Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas (early) in Kuala Lumpur

Whenever I'm in England, I have to visit Marks & Spencer for their affordable and beautiful products. This autumn was no different. I picked up three biscuit tins and a couple of wool leggings.

The shortbread is already finished, courtesy of my co-workers. I'm not such a huge fan of shortbread myself, so I brought it to the office to share. I'm now using the tin for my cross stitch :)

The third biscuit tin is a revolving musical tin, really beautiful, and still unopened. Since it's a Christmas tin, I've decided only to open it for Christmas.

I was playing around with hand-drawn typography in the days leading up to my KL visit and intended to draw all my gift tags. But as usual, I forgot that I had even done this up till now when I'm uploading all my photos to the computer. Tsk.

So this year is the first year ever I'll be spending Christmas without my family. Sad, but it's a choice I made a long time ago. So we decided to open our gifts to each other early.

An early Christmas celebration at home.

Contrary to Yelleh Belleh's very natural shocked face, she actually already knew what she was getting for Christmas.

Schrobbenmaster getting socks.

Schrobbenmaster's new posh scarf.

Gift to Mumsy Bumsy from Yelleh Belleh and I. She loves reading biographies.

From Schrobbenmaster to Yelleh Belleh.

A beautifully packaged gift from Yelleh Belleh and I to Mumsy Bumsy.

As it turns out, I won't actually be without family this Christmas. Because Yelleh Belleh is coming over in a week! Yes, we managed to haggle an internship for her at our office, so she'll be here for the next two months. Awesome for me, not so awesome for Mumsy Bumsy :( But she'll survive and I'm sure she'll find a way to make the Christmas season jolly too.

Time to plan a nice, cosy Christmas at home. Tree first, decorations next and then recipes and games organisation after.

Pictures from Christmas markets and garden centres coming up!

The new kitchen and potato chicken

Have I already mentioned that we changed our kitchen a couple months ago? Just before Mumsy Bumsy and my aunt came to visit.

Schrobbenmaster and I had gone to several kitchen places to request quotations and see what was on offer before we decided that a whole new kitchen was just too expensive. So we discussed and agreed on what the most important things to be changed were, which were the doors of the cupboards, the cooker hood and a new microwave and oven combi.

That didn't make it much cheaper but at least it was in the budget now.

We went back to the original manufacturer of our current kitchen and ordered the new doors etc. It's a huge improvement now, but we were annoyed by the guy who came to build it. Old-ish guy and very very sloppy. I truly believe he gave our wood floor several new scratches because of his sloppiness. Urgh, just thinking about him makes me annoyed now.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the work that was in progress.

Big improvement on the old doors, right?

When Mumsy Bumsy and my aunt came, I of course made them cook some of their delicious meals for us... hehe.

Mumsy Bumsy cooking my favourite dish of hers - potato chicken. Okay, so that's not what she's really cooking above (obviously), but basically I call the whole dinner "potato chicken", even if it includes pan-fried tofu and beans with sambal.

The reason there's all that junk food hanging out on the cooker hood is that relatives will be relatives and they always think you suffer and starve when they're not around. So Schrobbenmaster and I ended up with a fuller than full kitchen of snacks, biscuits, fruits... and lots and lots of eggs. About 30 of them?

The lucky invitees to the "potato chicken" dinner.

I have lined up some Christmas market posts for after this, so stay tuned :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas Shopping Day. Robinson's +1, Jusco -10.

So today was our scheduled Christmas Shopping Day.

Schrobbenmaster couldn't come out with us yet again because he's still recovering from his flu. The poor guy is spending the last few days of his holiday in bed. Sigh.

Anyway, Yelleh Belleh and I headed to Robinson's in The Gardens for our shopping. We knew what Mumsy Bumsy had asked for so we headed straight to that department. Holy moley, that item is pricey! But we did receive an RM20 voucher to spend in the same department. What a good decision then, to get similar items from the same department for other people.

Talking about receiving vouchers as a reward for spending a certain amount of money...

One of the things that irritates me about Malaysia are the measly, pathetic excuses for rewards and rebates they have.

"Spend RM300 with your credit card and get an RM10 Coffee Bean voucher!"

Just tell me, won't you, what exactly you can buy with RM10 at Coffee Bean? A small cup of orange juice is what I think.

