Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day at Home

Yes! Internet is back up at Janice's! Think it was just a case of reconfiguration and changed settings, luckily nothing more complicated than that.

However, I just found out that my external hard drive cable is not the same cable that can be connected to my camera. And I have no card reader. So no photos can be uploaded till I get back to hot ol' Kuala Lumpur. Awww.....

I spent the day at home today, making up for lost internet time hehe... didn't do much actually. Apart from booking a Sydney hotel for next week. That should be fun. Meeting up with the Sydney gang.

It's getting really cold here. I'm hiding out in the living/dining area now because it's the only room with a heater. My room is so cold! I'll only go in when I'm ready to go under the covers and stay there :P

My Melbourne gang are watching Billy Elliot in the theatre now. Opted not to go, but alas, I saw the commercial on TV the other day and it looks really good! Anyway, I've got Dralion to look forward to, so I don't feel so bad.

I hope tomorrow's a better day weather-wise so I can go out and spend the money I should be saving.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bea's Wedding

The internets has been down at Janice's all weekend so I've had no chance to update my blog. Been taking a few photos of the mischief I've been getting up to, but until I have access to the internets on my own laptop (using someone else's now), I can't upload any photos.

To cut it short, I've been meeting up with everyone here, and tonight is The Big Get-Together Dinner. Gonna be great!

This morning I got up early to head into the city for Bea's wedding ceremony and reception. Made me tear a few times, listening to the maid of honour's speech and the video presentation she prepared for her elder sister. Complete with messages from friends back in KL who couldn't make it to Melbourne for the ceremony. Awwww!!! Food was good... and it was awesome to get a little intoxicated with wine and bubbly in the afternoon. Helps keep the chill away heehee!

Well, off to dinner now, so hopefully Janice's internets is back up tomorrow after I give them a call and reconfigure some techie thingies :S

Friday, April 24, 2009

First day in Melbourne

In Melbourne now... feel tired this evening, probably from lack of sleep. Was busy watching The Simpsons, Twilight and Australia on the plane. Australia was so much better than I thought it would be. I really recommend it!

Am at Bea's house now helping her prepare for her wedding reception. Place cards, corsages and truffles... yummy!

Okay signing off for now... off to dinner with Janice.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Locked out!

So, to continue my week of drama (yes you are missing something because I shan't write about the drama I faced on Monday night - you know who you are... yes, you)...

I went out this morning to drop a mockup with a client, then thought I'd come home and have a nice afternoon finishing up other work and doing some housework before I leave for Melbourne tomorrow morning. So came home all hungry and thirsty (cuz I rushed out in the morning), unlocked my door, pushed it, and it got stuck... locked and unlocked again, pushed it, and it opened... 2 inches! BECAUSE THE DAMN LATCH HAD BEEN PUSHED INTO LOCK POSITION BY THE BLOODY STRONG WIND! (Okay partly my fault since I left the balcony doors open to let the wind in).

So I digged a card out of my purse (first used my IC, then decided I'd be in even more trouble if it broke, so used my Bonuslink card... see it can be useful sometimes) to try pushing the latch back. Which of course didn't work. So gave a huge sigh of frustration (which echoed in the corridors rather marvelously) and went down to call the house technician. Who looked incredulously at me and came up with a guard. And on the way up they were talking about how this could've happened, and the technician goes sarcastically, "Tak taulah, tanya dia!" as if I don't bloody understand Malay.

Anyway, they came to check out the situation, laughed at me to themselves, then went down to get a long metal ruler. The guard tirelessly worked at my latch for half an hour, and finally got the bolts out and the latch came loose. Allelujah! Allelujah! In the middle of it, I really felt like taking a photo of him and calling it "How to Break and Enter Using a Metal Ruler". But then I thought he might not like it as I could frame him for breaking into my house and getting him fired and possibly deported back to wherever he comes from. Darn phones with camera snapping sound effects!

I was just thinking, "Thank goodness I don't have to use the toilet right now."

Never been so happy to see my door open. Never ever.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PHOTOS: Bangkok April 2009

I feel guilty for having not blogged for 3 weeks, so here's a short post to show everyone I'm still here and haven't given up on my blogging!

I just came back from Bangkok a week ago. Was my first time there and I had high hopes for superb shopping and awesome nightlife. Well, shopping I wasn't disappointed. Although it was super tiring, but I managed to get a few items I'm really happy with. The malls and buildings are really nice and most importantly, have nice nice air-conditioning.

