Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Police abuse of power

Just came back from the IPK KL - Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen KL / Contingent Headquarters KL - ie. the KL police headquarters. Had a meeting with a top top police official, whose name I'm not sure I should say here. An extremely nice and friendly person.

My dad, me, Schrobbenmaster Rik and the top guy from NST met with this chief to report an incident which happened last Friday, February 20th.

I'm pretty tired of writing what happened, so just go read Schrobbenmaster Rik's version of events. Click on 'The Kawasaki Incident'.

Basically, we were driving in town when two motorcyclists swerved dangerously in front of us, causing us to honk at them twice. They then started following our car and knocking it telling us to stop. We obviously were pretty nervous about the situation and wondered what to do. Then they claimed they were Police. Flashed a card at us too. So we decided to stop and confront them, since we didn't want them harassing us all night.

They started flexing their muscles and acting arrogant with us, showing how 'powerful' they are. We wouldn't take any of it. Asked for their badge numbers. They refused and became defensive. Hailed a patrol car down to prove they really were policemen. They still refused to give us their badge numbers. The uniformed patrol policemen (who were calm and more professional) settled the issue and left. The bikers had no option but to leave us because they clearly knew they were abusing their power.

I was very indignant at their behaviour and promised to take this matter seriously. After all, if it happened to us, it could happen to lots of others. And not many others have the access to top officials that we do.

This is a little something that I can do to help the ailing public police system in our country, and I'll do what I can to make it a place people want to stay in and fight for, rather than leave for Australia at the slightest sign of trouble.

ps. Just got a call from an officer to make an appointment for further details tomorrow evening. I hope this officer is receptive and treats us with respect.

Doesn't it suck that we have to worry about our police officers not being respectful towards us?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday at Zouk KL

Last Friday I went to Zouk for Tequila Lin's colleague's birthday. Didn't know anyone but her and Schrobbenmaster Rik, but thought it'd be a good opportunity to meet new people.

As is the norm (for Malaysian-Chinese yuppies), it was Phuture that we all headed to. I hung out there for a bit, then decided to take a look round the other rooms with Schrobbenmaster Rik. Steve Lawler was spinning in the mainroom. Stayed there for a few minutes, but it didn't get any better so we left for Barsonic.

Barsonic was much more awesome and we ended staying there the entire night (apart from occasional forays back to Phuture to not seem antisocial!). Bumped into a few friends, and Schrobbenmaster Rik met a fellow Dutchman who looks like Keith Urban. As the good wingman he is (or trying to be), he pointed me out to Keith, but apparently I was too busy staring at the bar so we didn't get introduced. I've proper nagged Schrobbenmaster Rik about that already.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do you know him?

Did you look twice at the guy on the left??

I did! I thought "Omg, what's Daniel doing in that video?!". And although I knew it couldn't be him, I just had to really look hard at it to convince myself.

What do you think?!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PHOTOS: Mogwai in KL

I've recently signed up for Twitter, recommended by Schrobbenmaster Rik... and after I heard that Chris Moyles was also on it, I just had to join.

Search for me if you're on Twitter - you should know my nickname.


I went to watch Mogwai at the KL Convention Centre some time in January. I'd never heard of them or heard any of their music before that... I had to get on to Youtube to listen to a couple of songs. Sounded pretty good so decided to go. Good concert!

The only thing I saw out the corner of my eye was this white blob going up and down. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself standing to this beanpole of a Singh, with a bright white turban and bushy black beard, headbanging next to me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

PHOTOS: Recent Gatherings #1

My stupid internet has been very picky over which sites I get to visit over the past weekend. Luckily for them, everything's up and running again today. So here are some photos from a few of the get-togethers over the last week or so.

First off was my CNY party at the end of January (5th day). Here's Stryker Nins helpfully cleaning up my house cuz he was just so grateful to be invited to my party. Okay, he's actually mopping up the beer that Kenny T spilt. I didn't manage to get a pic of him wiping the floor with a rag, looking like Cinderella. Dang.

Just check out the sultry expression on his face in both pictures!