So if you spend RM900, you get an RM30 Coffee Bean voucher. OMG. You know what? Keep your lame vouchers. As much as I like free things and things that are value for money, this is just insulting.

Another one I saw a few years back:

"Buy 2 Absolut Vodkas and receive RM5 off!"

RM freaking FIVE.
Off bottles which cost RM200 each.

Keep your RM freaking five and leave me my dignity, thanks.


Yelleh Belleh and I managed to get everything we needed, and the two shop assistants at Robinson's were so helpful and patient with us. Robinson's really knows how to train their staff, I can say that for sure.

As opposed to Jusco.

We couldn't find some of the cheaper items in Robinson's so we knew Jusco would be a good bet. Sure enough, we found what we were looking for, but not without some heartache from lazy Jusco staff.

We want to find out if there is more stock of a certain item, so we approach the nearest shop assistant. He says (with a smile, at least) that he doesn't know that section, but the woman in charge should be "over there". Okay, after Robinson's, this service just doesn't cut it. Just look for the woman and bring us to her or vice versa lah. We had to wander off in the general direction of his pointing finger and hope to find that woman.

She turned out to be alright, quite enthusiastic but also unable to help with stock enquiries. So we gave up and chose another design instead.

The cashier was really the one who irritated me. She was talking to a customer in front of me, and after waiting behind him for a bit, I realised that she was actually really just talking to him and not serving him. He was just some other staff member who was discussing an item. I had already looked for the Closed Counter sign, but it wasn't anywhere to be seen, so was I to know that she wasn't serving him as a customer? Could she not see me standing behind him with my items to be purchased? It would have been easy to just point me round to the counter behind her who was really serving customers.

Inefficient, blinkered staff.

But the funniest (in a not-so-funny way) was when we went down the escalator and turned the corner to the next escalator, and nearly bumped into a short Malay shop assistant standing right at the edge of the escalator, staring into space. Yelleh Belleh gave her three huge: "EXCUSE ME"s. But the light never came into her eyes. Even when, going down, I turned back to look at her.

Ah, Jusco. Always good for low blood pressure.

Robinson's, you're the best.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kuala Lumpur vs Rotterdam

Since I'm leaving KL soon, back to work in NL, I've been thinking of the pros and cons, yet again, of both places. Have they changed from before? Maybe slightly. But it's always good to take stock of your feelings and impressions every once in a while to see how you truly feel about something.

Naturally, the winning statements mean that the other city has an absolute lack of those.

10 wins for Kuala Lumpur
  1. My family
  2. Malaysian food (my faves: roadside nasi lemak, wan tan mee, chicken rice, Hong Kong dim sum)
  3. My dogs
  4. Sunny, cheerful weather
  5. Huge choice of restaurants and cafes
  6. Huge and better choice of clothes and accessories
  7. Opening times till 10pm, 7 days a week
  8. Lots of product brands to choose from
  9. Affordable English fashion and art magazines
  10. Very well-designed restaurant and shop interiors

10 wins for Rotterdam
  1. Fast internet
  2. Online shopping
  3. Bicycling
  4. Pim
  5. Trustworthy police
  6. No sweating just from getting out of bed
  7. Living in the city centre
  8. Earning in euros
  9. Shop assistants know their products
  10. Everyone is more equal financially and there is less pretentiousness and superficiality

3 votes against Kuala Lumpur
  1. Potholes
  2. Overpriced items (ie. European prices at Malaysian salaries... wth?!)
  3. Traffic jams and aggressive drivers

3 votes against Rotterdam
  1. Cold and distant people
  2. Super high tax
  3. No drop-ins at the clinic when you're sick

Monday, November 28, 2011

Melting in KL, but not itching to be back in NL

Wowowowow, it's been so hot here in Kuala Lumpur the past week!

My relatives (on my mother's side) were just over for a dinner gathering to see me before I head back to Rotterdam. It was nice and cosy, and the local food was good. I had fried meehoon and a packet of nasi lemak (and one more sitting right next to the MacBook ready to be sacrificed as supper).

Poor Schrobbenmaster has fallen sick, though. He's been having bad headaches the past few days, and woke up this morning with a really high temperature. We drove him to the clinic immediately and got him some meds. After a whole afternoon and evening of sleep, his temperature is back down and he feels almost normal. What a relief! The doctor had said that if the fever didn't subside within two days, he'd have to go back for tests to see if it's H1N1 *horror and gasp* because this influenza is returning to our lives via tourists from Bangkok and Singapore. Bangkok is just nothing but trouble! I pity the people who live there who have to go through such shit almost all year round.