Nightlife, on the other hand, was a little disappointing. Lapsap Kel who proclaimed that RCA was awesome, was sadly mistaken. I think Sharry Berry had also mentioned partying there. Well, we went into Route 66 and 808, apparently two of the more happening clubs there, and were severely disappointed. By the music, the deejays and the crowd. The clubs themselves looked awesome... massive buildings and nice lighting. But I have to maintain that KL partygoers are so much more fun.

Ahh... well, I said I'd write a short post, but what the heck... here are the photos from Bangkok. These are not on my Facebook, so fret not, you will not be overloaded with the same photos :)

Smoky in the plane.

Pints of beer at Bully's!

Schrobbenmaster Rik and Alex K at Bamboo having shisha.

McDonald's in Thai script.

Me in stupid glasses in the iMax 3D theatre watching Monsters vs. Aliens.

Me and Plum at Gazebo. Holding an RM50 bloody cocktail there. Not even that much liquid in there!

Taking the boat to our destination... Platinum mall!

Schrobbenmaster Rik giving a weird face to the camera.

People getting off the boat.

In front of Central World.

Having dinner at the Old German Beer House before hitting the clubs.

One of the rooms in Route 66 at RCA.

Party people at 808.

Outside 808, people drenched in water and foam. Pre-Song Kran party, I reckon.

Adjourned to Wong's after and had a really fun time! That's Sophie and Pete. And a guy about to puke in the background.

That's Wong at work.

Mini chinese lanterns to show his heritage ;) And 80s music video to show how "young" he is? Heehee.

Next day, sightseeing on the Chao Praya.

View from the river.

Rehearsals at Wat Arun for the upcoming Song Kran festival.

Schrobbenmaster Rik and I at Wat Arun.

Some artsy photo snapping on his part.

Nice detailing on the Wat. Love how people in the old days could spend time on making beautiful and intricate things.

Watching a golden cat watching a white kitten half its size.

Man-made flood on Khao Sarn Road. Some pipes burst, I believe. Probably just another day in the lives of Khao Sarn backpackers.

"OMG what a bloody hot day". Jumping back in the boat to go home.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

PHOTOS: Birthday 2009, Yassir's Birthday, Funny Dan

Not in the mood for work today so I'm diligently updating my blog. People go on living when they're not working, you know.

Here are some randoms from my party.

Uncle Henry and me.

Dunno why Sharry Berry wants to shout at me on my birthday *sniff*

Now she's feeling bad about it ;)

And some randoms from Always Wasted Yassir's

The many faces of Dan the Drinker

I really can't describe this expression.

About to throw up?

Dark, intense look a la Antonio Banderas?

What did I get for my birthday?

Okay, so here's the usefulness of having Wish Lists. Anyone who hasn't done so yet, should!

Seems the older you get, the less presents you receive. But the presents that you do receive are bigger and better! So no complaints there :)

  • A shower FM radio ➤ thanks to Schrobbenmaster Rik
  • Artsy/designer/vintage tableware (plates, cups, cutlery) ➤ thanks to Frachely and John T (who was nice enough to take photos at my party too)
  • Any perfume in a beautiful bottle (btw, my Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is finished) ➤ still open for any generous soul
  • Wine glasses (at least ONE matching pair) ➤ thanks to Yelleh Belleh
  • Comfy, soft, thick bathroom rugs (the larger the better) ➤ thanks to Tequila Lin and Dan the Drinker
  • A short break to Bangkok, Thailand ➤ well, wasn't a gift, but I am going next week! ;)
  • 3 months in Paris, France ➤ open for another generous soul (Mumsy Bumsy did sponsor some of my ticket to Melbourne, so it's just as great!)
  • La Senza shopping vouchers (a gal can't have too much lingerie) ➤ anyone?
  • Vodka or whisky (as stock for my next party - which the giver will most definitely be invited to) ➤ got some wine instead, which is just as good
  • A large living room rug, preferably dark (black/brown/grey) and furry/hairy ➤ anyone??
  • All-white plain/textured (NO patterns) tissue box covers ➤ guess this will go to my Christmas Wish List 2009
  • Big white artificial flowers (roses/lilies/etc) - 20 of them would be lovely :P ➤ as will this!

Awesome gifts, thanks everyone!!