Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Blunders of the Corporation

Big companies may give their advertising accounts to big advertising agencies, but are big agencies always the best? Actually, I don't know for sure who CELCOM is paying for the creation and management of their corporate website, but look at the first page ( :

Two mistakes in the opening corporate statement - "At Celcom, we see mobile phone as more than just a phone." Notice the grammatical error? And "...we give you the power of true connention." Connention?

(Just a note for people who are a lil blur - "At Celcom, we see A/THE mobile phone..." and "...power of true conneCtion.")

I'm doing a report on Celcom for a school assignment and this error immediately jumped to my eyes - I hope whoever is responsible can change it soon. Not that it irritates the eyes, but isn't it better to have flawless communication when you're in the communication industry?

And, please, people out there... do be hands-on and check your websites, ads and other promotional/marketing materials for these mistakes. It just isn't very professional not to.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Yes! I went to watch it! One of my dreams come true....!!!

It was amazing. The place was smaller than I thought - probably cuz I normally see them perform in auditoriums and in Singapore they had put up their new blue and yellow tents.

But their performance was flawless and absolutely fantastic! They did the most complicated acts and pulled each one off. The music was fabulous and the costumes and makeup just wonderful!

The Cirque store was so nice... I wanted to buy their masks but they were selling for over S$80 to the hundreds of dollars. If I was working I'd buy at least one! But I'm sure I'll get a chance some time in the future. It was just great to be able to see them, and it's all thanks to this guy I was talking to on the plane back from UK. I didn't get your name, but I sure am grateful to you, sir!

He told me he'd watched the Cirque in Manchester and liked it so much that when he found out they were playing in Perth while he was there on holiday, he booked tickets to watch it again! So I thought, if they're in Perth, maybe they'll go to Melbourne while I'm there! Unfortunately they weren't there, but I did find out that they were going to Singapore! So it's just fantastic the way things turned out!!

Here are some pictures from that wonderful, wonderful day - 17 September 2005.

I arrived in Singapore in the wee hours of the morning. This is the circus at about 5am from my hotel just opposite.

This is a picture I took from my seat in the second row. It's the set before the show starts. I didn't take any pictures during the show cuz it wasn't allowed, but I managed to take this one without using flash.
Me during intermission in front of the main tent. It was blazing hot!
My sister Elle in front of the main tent.

Me in front of Gate 6 which is at the other side from where my seat is, which is Gate 7.
Me and Elle tent-trotting. We're at Gate 3 now.
After the show with Dad and Arya (facing away). Brilliant show! Thanks Dad!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy again!

I'm having one heck of a week this coming week. I've got a quiz, plus an essay draft (very heavy one, that) and lots of other things, so I won't be uploading any pics this week. I'll be so relieved to get to Singapore for Cirque du Soleil on Saturday!

Been to watch Dukes of Hazzard and Lords of Dogtown... oh! And something new! I got a fish! He's a betta (fighting fish) called Bo (after Bo Duke). He's such a lovely thing with a great personality - except he keeps spitting his stupid pellets out. So I had to get him blood worms.

Now I'm thinking of getting two zebra finches (I bet my mom is freaking out now). I'll name one Stacy (after Stacy Peralta!) and the other Jay. I want two males cuz I don't want any breeding!! Just reading up on them first before I decide. Will keep this blog posted!

I'll be back with pics of Bo soon as well.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Missing in Action!! But I'm back!!

I'm back!!! Many apologies for leaving without a word, but I've been too busy!

Anyway I've been to Melbourne for 10 days and it was quite pleasant. Was nice to see old friends again and enjoy the cool weather. It was amazingly WINDY but the temperature wasn't too cold. It was sort of like Northern England in the summer!

I will upload some pics later on, but at the moment, my priorities are to catch up with work I missed last week - AARRGHHHH!!!

McDonald's must be doing a good job in Melbourne because this trip I didn't see any obese girls with fat bulging out of their jeans!

It could be that they were wrapped under jackets and furs but... I'll give those Aussie gals the benefit of the doubt.

So I go into McD's and they have fruit juices, deli sandwiches... what?! Isn't this McDonald's???

I have to give Ronald a pat on the back though, for giving us Cajun Chicken McNuggets which are really YUMMY! Now I'm just waiting for the nuggets to go on tour here.

Signing off now... back with pix soon!!

ps. Nice of Charly to visit while I'm gone! A big "Bonjour" to you, mon cher!