Anyway, we return to NL in five days, which is all too short. I'll be really sad to go back and leave my family. It's been nice to be back in KL, although I've found some things to have gotten worse, for example, the condition of the roads and the price of things in Bangsar. Fortunately, there are still friendly people around to make things okay again.

And my dogs! How great to be back with them and being around animals who express what they feel and think. Haha. I do love having Pim around, but sometimes it just feels like I'm talking to a brick wall.

What's there to look forward to when I go back? Some Christmas dinners coming up and a New Year's party that we're hosting in our apartment. It should be good!

And hopefully news that friends or family from KL will be coming over to visit. That always makes my days much brighter in anticipation.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back in Kuala Lumpur!

I'm back in KL!

Okay, okay, I've been back for just over a week now, but I've been enjoying the offline-ness so much that I decided to embrace it and make it last for as long as possible.

So what made me decide to come back? I dunno, guess I saw this Macbook lying around so lonely and saying to me: "Don't you like me anymore?". Well, Macbook... I never even used you before, so how can I 'not like you anymore'?


I'm staying in my sister's room for the stay. It used to be our old room when I was in my teens, then when my parents moved out, I made this place my 'bachelor pad' and this room was my office. I loved it loads. And now that I'm living in NL, my mum has moved back in with my sister.

Here's the view from the room.

It's really nice looking out at night when all the lights are turned on.

And this is the rest of the room and me.

My sister has this cool dressing "table" which is actually a tall chest of drawers. It looks kinda gothic with the ornate doll stuff and a dark grey skull.

Since arriving in KL, I haven't done anything noteworthy. I just wanted to chill out, shop and have coffee. I was at The Curve one afternoon and saw this beautiful long evening gown. I never wear evening gowns, but the price was so good and I never owned one before, so I thought it might be a good investment.

My mum bought it for me and soon after, I remembered that I have a wedding to attend in a few days' time where I could wear the dress to. So I was super excited. Of course, not being a good formalwear planner, I had brought nothing with me in terms of accessories or shoes. So I now have to buy everything to wear for this wedding. Luckily, cheap things can be found here if you know where to look.

I also bought a cute black wool hat in preparation for going back to NL's winter. I think I look a little Japanese in it, but that's not really a bad thing, is it?

Ta da for now... I'm off to have dinner at a mamak. One of the little pleasures in life that we take for granted :)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Mum and aunt's visit! First part, England and Wales. Yummy!

Apologies for my prolonged absence. There's been waaaay too much going on, some good, some not so fun. I just checked and my last post was September 22nd, which was the day the NS Try Out Festival started. I can't believe I even had time to post that! Sometimes I amaze myself. The festival was the not-so-fun part, seeing that I worked almost 24/7 and almost every second of that was high pressure.

But anyway, the fun part was when my mum and aunt visited for two weeks at the end of October!

My mum has posted some photos on Facebook, but I'll post a small selection of the shots I like the most, to accompany my post.

Day 1 (October 19)

They arrived extremely early at Schiphol and I excitedly waited at the Arrivals area for them to come out. There were loads of people there, surprisingly, and I kept an eye out for people who looked Malaysian, but it turns out that there were almost no locals travelling on that flight.

The night before they arrived, I'd slept quite late, getting their airbeds ready and cleaning up the house. Schrobbenmaster and I had gone to IKEA to get some new bed linen and I was excited about making the office look cosy and comfortable enough to sleep in.

Turns out that this is an impossible task. At least the airbeds seemed comfortable enough.

After freshening up, we headed to... where else? Bagels and Beans, of course!

I really love that place. Even though I don't like bagels.

I think after that we just took a walk around the city because my aunt had never been here before. She kept asking if she had to take her bulky bright pink coat that she'd borrowed from my cousin because she didn't think it would be cold enough. Well, my mum and I kept asking her to bring it because you never know with the weather here.

I think I cooked that first night. I had planned to eat home every night to create a cosier atmosphere and save money for shopping (since our kitchen now is so beautiful!), but in the end, we only ate home three times the whole trip. Anyway, my first cooked meal was a success and everyone slept nicely without any bad toilet visits.

