Thursday, July 20, 2006

Part 2 of the HELP chronicles

Okay I tried to find Part 1 and link to it so that your memories would be refreshed but I couldn't find it! I had a good time looking at old pictures from Paris though. Lovely.

And you guys!! You're all reading but you're not responding! What the heck is this, man?! I painstakingly type out Part 1 and ask all of you to leave a comment if you want Part 2 and everyone just tells me over dinner that they want Part 2. Just leave a record that someone's reading this and I'll be happy.

And you want me to be a guest reviewer at your own blog? Leave me something here first, that's what I say.

Here goes Part 2 anyway... continuing from when Sharon invited Gary to Australia for lunch.


Part 2 Scene 1 - KLIA (Airport)

Gary wondered what to do. He walked around trying to sell his RM200 boots, RM100 shirt, RM500 watch and RM100 bag, but he was still a few hundred short. What was he to do? So he tried calling his friends but none of them were available. Then he posed as a gigolo.

But Lady Lucky was on his side. Sam a very rich guy was passing by and saw Gary. Gary told him his trouble and Sam donated some money to him. What a gentleman Sam is.

Meanwhile Daniel apologised to Hui and they both cried... on the other hand Charng Bin was having a nice time with Liu Yi.

Chia Weng Yan then complained that he did not have a girlfriend. He said that chicks only take him as a joker/clown but not a boyfriend. He then said that he would turn gay if he doesn't get a girlfriend soon. Poor Chia. He decided his new interest would be a guy named Richard Ong. Richard is a nice guy, it seems, so Chia started sitting next to him in class every opportunity he had. Richard, the blur one, didn't notice anything.

Gary finally entered the plane. As it lifted off, ,he suddenly heard the stewardess say, "Enjoy your flight to Saudi Arabia.".

"What?" Gary said. Never mind, he thought since he has another girlfriend there. Her name is Su May. Meanwhile Chia notices something. His long gone first lover is back from her studies. Chia shifted his attention to her once again. She is more beautiful than ever.

"But what about Richard!" he thought. Chia knew he couldn't just leave Richard like that, so he decided to continue courting Richard.

Gary finally arrived in Saudi Arabia but was actually in Abu Dhabi. So he decided to go home. He didnt' have transport, so he gave Richard a call and asked for a lift. Richard drove to Saudi Arabia and swam as well. Gary didn't want to swim back, so he gave another call to Sam, who flew him back to KL. Chia was hurt that Richard left him, so he decided to go home.

But his first lover take him regardless of what he did. (Don't ask me what that means).



daniel said...

Part 2 really sucks man. I was rooting for Chia and Richard to get together but turned out to be a sad ending for everyone. Sam comes off as the rich cool dude, and i turn out to be a crybaby. BAD STORYTELLING!! Grade: D-

its bin raining said...

thats just too weird for me. does anyone have a copy of Zach's poem? the one where he says he is eternal?

Anonymous said...

you begin to write now?

shoobaba said...

Because you asked me to! :P

Anonymous said...

At last!
Well I will follow your stories!

Please Visit said...

Weird... too weird

crybaby said...

all i remember of it was that it began with "Tap, tap, tap, my footsteps in the dark", and ended with "I am Zach. I am the Dark One. I am Zach the Dark and i am eternal".

shoobaba said...

Oh yes I remember the Dark One.