Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's hope Tiger works

When I arrived home after lunch today, I saw my noisy downstairs neighbours unloading 10 pieces of luggage from the lift. What a blessed sight! They're going home for the holidays!! They're Filipinos btw... probably a band who sings in hotels, which explains the music practices and freakin' loud dance music they used to play.

My neck still hurts. Rubbed in a deep heating muscle rub before lunch, but it didn't really help. Yelleh Belleh swears by it, though. She uses it a lot cuz she's so old and keeps getting aches and pains... Nah, just kidding... she used to play volleyball a lot and kept getting bruised up. Now she just gets bruised up from Vincci shoes.

I do get stiff and aching muscles occasionally from ballet, but I can still go about my normal business, so I just take the pain as it comes. But this neck thing... it really bothers me! I can't turn my head to the side, I can't stretch my neck muscles (something I love to do)...

So after lunch, I went to Guardian to look for some patches to slap on my neck. Yelleh Belleh says that area of my neck is a little swollen as well. It's most definitely a huge muscle knot, cuz I can feel it when I rub and compare it to the other side of my neck. Again, was recommended Tiger Medicated Plaster (Warm), so I bought a small pack. When I got home and opened it, I realised there are only two inside!! That's not enough! I'm probably gonna have to slap on the patches for the next few days!

Anyway, I have one on right now and it FEELS SO GOOD. My muscle still hurts when I move it, but the feeling this patch is spreading throughout my neck is awesome!! I wish I could leave it on all day and night. But I think people might avoid hanging out with me if I head to Zouk with a huge white patch on my neck tonight.

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