Day 2

We girls were flying out to Manchester that evening, so we couldn't go too far. It was a choice between Dordrecht and Utrecht, and Utrecht won in the end.

On the way there, I started telling my mum about Kasteel de Haar, which is a castle just outside Utrecht city centre, and we spontaneously decided to turn off the highway to look at it. It was beautiful, but you could only go in with a tour guide, and guess what? The tour is only in Dutch. The tourist-friendly Netherlands strikes again! Luckily they had audioguides, which were good, but obviously not as extensive as the Dutch guide, so my mum and aunt ended up just wandering around aimlessly while the guide droned on to his Dutch visitors. These kinds of things always annoy me because it's so difficult for international tourists to see so many things in this country and to really enjoy travelling around here.

After the castle, we went into Utrecht. There wasn't much to do or see there, besides it being another city, because neither Schrobbenmaster nor I know the city very well. We just wandered around and looked at the Dom, the only impressive thing we could think of, and then went in search of the hardest place to find in NL - a good dinner place with variety.

I hate eating out in an unknown city because it's so hard to find a place that's good and with a variety of choice. Basically 70% of all restaurants in NL share the same menu. How boring is that?

So, in the end, we had Dutch food, because there was nothing else that didn't look dodgy or overpriced. It turned out to be a good choice of restaurant because the waitress we had was really good and efficient and the food tasted good.

After our early dinner, Schrobbenmaster dropped us off at Schiphol, where we took the Easyjet to Manchester, and where Stella, my mum's friend, picked us up. I've known Stella since I was probably around ten years old and I used to play with her kids, who are my age, regularly. During my annual trips to England over the past seven years, I used to visit her and I enjoy spending time at her place in Chester. Such a lovely and beautiful town!

After some lovely hot tea with raspberry viennese biscuits (my favourite thing about visiting Stella) and cosy chit chat, we headed to bed.

Day 3

First on the agenda was a visit to Chester town. We had lunch at a nice Italian place and we were served by a cute waiter with a most posh accent. I think that was the best part about him, hehe. It was like talking to someone from Downton Abbey in real life.

Of course, we had to visit Marks & Spencer. Also one of my favourite things to do in England. They have such beautiful things at such affordable prices. We ended up buying loads of biscuits in tins because they were so beautiful. As I write now, I've already finished the Scottish shortbread that came in a Scottish patterned tin with a little dog, house and tree on the front. I'm not a huge fan of shortbread, so I actually brought it to the office, where everyone loved it and had 'biscuit time' in the morning just because it was there.

Chester was an old Roman town and you can see the Roman wall encircling it still. While we walked through some garden paths, there was a guy dressed in a Roman outfit, explaining Roman baths to a bunch of 8-year old school kids, all dressed in Roman rubber armour (haha). He was explaining how the men and the women had separate baths, but sometimes they would have to share the bath (here the kids went "Eeeeww!")... but at different times. Hehe.

Onwards around the garden and we encountered some squirrels, who were running around and actually came up to us to see if we had food for them. After waiting a few seconds, they decided we weren't worth waiting for and ran away, so my mum, who's not the quickest photo snapper by far, only managed to get this, the very best of the fifty pictures she took. Still nice though.

We walked back to Stella's place after and had tea and chit chat and lazed about the morning room/conservatory/breakfast area, which turned into a lovely ritual for the next few days.

Day 4

Stella drove us to Chirk Castle in Wales. It was supposed to be a cold day, but it turned out to be amazingly sunny and cheerful. So we spent the first part of the visit in the amazing gardens. I don't know, all that sun and all that beauty just kinda made me turn a little mad...

We are talking about my mother, the fastest snapper in the world, here, so can you imagine how many times I had to jump? I think my aunt and Stella were already finishing their visit of the castle interior by this time.

There is actually another heavy iron head cap that goes under that heavy iron armor head shield. And the chain mail on my shoulders, which didn't feel so heavy when being worn, was actually pretty darn heavy if you hold it with just your hand. Quite amazing how much weight your body can hold without you realising.

After the castle, we walked around nearby Llangollen city and then drove around Horseshoe Pass, with amazing valley views. I love Wales for its green hills and valleys!

Then back to Stella's again for tea, biscuits and chit chat...

