Sunday, October 31, 2004

Movie Gripes

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera is being made into a movie! YAHOOOOO!

I heard the first strains of the absolutely brilliant Overture when I was 9 years old going on 10. My mom had bought the Highlights cassette and had just started playing it when I was walking down to throw the rubbish into the big bin. I was so struck by the dramatic melody and orchestration I instantly fell in love with the musical.

Throughout the years I learnt the lyrics by heart, sang along to every part there was and finally, one day I found the complete album with lyrics. I bought a copy, promptly lost it, bought another copy, found the first one and sold it for a measly RM40 (2 discs, you know!).

So a few nights ago when I was at the Apple Trailers [] website looking for the trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia (another movie which promises big things), I saw the trailer for Phantom of the Opera. Of course I watched it and it looked amazing! The costumes were superb and the trailer used music from the musical and watching the trailer, I think that the movie will be a complete and direct adaptation of the musical.

A tip for you guys out there who haven't watched the musical : Don't watch it in London! The people there have staged the performance so many times that they've just become pretty slack and lazy with their performances. They don't sing well and they don't look inspired anymore. If you do want to watch the show though, watch a touring production. They'll definitely be more spirited and put more effort into their singing and acting. The Christine I watched in August 2004 London acted like a complete soap opera star. She made Christine look like a crybaby (which she's not of course!) and she was so irritating with all her sobs and whining. However, the show I watched in Singapore in 1996 was amazing. So take my advice and spend your money on The Lion King in London which is just incredible. Truly.

*all the above is just my opinion, I don't want to be sued for defamation or anything! Phantom is still my favourite!

Where's the party?!

Looks like no one's going to party tonight... at least no one from GDD6A! This last week and next week is going to be so busy for us. As for me, I just don't want to start on Henry's work. I haven't done any research on the No Smoking poster and I'm so so so so so lazy to do it. SIGH. Looks like there'll be no trick or treating pour moi ce soir.

Dubbed Movies

Are you one of those people who love movies dubbed into English (or your mother tongue) from foreign languages? If you are, then it's YOU I have to blame for dubbed movies!
I simply can't stand movies that are dubbed from their original language because :

1) the voice actors suck
2) the actors' mouths can never be in sync with the words
3) the show completely loses its character eg. Fong Sai Yuk in English totally doesn't give the comedic feeling that the original Siu Fong Fong and Jet Li's voiceover (he rarely speaks in his movies) give it
4) the translated words/sentences never have the exact same meaning and feeling as the original language
5) for people learning a foreign language, they'd wanna watch movies in that language and not dubbed versions. It's usually not easy to find original versions if there are dubbed ones available, AND
6) subtitles are not that difficult to read after all.

If a movie has appeal and is in a foreign language, why not just make an English version of it? Like what they did with Taxi, originally a French movie (and an amazing one too) and now out as an English movie starring Queen Latifah. By the way, I really have to recommend the French Taxi to you guys. It's so funny and Samy Naceri as the taxi driver is SO COOL.

Another gripe about dubbed movies is when they make Cantonese movies into Mandarin. It's so totally off-putting. I know you can switch the languages using DVD functions nowadays, but what about'unauthorised' DVDs that don't have those functions? HEHE. You know what I'm talking about.

Here's a nice cosy picture for you to relax.

This is a string of lights I bought in Paris near the Centre Georges Pompidou. I have no idea why I bought these lights, and they were so difficult to pack in my luggage. Now that I think back, I should've bought the furry ones...

Daylight Savings


England's reverting back to their normal clock, which means we're GMT+8 again. This means even later nights for moi! SIGH.

Friday, October 29, 2004


I told myself I'd never get into a long distance relationship because it's just too much work.

You know how when you say you'll never buy a car because it's so ugly, then a few years later you end up buying that car because it's suddenly very convenient. Or you tell yourself you'll never stay in a particular area of the city and a few years later, that area is developed and you find yourself with that address?

I think these kind of things are very humbling. Life's telling you not to be so proud that nothing's good enough for you.

It seems that many people are having long distance relationships nowadays. I don't know how they make it work. They're just amazing. Honestly, I think I'd find it really difficult after half a year or a year. But I know people who've been together nearly 4 years! And it's not the sort of 3 years together then one of them moved, but they actually got together while they were apart! They're incredible.

Loyalty is not easily found nowadays with people partying more, drinking more and taking life less seriously. According to the Durex Global Sex Survey [], people are having sex earlier each year and having more sexual partners than before.

