Saturday, December 31, 2005

iTunes does everything!

When I was moaning earlier about Apple not having much software available, more specifically a software which converts audio files into any sample rate I want... I was mistaken! I explored iTunes and discovered I could do what I wanted to!! This is why, my blog is finally featuring a new song. Very short song, but it's just a test. I will now update my songs more regularly YIPPEE!

Hope tonight's New Year's Eve celebration will be fun. I may or may not bring camera tonight... will keep you posted. A bit lazy now to write a lot. Am clearing my room... not a new year's resolution, just preparing for my big move to the new flat which will hopefully be ready before the end of January! Also will put up pics of that :D


Thursday, December 29, 2005

WNF 7163 - What an IDIOT!

If you double park and block someone's car, surely when you hear someone honking once, let alone 15 times, you'd buck up and check if your car's the culprit, right?

But NOOOOoooooOOO... this idiot driving the WNF 7163 nearly got his/her and my car scratched because I had to squeeze out of my LEGAL and PROPER parking space in Desa Sri Hartamas, after the other person who was also blocking me moved her car. Although this other lady was also blocking me, at least she had the courtesy to rush out of the shop and move her offending vehicle.

So red car owner of WNF 7163, be a little more considerate, will you?!

As I always promise pictures, here are some... irrelevant, but entertaining anyway.

Foxy the Spanish Senorita

Maxi the Science Guy

Arya the Menace

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Apple's not all bad

I was driving in my car and thinking how irritating copy-protected CDs are. I love ripping my CDs and having hundreds and thousands of them in my computer so that I can play them anytime without having to search high and low for the CD case, find out it's empty, then discover the actual CD face down under the bed filled with scratches and dog chew marks.

Especially if it's a limited edition, or a particularly precious album by my favourite group bought during my travelling.

So I am a big opposer of copy-protected CDs, which don't really serve much function anymore because ding ding ding! Apple's current iTunes 4.7 I think... or 4.8... oh maybe it's 5. Well, their current one anyway - rips all types of CDs! Hallelujah! So Apple's not all that bad after all.

Thank you.

Welcome home!

I'm writing this now while listening to the soundtrack from Narnia. What a great show! What amazing actors! I just can't get enough of Lucy Pevensie, she's so talented - and CUTE!

(I'm also disappointed that I can't seem to find free software to convert my mp3s into lower quality files so that I can put them up for our listening pleasure. One particularly good one for use on PCs is called Switch. It's really good, and I'd love to see more facilities available for Mac users soon.)

Well, once I get my PC up and running again, I'll upload a low quality mp3 ripped from my Narnia CD (for personal use only - as usual) so that I can read my floobles and comments with a Narnian mood ;)


What have I been doing the past few weeks?

Grandpa G's been to visit and it's been really great having him over. He left this morning, and thankfully I handled it well, although I really don't recommend seeing your boyfriend off a few times a year. Anyway...

And - I've got the apartment! I've got the apartment!

My parents have finally moved out, so I've been spending the last week renovating and learning handyman tips from Grandpa G. There's still quite a bit more to do, but I should be able to handle it. Unfortunately, there'll be no Christmas party at my place this year as it's taken much longer than I expected (thanks to maids who don't clear up and clean out as well as I'd hoped). Will put up some pictures as soon as my apartment's done.

Did you hear, for Kelly Osbourne's 21st birthday, she got a £1 million flat in London? Whew!


And, yes, I will put up more and more and more pics... I know I've been slacking off. Oh! Wish List update!!

Check out the post entitled Wish List Christmas 2005.