Day 5

On Sunday, we headed to the big city of Liverpool. It reminded me very much of Rotterdam, with its industrial history, its boats, its old buildings interspersed with modern architecture. I do like it very much, actually, even though most people look down on it because it doesn't look old or classic. I think that's the appeal it has for me. That you can actually see its history so clearly. Instead of, say, London, where almost everywhere has the same kind of architecture. London is beautiful to look at, but it doesn't tell its story as well as cities like Liverpool and Rotterdam do.

As usual, the first thing we do when we arrive somewhere is to sit down for a coffee and cake/biscuit. I love this kind of life. But thankfully, it's not every day, or I'd be as fat as a pig.

Then some shopping (so cheap!!) and an art museum.

Back to Stella's again for tea, biscuits, chit chat and a lovely dinner.

And of course, being Sunday... we watched Downton Abbey!!! I FINALLY had women to watch it with, and with whom I could talk about how we loved the dresses and the accents and how terrible this person is and how brave this other person is. Ah, joy.

Day 6

We had a flight back to NL that evening, so we didn't head far from Chester. Went to a little place with 5 shops, where my mum had been a few years ago, and where she wanted to buy more fairy pictures. We had a lovely lunch and I enjoyed the little shops we saw. I even bought a cross stitch coaster set. I want to make the home feel more cosy and warm, and I thought this would be really useful. Of course, when I came back and showed my cross stitch project to Schrobbenmaster, he snickered and laughed at me for being such a granny. Well, I only have one life and if I don't spend it doing things I like just because of peer pressure, what's the point, right? :P

Well, my mum said: This is a really nice idea to do cross stitch, but make sure you finish it this time!!!

Because I always start on cross stitch projects and never finish them. Most notably a Welcome picture I had nearly finished and then stopped. Ahem. That was fifteen years ago?

I had such a lovely time in England and hope to go back again next year when the weather improves. It'll be my goal to save money for shopping there. Much bigger variety of pretty things compared to NL.

Well, it's been a terribly long post, but I hope I haven't rambled on too much or too incoherently. Next up will be our adventures back in NL!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

PHOTOS: Churros, cathedrals and guys with red pants in Madrid

These are the last batch of Madrid photos - *collective sounds of disappointment from the crowd* - but not to fret, I have lots of other photos lined up for the coming weeks, if I've not had a major work-related meltdown by that time.

So let's enjoy the sun once more...

Just some pretty pictures of Spanish architecture.

On the second (and final) night I was there, we went back to Chueca, to the same street we ate at the night before and tried a different restaurant. It was way more expensive, with almost fine dining type meals but in a cosy atmosphere. They didn't have what I wanted, so the waiter recommended a weird-sounding dish. Turned out to be half-boiled eggs with croutons and truffles. It was really delicious!

I told Baker Jo I couldn't leave without having 1. tapas, 2. churros, 3. sangria.

So on Sunday morning, we went to the bakery opposite her hotel again and had churros with the thickest chocolate ever (frachely, you will be speechless with delight) for only € 3,50. The churros was light and not at all oily like you get in other countries, and the chocolate was so thick that we had to leave half of our cups full :( Take that, WIP. Hey Mumsy Bumsy, I hope they make their chocolate sauce thick by the time I get back to KL.

Then we went to do some cultural sightseeing. Heading towards the church at the bottom of the street there.

One of the most.beautiful.churches.ever.

I can hardly agree with protestants with their "we should be humble and we don't need distractions like beautiful paintings and sculptures to worship God" when I see places like this. I think beauty and majesty like this makes me feel even more religious and in awe of man's humble efforts to portray the heavens. It makes me feel that if I'm calling this beautiful, the real thing is going to be beyond anything we can ever imagine.

The grandeur of the whole space makes me feel more honoured to be in there and to know that I'm welcome at any time.

I feel so tiny and humble under those huge sculptures of the saints.

Perfect place for meditation and prayer. All around the circular hall there are around 8 of these little chapels surrounding the main congregational area.

And on to more friendly and down-to-earth places. I found this kinda cute, I don't know about you.

Wanted a photo of something saying 'Madrid'.

I like what the guy with the red pants was wearing. The whole outfit looked super cool. And this angle doesn't do anything for his butt, but I'm pretty sure he looked alright in real life.

Look. Then look again.