All I have to say is, life is not all about satisfying your desires. In the end, we still need the love of a partner because let's face it, we ain't gonna be having sex when we're 80 years old now, are we?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The arrival of Halloween

I'm pretty excited and looking forward to this year's Halloween. Why? Cuz it's on a Sunday and I can go partying! Yahoo! Well, I have to beat up that niggling voice in my head first telling me that I have assignments due on the Tuesday after.

Anyone else going to a party? Come along to Zouk on Oct 30 in costume and you get in free. Let's all go! Whack those little voices of righteousness!

Indian Voice Talents

In my opinion, Indians have the greatest talents of making a radio ad funny. Their accents are so wunnerful! Even saying something simple like, "I'm gonna eat you up, you small, crunchy, delicious muruku!" sounds so GREAT with an indian accent.

So tell me, why do people still insist on using voices which have so utterly FAKE indian accents??! They're spoiling the greatest accent of radio ads!! Ok maybe in this country it's difficult to find Indians, right? TAT! WRONG! Second, even if the voice DOES belong to an Indian, why does it sound so darn fake??! Third, why oh WHY can't they find an Indian with a REAL indian accent?! They're a dime a dozen, I tell you! These Indians with the delightfully funny fast-speaking ways of theirs. Ah, just can't help giggling every time I hear them on radio. Maybe that's why Lil Kev's so funny.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Starting to feel stressed

Deadlines for all assignments are getting nearer and nearer. Now I'm beginning to feel a little worried. Enough playing around! I've been going out so much I haven't had time to do work, and when I AM at home, I just stare at the laptop and convince myself that I can't do any work at that moment. BAD BAD BAD!

Oh by the way, I love that song by Michael Jackson. What's happening to him now anyway? I hope he's alright. I really think he's genuinely talented. What a guy. And I won't accept any criticisms about him!! He may be weird, but we should appreciate all the good he's given us and the music industry.

One last thing before I jump into bed in my satin pyjamas - I wanna say a big HI to my German viewers. I do believe I have some who've been to my site a few times already? If this is true, do send me a comment or chat with me on the flooble. I'd love to know what you're thinking when you read.

If the above is not true, disregard that paragraph and drink a bottle of Radeberger Pilsner (see I did my research).

ps. Shark Tale's hilarious!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Call the paramedics, I feel faint!

*Woo woo! Sirens going!

Is this pic too hot for you gals out there? HAHA... thought I should give you guys some excitement after so much partying. The partying never stops!!

And best of all, gals... I KNOW THIS GUY! Haha... for privacy (and security - I can see the thinking bubbles popping out of your heads now : "Boy oh boy oh boy I'm gonna rush over to this guy's house as soon as I finish reading this GREAT blog and I'm gonna claim this MAN!")reasons, I shall not disclose his real identity.

Anyway, maybe... just MAYBE... he's not a man??!! GASP! Hahaha... I'll leave it for your pleasure.

(I promised the star of this post today that I wouldn't distract my readers from this delightfully...stimulating? *wink ...rendered photograph. So that's it for today honeys.)

Monday, October 25, 2004

The simple & unadulterated truth (aka The Story pt 3)

I feel that it is my duty, hereby, to let you all know the truth about what's been happening. As you all know, there was a fire at the mental hospital where I escaped from. What I never told is what happens INSIDE the hospital.

First of all, an introduction to some of the inmates. This is me and Director Noo. We were at a group therapy session for thinking we were celebrities. I thought I was Austin Powers. Director Noo thought he was Phua Chu Kang.

Here's another inmate. No one knows her real name, so she's known as Iwga, short for "I wanna go also".

Ah, those were the days. I do miss being in the loony bin sometimes. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. And days were exciting, what with Beach Babe, Director Noo, Iwga and the others. But the outside world is just as fine! Look at the sky! In the hospital we were never allowed to go out and we never had any windows. No wonder we stink so much.

Nick Warren @ Zouk

On to more 'normal' stuff, it was great at Zouk last night, the crowd was doin' their own thang and not bothering each other, they were friendly and very into the music. Not really what I feel when I go for those Ghetto Heaven and other R&B nights (sorry R&B advocates!). And the music had so much energy... well, I've never been to a trance party before, but I felt really good in there last night. Here are some pics. Met some classmates and other friends there, which was great.

Does the guy behind in the specs look UNDERAGE? Hoohoo...

About 20 people told him what a great necklace it is. It lights up and twinkles. Cool!

