Thursday, December 04, 2008

The fake Supperclub

I just got back from the fake Supperclub in Desa Sri Hartamas. I never intended to visit it at all because I really hate copycats, but good friend AN invited me for a work/hangout chat at the Corbis do tonight, so I joined her.

The interior was not too shabby. It just looks like all other clubs around KL, nothing outstanding at all. Nice and glam, chandeliers, disco balls... everything you could expect from an upmarket club. But just nothing interesting. Sigh.

I always thought... if you want to be a copycat, at least make yourself stand out. Look at Bed Supperclub in Bangkok. Their architecture and interior has made it into several design books globally and every other person has heard of it. So, well done there. Now I'm not even sure if they intended to copy Amsterdam's famous Supperclub, or if they genuinely did their own thang and succeeded.

At least there was free flow of alcohol at the Corbis event tonight... no vodka, weirdly, but they had wine, so I had that. A pat on the back to myself for not going overboard with the alco! I'd been telling Tequila Lin earlier that I was really off the booze for a while because of what happened last Friday (still in my crazy November heydays). I really couldn't stomach anymore alco. But I had wine tonight, and I enjoyed it. Maybe the curse has lifted then...

As usual, I don't have pictures cuz I don't carry a camera around... if I was paid to blog about these places then why not... but I'm not paid to do so, therefore I'm not obligated to put up any pics. So here's some random stuff from tonight then.

The Corbis goodie bag. I haven't looked inside yet, but I hope it's more worth it than the twentyone fashfab goodie bag I was hoping to collect tonight - but had no one to go to with!

The Supperclub wristband... and some cash for my late McD's supper. Ate a little before going out so that I could drink. But now am super hungry and decided to indulge in some unhealthy American fast food... yum!!

The delivery guy should be here soon, so I'd better turn the music down and wait by the door. Sometimes they tap on the door then run away with your food, you know.

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