Okay I'm off to the Spar supermarket now. I haven't mentioned that the Spar bakery is actually surprisingly good! I've tried their chocolate cake, cookies and plain rolls and croissants and they're all so nice. Give it a try if you feel curious!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

PHOTOS: A bit of culture in Madrid at the Reina Sofia and the Prado.

Okay, guys and gals, after such a gloomy day yesterday, it's time to fly back to sunny Madrid...

Did I already mention that I stayed at the Chic & Basic Atocha? It was Baker Jo's recommendation, since she was staying up the road (and up a hill, but I know I've already said that). I checked out their website and they were having a deal, where a double bed is cheaper than a single bed. Awesome!!!

I really like this hotel. It was very basic, but very nice. Correction, it was a very basic hotel, so it was definitely much better than a hostel or any so-called 'hotel' you can get in Central Paris. I really feel quite fond of it and my room. I would go back to stay there in a flash!

The reception guys were very nice (I saw two during my stay there) and the room was really cosy and modern. It might have been a little tight for two people to stay, but for me, it was PERFECT. I can't stop gushing about this room. The bathroom was a really nice size, with a big shower and enough room to walk in. The sink was outside the bathroom, in the room, which was a little strange at first impression, but it didn't affect anything. It was even actually nice to brush my teeth and wash my face in the room instead of in a small bathroom. It just feels... cosier.

The amenities like coffee/tea and biscuits are all free in the lobby, and it was great to be able to make my own coffee with chocolate powder and a dash of cinnamon to go, and grab a couple of biscuits from the jar then walk up the hill with them. So convenient! Even Baker Jo grabbed an apple while she visited.

Sorry, no photos of my room. This is the lobby and the lift is at the end of the brick wall and to the right.

The blessed coffee and tea machine with all the powders you can add to your beverage.

One of the walls had an interesting illustration.

Our first museum visit was to the Reina Sofia, the modern art museum. Just a short 7-minute walk from my hotel.

The Reina Sofia is a converted hospital.

Caught this scene as I was walking down the corridor.

We only had time (and energy) for one big exhibition. I'm glad we saw this one. It was quite amazing (and shows how bonkers this woman is).

I would really like this in my home please.

Those things on the right really give me the shivers. Ew.

Ms Kusama apparently had an obsession for infinity and space. She created this room of mirrors and lights especially for this exhibition. I also want this in my home please. Btw, it reminds me of the corridor between Starhill and J.W. Marriott in KL.

I like how people left me alone to take my photos in solitude.

Where's Wally #2.

The newly-built extension of the Reina Sofia. On the rooftop.

This is supposed to be some famous sculpture. I think it's really ugly.


I love the mirror effect that's so clear.

After the realisation that I wouldn't have time to go to the Prado with them the next evening because I would be flying back to Amsterdam, we hurried to the Prado museum with only half an hour left to spare. So I quickly selected what I had to see and we went in search of the rooms.

When I took the last two photos, we were in search of Las Meninas by Diego Velásquez. I hadn't actually heard of it before (shame on me), but the guidebook said that this is one of the great works that really give the Prado museum its distinction in the world.

So we were walking down this corridor hurriedly, looking for the right hall, when my eye was suddenly caught by the most amazing sight I'd ever seen. I called to the other two and told them that I just had to check it out quickly before continuing our search.

Lo and behold...

I had never seen anything that caught my eye so much as this. This is Las Meninas. And none of the photos of this painting come close to doing it any justice.

When my eye fell on this masterpiece while walking in the corridor, all I saw was this huge dark patch on the wall at the far end, with a bright, shining piece in the centre. This was obviously the star of the hall. I repeat, I had never seen anything so amazing as this in my life. I have seen the Mona Lisa, Night Watch, many Caravaggios and many Renaissance masterpieces, but this takes the cake. I'd thought that I'd become numb to seeing great works and nothing would impress me anymore except if I'd read the background and the stories about the paintings. But this one... I could just stare at it for hours without having to read anything about it and still be in love.

I'm aware that everyone has his own taste, so maybe this won't affect you like it did me, but I'm glad that I saw this painting once in my lifetime, telling me that great works are still able to impress me with the quality of the work alone. I never knew that this was on my list of things to do before I die, but I think that my life is a whole lot more fulfilled after seeing Las Meninas.