Went out for a breather from all that smoke. BLECH!! Now you can see it isn't my camera that's not good, it's the smoke that makes our pics blurry and our lungs black.

Woo woo!

Beautiful KLCC in the background. I just love the KLCC. It's my local Eiffel Tower. So romantic.

"Purple rain!" by Prince (I'll just call him that for simplicity reasons).

Talking about Prince, I do like some of his songs. And Boy George. Does anyone still remember Boy George? I can't remember his songs now but my parents said I used to love him so much when I was smaller. Boy! Guess I like slightly effeminate males. OOPS for Grandpa G! HAHA...

All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't grow up during the 80s (you know what I mean!) or I'd have to wear shoulder pads and what-nots with awful hair and what-nots and awful coloured tights and what-nots. YAY!

Oh yeah going back to Nick Warren night, I saw a couple doing the WORST on the podium, no less! There I was, enjoying myself and I turned around and I saw this guy standing behind his girlfriend (or mistress!). Her back was towards him and he was holding on to her boobs while dancing!! AAAHH!! So of course I had to look at her boobs, right? RIGHT? And she was a pretty hot lady but the guy was the pits! The ARMpits! Anyway, that wasn't all, he started feeling her and then she turned around and they started kissing (I feel sorry for the people dancing next to them... I wonder if Nick saw this??). Well, of course I wasn't STARING at them ("Porn movie right in front me! Come on guys, have a drool!") but occasionally I'd turn around and look... so the last time I looked, he had his hand in her pants!! And I mean WAY DOWN her pants!! And she was in ecstasy, I bet! EEW, man!!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Friday night out!

It's supposed to be anyway. But yet when I came home after dinner, there were no parking spaces outside at all! Why's everybody in??!! Is going out not happening anymore? I thought it was way cool to go out for the sake of going out...??! Or is this an aging society we live in? Maybe the place I live in is just not cool enough.

Or maybe everyone's waiting till 1am to go out and party. Bet that's the cool thing now. Even though clubs give cheaper rates before 11pm, cool people HAVE to go after midnight right?? Why? Because it's cool! And subsequently take up all the parking spaces and make me WALK REALLY FAR IN THE RAIN!

Anyway I shouldn't be angry. I had a good day today. I received a cheque for some money... and I won tickets for Nick Warren @ Zouk tomorrow night! Haha... imagine. Just entered a contest and I got it. Hope I get the phones too. And the iPod. Even though I have one. HAHA being greedy. Evil me.


Was just talking to the Woman (the one with the limo) about how none of my friends are single so how am I supposed to get 2 tickets for an event and choose a guest? Maybe when my blog becomes more popular I'll put them up for grabs! HAHA!! Win a date with Boobs. HOOHOO...

But there are couples who are couple-couples and single-couples. Know what I mean? The couple-couples are always together and if one watches a movie without the other, the other will moan and groan. Then there are the single-couples who say "Okay baby you go do your shopping and go home yourself ok? I'll be with the guys at a strip club." Those are the kind of friends I need!! Seeing how I'm so lucky winning tickets here and there. Did I mention I won a cruise in a lucky draw before? Oh what am I talking about, of course I haven't mentioned it. It was the 2nd prize. Just missed out on the trip to Sydney. Darn.

Excuses SEXcuses

A lecturer once told me that SEX sells.

Anyway, this is NOT about sex. Grandpa G is looking for (s)excuses to miss work to go to a party!! Bad boy! But at least he's being cool, eh? Yeah! Be a rebel! Miss work and go party your heads off!! What he really should do is go in the next day and tell his supervisor, "Hey, mate, I came to work yesterday but there was no space to park because it's a Friday night and everyone was here working instead of partying. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and go to a party. Sound? Right, cheers mate."

Anyone able to help Grandpa G out with other excuses? He'd appreciate it. And so would we!!

YIKES! I just dropped white chocolate all over my table. Great.

Friday, October 22, 2004

A new identity

This is a continuation of the post "A story to tell...". If you haven't read that, please scroll down. Or you won't know what the heck's happening here. And it's SO important you do. Because you're here... so you might as well stay. Right?

Well now that I'm in the outside world you'd think I'd be safe from those men in white coats, don't you? Au contraire! I may have removed my mental records but they still wanna make me suffer! Talk about mental prejudice.

So obviously with today's technology and all, people can find you anywhere by scanning your retina right? You can walk into a subway station and they'll know you're there immediately. Advertising billboards yell out your name the minute they scan your eyes. Oh boy are my eyes painful. It's been such a long time since I was out.

