Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God gave us brains for SOMETHING

On Friday night, I was driving home after dinner and right off the Federal Highway, in the middle of the road, was this extremely slow motorcyclist. I was about to honk him for stalling and blocking traffic, when I saw his L plate, and that he was just a boy.

So, being the soft-hearted person I am, I had to brake abruptly and try to change lanes, which was difficult as other cars were zooming by as well. Then I saw that this L biker was following his older brother, who was on another bike, waving at him and guiding him on the road. Well, on its own, it's quite sweet that he's teaching his younger brother how to ride, but what the heck... freaking barely off the highway, late on a Friday night?? Does he want to get his younger brother killed?


Last night I was meeting Sharry Berry and friends at La Bodega Telawi to say farewell to Julz (who's back to Melbourne today) and to also celebrate his birthday today. Weeknights are usually good parking down the McDonald's row, in front of Poh Kong and Saravana Bhavan. As expected, I found a spot and turned into it. There was a big Indian family who had just parked next to my spot and who were halfway alighting from their car.

So I waited for them to remove themselves from my space.

There was a man who had alighted from the passenger seat, who was just standing there, in my space, looking into the middle distance, dreaming. And at the backseat, a fat woman was waiting for another fat woman to come out. Obviously they were blocking me so I waited politely. But how long does it take before you start to lose patience with people getting out of their car?

The fat woman finally got out of the car, and the first fat woman took her hand, held it and they both started talking to each other for a few seconds. Geez, man! Then after the clenching of hands together, they slowly waddle away, and I inch forward and the bloody man is STILL standing in my space, dreaming. With me inching towards him, fire in my eyes, he finally realises about one foot away from my car, turns and walks slowly back out to the shops.

OMG I hate stupid people!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New internet!

The guys from Sentralfon came this morning to install my new internet. It's Ethernet To The Home (don't ask me what that is), and basically my internet comes in through cables instead of wirelessly, or through a telephone line, which apparently can't give as high a speed as ETTH can. Well, at least that's what I understand. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

So far we tested the speed and it seems really fast, about 250kbps up and down, but I'll only really be able to use it this evening when my wireless router gets connected, since I'm in the office and the cable is outside in the hallway.

Good timing though, since my existing Izzi wireless internet account is on its last day today!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If You Know You're Right, Don't Be Rude

Nothing interesting to talk about these days. Well... actually, on Sunday, I decided to take the dogs out for a much-needed walk. I drove the to the Lake Gardens, but once I reached, I saw a big sign saying "No Dogs"... :( Discrimination! So I drove them back to Taman Desa, to the park we usually go to during the week. As it was a Sunday though, the park was absolutely brimming with people. I leashed the dogs and took them a few rounds.

Now these are tiny dogs, mind you... little silky terriers that don't bark or disturb other people (on the leash, that is). And yet, after our third round, this pissed off Malay guy shouts from 100 metres away, "Hallo! No pet allowed! Got sign there! No pet allowed!". Okay, so I had only just seen the sign two minutes before he shouted at me, so I didn't argue with him. I just said "Oh." and walked across the park to the other side even though there was an exit right next to me.

I was pretty upset because my poor dogs hadn't done anything, and yes, I know that other dogs might not be as well-behaved, but it was just upsetting that the poor little things had been rejected twice in one day :( And by such an unfriendly guy too. He could have at least said in a nice manner that there was a sign saying No Pets Allowed, instead of shouting at me angrily and using the existence of a sign in a defensive manner.

So after exiting the park, I purposely walked around the perimeter of the park with the dogs just to say that, okay, we won't lick your bloody ankles 2 metres away, in your fenced up enclosure, but we're perfectly allowed to jump on you if you so much as step out in our path onto non-park territory.

After one round, a Chinese guy comes out in front of me, looking all apologetic and concerned, and says, "There's a little park further down the road past the traffic lights where everyone brings their pets. Pets are allowed there so you can walk your dogs there." Okay, as he said that, I had envisioned this tiny space where all the rejected and outcast animals and their owners were bumping into each other's shoulders just because that was the only space where pets were allowed. What a stupid country!

But that was very nice of him to go out of his way to tell me that. He must've been standing nearby when the freaking clown shouted at me and felt that instead of just chasing us away, he should also suggest another place for us animal-loving rejects.

Anyway, it was too late to visit that park that day, but I will definitely bring my dogs there this weekend. Thanks, Mr Chinese Guy from the Taman Desa Park!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm back!

I'm looking for art lessons for kids as I'm typing this. Waiting for a page to load on how to make paint like how the cavemen did. Bet that will keep the kids interested!

Anyway, got back from Melbourne two days ago and really enjoyed hanging out and chatting to my old friends again. I haven't moved any photos from my camera to my mac yet, but will definitely do that soon, when work becomes a little less hectic (also, I've just started playing Diaper Dash on my pc and I get hooked on to that whenever my mind gets tired of working, so more procrastination there...)

Tomorrow night is a little reunion with college mates from Limkokwing. Looking forward to that!

More stories to come when the photos are ready to be uploaded ;)