Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Thanks for coming to see me!

Okay, this is really long overdue but I finally have the time (and energy) to write about Mumsy Bumsy and Yelleh Belleh's wonderful visit here.

I may say "wonderful" but I think they would call it something else those first few days.

It was the height of the summer temperatures and gosh you cannot be prepared for that sort of heat and absence of wind, even coming from Malaysia. Every day for 3 days straight just drained us of our energy, and the goal of every outing was not to find the beautiful canal or church, but to find the shade.

Thankfully by mid-trip, the temperatures eased and we were getting the mid-twenties again.

The trip seemed all too short, because on one day, we're unloading the car with all their bags and I'm unpacking all my treats brought over from KL, and the very next, I'm a little Malaysian island again in Rotterdam.

I don't have any photos of their trip, they're all on Facebook under my sister's account. But I really cherish the time they spent here and their effort of making their way here, from across the world. I hope I made them feel welcome and comfortable enough. I know it was a pretty different experience from life in KL, though.

I asked Yelleh Belleh once in private: "Have I changed since I came here... do I seem any different to you?". And she answered: "No... but well, maybe you seem less... city-like.".

I totally understand that sentence. Life is so different here. You don't whiz around in a car, all socialite-like and get dressed in heels and glittery dresses. People here are more domesticated, they love their homes and they love their comfy Vans/All-Stars. I've grown to get used to this, but I really do miss the "city life" of KL. The glamour of living in a big apartment (and with 2 bathrooms... suck it, you miserable Dutch people who can't believe someone would want 2 bathrooms!), eating out every night, going for coffee and snacks till 3am every weekend and all our many areas with international awesome restaurants and bars.

Life in KL is awesome... but politics in Malaysia is dreadful. Talk about the Brain Drain? This is what I mean. I love living in KL and it was so good having a bit of KL with me here when Mumsy Bumsy and Yelleh Belleh came to visit. I would go back in a flash if it wasn't for knowing that I'm considered a "tolerated" citizen over there. I've only been in NL for 5 months, but I already genuinely feel "accepted" here.

Okay, I know this has been a real jumble of a post with all kinds of topics in it. Originally meant to be a sweet, appreciative post on my family taking the time and effort to come to visit me. Turned midway into a gushing "I miss KL" moment and ended up almost touching on the political side of the country and how disgusted I am by the petty religious matters being brought up.

I would really love to write more - am really in the mood to wax lyrical about living in KL, but my cup noodles are now overcooked, sitting in front of me and I really gotta eat it before it gets too late and I'm too full for my dinner.


frachely said...

when is my turn!

Mumsy said...

tooo short a trip no doubt, but wonderful to see hw u live. nowhere is perfect, but KL is stl home!

Mumsy said...

tooo short a trip no doubt, but wonderful to see hw u live. nowhere is perfect, but KL is stl home!

Mumsy said...

wish we could see u weekly, or monthly..go invent a superfast jet,or come work in spore