Or am I talking about Minority Report?

I figure the best way to escape these jokers in the white coats is to change my eyes. Look at the result.

Old eye, new eye.

I got it off this guy called Arnold Schwarznegger. I'm pretty sure they won't realise I'm not him.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Men vs Women?

I love this quote I got in an email about Marriage.

"God may have created man before woman but there is always a rough draft before the final masterpiece."

Boys, you HAVE to agree. Hehehehehe... this quote is so so good.

The benefits of satin pyjamas

Yes it's true.

How many of you just go to sleep in normal shirt and shorts? Pyjamas? Ultra sexy transparent see through barely there lingerie? Nothing at all?

Well, I have this set of satin pyjamas I bought in Melbourne years ago and I always thought of it as an inconvenience because of the long sleeves and when I brush my teeth I'd get it all wet so I never wore it much. But recently I realised that when I wear it, I don't wake up in the middle of the night clutching the double layered quilt and shivering like a dog having a bath.

Really! It's true! So if your room is like an icebox and people who open the door and walk in immediately get icicles hanging from their nose, go get yourselves some satin pyjamas!!

Or you could get a really hot hunky dude to share body heat with you.

A story to tell

A fire broke out at the mental hospital today. Yes that's me and Beach Babe running for cover from the smoke. Like the clever gal I am, I grabbed our mental records (in my right hand) so no one will ever know we just escaped HAHAHA!

And that's Beach Babe copying my pose as usual. It's part of her mental illness. Don't ask anymore, she's very touchy. The only time she doesn't copy people's poses is when she's surfing at Venice Beach.

Sometimes I wonder if we're better off at the mental hospital. Look how happy we are doing our thang.

Anyway as we were running out a discreet pink limo nearly knocked us down and flattened us to the texture of the tar road. Then the friendly Woman wound her window down and asked us to hop in. She promptly proceeded to sleep.

I guess people in limos have nothing else to do.

As Beach Babe and I marvelled at the outside world, she excitedly pointed to the clouds and commented on how it looks like someone we know. Yes, I told her. It kind of looks like a sweet potato. And she sighed and said how cute the lyrics are about walking into the sunset. Yeah. Maybe we shouldn't have left the hospital.

Okay enough crapping.

For the moment.

--- ooo --- ooo ---

I'm back! Just had dinner and felt so guilty about it considering I've been eating the WHOLE day!!

It's a girl thing

Guess what? I bought nail polish!! Hah! It's been ages, and I usually buy nail polish, use it once then leave it to rot. This time I bought a smaller bottle. Hope I finish it. And you know what? I actually left it on the counter and walked out of the shop! And did the cashier come running after me to give me the polish? NOOOOO... I bet she wanted it for herself! Sheesh! Get one yourself, aunty!

All she said when I went back was, "Forgot to take ah!" and she was just sitting there comfortably behind the counter. Of course I forgot to take it! But did you behave like a responsible cashier, aunty?? I don't think so!

Wow I feel so ladylike now with my nails all painted.

Of all the nerve...!

A kind little bird whispered into my ear that when she opened up my blog, horror of horrors! A popup appeared! The powers that be are watching, I tell you. No one's safe anymore. Write about how you hate popups, and the next thing you know, a popup appears on your site! Tsk!

Naturally, the little bird did the common sense thing and closed the popup without even seeing what it was advertising. Are you listening, popup advertisers?!


By the way, does anyone know how to get rid of adware that has installed itself on your PC? Mine irritates me by putting a search link on my words. And that's really irritating because IT'S NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!

Also does anyone in KL have a DVC I can borrow to transfer my video from the cassette to my laptop? I just need it for one day. It has to have a DV output. (DVC = Digital Video Camera)

Lastly, I'd like to recommend this food to everyone : MARKS & SPENCER'S ALL BUTTER CHOCOLATE BITES! It's the most heavenly food after Le Cake from Pangkor Laut Resort. Slurp!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I can feel it!

I can practically feel my body growing sideways...

Here's me and lil sis Elle (pronounced El-Lee).

And here's one of the causes of my reckless driving. Taking pictures! Ah! Crazy shoobs.

Introduction to Shoobaba Studies 191

The best picture of Foxy I've ever taken. You know how when you take pics of animals, they have their eyes reflected in the camera, so you have to turn off the flash to get good eyes, but when you turn off the flash, the pic becomes blur because the shutter speed has to be lowered? Yeah. Well, this is good because it's PERFECT! What a model.

Look at this shirt! It's printed crooked!

