trips with their lovely dogs.

Welsh Bridge at Shrewsbury.

Scenes of the areas in Ludlow, small quiet country town. Found it TOO quiet for me though.

A pigeon in a nest on the steps in one of the towers of Ludlow Castle!! So cute!!

Scenes in Ludlow Castle. Quite impressive.

Scenes from the top of Ludlow Castle of surrounding areas.

Pix of moi in Ludlow town and in the castle.

Moreton Corbet, some castle we encountered in our travels.