The bunch of us at GDD6A are so stressed out because our term ends in 2 weeks. It's come to the point that there's so much work we don't know where to start. Then we end up sitting in front of the laptop staring into space. Or playing minesweeper. Or digging our nose trying to get the dried up "pei see" out.

Trina's class!

Boy oh boy... was the test hard or what?! I actually finished early because I looked at the time wrongly and thought I had 10 mins left and 1 more page to go! What a panic I gave my silly self. Then we did that peer assessment form. Yikes! These things should be left anonymous... you know, you want to give someone 2/100 but oops! that person's sitting right next to you so you have to give him oh... 95/100 instead. HAHA... just kidding.

There are workers in my house now fixing the heater and water pressure that always ALWAYS gets spoilt. Haha my sister was showering when it broke down and she had to suffer HOOHOO... as for me, I narrowly escaped it by 'mandi kerbau' - no soap, no shampoo, no conditioner, no water...

Anyway, as I was saying, don't you just know the minute you step into the house that there are workers in it? It's the smell. Definitely. A very cement-y, sweat-y, warm smell. YES? NO?

Newsflash : Trina's journal!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! No time no time no time no time...

Are you sick of seeing the same templates everywhere?

Tell me about it!

I would hereby like to start a petition to Blogspot to create more templates! More more more! It's never enough!

However, not to worry my readers... I will find time to have my own template. Soon. Next month maybe. Mmm.

Terror of the Thames!

Okay, not the Thames, but KL roads. I got that line from CATS.

Anyway, I was driving so terribly recklessly today. I feel so ashamed of myself. I'm so lucky I didn't get into a car crash.

While driving I kept playing with my iPod, the earphones, the songs, my handphone... whew! And my eyes actually left the road quite a number of times! Terror of terrors! Brrrrr... and the worst part was that I was actually taking pictures with my camera while driving! With people trying to cut into my lane! I could've hit one of em. Crazy, I tell you!! Crazy!! Crazy!!

(I was trying to take a picture of a van which had the logo CCN which looks exactly like the CNN logo. Now I wonder... what's so darn interesting about that that I have to risk my life?)


I'm one of those people who like everything organised and if I asked for something I expect to get it, and if I don't ask for something, I expect NOT to get it.

Which is why I HATE TOOLBARS!! I was just visiting some other joker's blog when a toolbar got installed onto my IE and messed it up! What??!!! That is SO unethical okay!

Then a stupid popup keeps... whaddya know... POPPING UP and telling me I have a security breach or some such nonsensical blabber. Grr grr grrrrrrrr.........

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Good evening webbies!

And how's everyone?? I can't believe I just created this blog when I've got so much work left to do before my term ends!

Guess I'm just normal...

Anyway, since I discovered the joy of computers (about 10 years ago) I've never looked back. I do virtually everything on the computer because it's just SO CONVENIENT, don't you think? Yup, I knew you'd agree. Even if you were shaking your head. Anyway, I used to keep a written diary, but as I flipped through the pages the other day, I realised the last entry was...mmm... 3 years ago? I have nothing to remember the last 3 years of my life by!! And so, having turned 21 this year, I've decided I should jot down my thoughts and events in my life in the most convenient way possible... and share them with my fellow webbies out there (Ooh, I just love the internet).

Okay, time for dinner now. Mom's yelling and the walls are reverberating from the tones. Be back later.

Right, I'm back...

I just received this email from my aunt about cancer causing snacks. WHAT??!! How can this be?? Please please, let Twisties not be on the list!

Scan scan scan..........

Phew! But anyway, how many of you really believe these so-called 'facts'? I got another one a few months ago about the chemical that causes cancer in shampoos. What??! Are we not supposed to use shampoo anymore?

Ah... I'm so full.

I feel a little better about myself today. I went for a walk and a run with my dogs. For the first time in their lives, I actually tired them out!! Hahaha... I've been eating so much and neglecting my poor dogs so I thought I should get off my butt and do something about it. Yeah!

Don't you just hate popups?

I don't mean those normal ones which the Google toolbar can block - apparently these irritants are getting smarter. How do they manage to sneak past Google and still pop up?? Don't they know that even if the pop up is really beautiful, just being a pop up in itself already makes people close it automatically because, simply put... it's an irritant!

Not only do I hate popups, I hate those search windows that open up when you search for something using the Google toolbar. I dunno how many people find these things useful, but as for me, they're just... irritants!

Ok, I really should be getting back to work now. Enough procrastinating! Enough enough!