At the end of the night it was just the 5 of us left: A, Schrobbenmaster Rik, Dan The Drinker, Tequila Lin and me. Since the two of them are looking so civilised, I'm guessing the infamous *ahem* incident hasn't happened...

This looks more like it.

No comment. I don't remember this photo being taken.


The day before Valentine's, on Friday, Tequila Lin and I hung out at Dan The Drinker's for some board games. Here's Dan The Drinker and Schrobbenmaster Rik having an argument on how to draw the word "downstairs". I know... quite intellectual, aren't they?

"I'm sorry we argued, Daniel, please sit a little closer to me."

Gotta love their expressions!

I think Tequila Lin was feeling a little exhausted from all the text messaging with a certain someone. Hehe...

Schrobbenmaster Rik was the one who started the portrait drawing frenzy!

Dan's laughing at the drawing... but can he do any better? Let's scroll down...

That's Dan The Drinker's representation of Tequila Lin (top) and me.

Schrobbenmaster Rik's attempt at drawing Dan. This is my favourite!! Check out the walrus nose and receding forehead. Plus the schoolbus-shaped profile.

Schrobbenmaster Rik by Dan The Drinker. I love this too.

Me by Schrobbenmaster Rik. Hmm...

Tequila Lin by moi. She finally succumbed to her boredom at our drawing game.


Oh gawd, there are more??!!

On Valentine's Day, I had dinner with the girls at Sharry Berry's place. We had special Singlong Fried Rice, courtesy of Mumsy Bumsy's recipe.

Sharry Berry was Professional Long Bean Cutter. I was Professional Fryer, and Quebec Jo was Professional Recipe Reader. Look how seriously she's taking her job! :P

Quebec Jo and Teng, who's boyfriend was off for a 2-hour massage that night. Don't ask, I don't know either. Hehe.

I know... not the best picture of Ryan, but I realised I didn't have a photo of the special Fried Rice, and by the time we yelled at him to stop eating... he'd already wolfed down most of it.

Our reward for all the cutting and frying - Sara Lee Chocolate Bavarian.

After a nice and filling dinner, we headed to town for some alco-fueled cheer :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Wish List 2009

It's a little over a month more to my birthday, but since I always can't think of what I want when people ask me, I thought I'd put up my Wish List a little early this year. I'll probably be updating it as time goes by, but if I don't, just use this initial list as a guideline or inspiration when you go shopping for moi.

  • Wine glasses (at least ONE matching pair)
  • A billionaire sugar daddy
  • Comfy, soft, thick bathroom rugs (the larger the better)
  • A short break to Bangkok, Thailand
  • 3 months in Paris, France
  • La Senza shopping vouchers (a gal can't have too much lingerie)
  • Vodka or whisky (as stock for my next party - which the giver will most definitely be invited to)
  • *NEW! A large living room rug, preferably dark (black/brown/grey) and furry/hairy
  • *NEW! All-white plain/textured (NO patterns) tissue box covers
  • *NEW! Big white artificial flowers (roses/lilies/etc) - 20 of them would be lovely :P
  • *NEW! A shower FM radio

So Randoms.

It's amazing how Jay Manuel can keep bleaching his hair and still have hair.


I was having coffee with Sugarlips Nat this evening at Starbucks 1U, when the couple behind him caught my eye. Well, to be technically accurate, it was a male and a female, and they weren't a couple... yet.

The girl was attractive, fully made-up, dressed in hotpants and a stylish top, and 'f**k me' slip-on heels. She clearly wanted to impress this boy... this boy who thought it would be appropriate to go out for coffee with a hot girl dressed in board shorts and t-shirt.

You know what... boys are lucky that (most) girls are not completely into appearances and always look for the inner man.


I finally had my car washed yesterday and picked up some groceries. Sometimes it's fun sitting in the Car Wash machine and watching the thing do its thang... yesterday though, it was boring. Cuz I was in the mood for Radiohead, and I can't sing along to Radiohead. Thank goodness for groceries. Had a nice little picnic in my car.

Unfortunately, after that, I left Bangsar at a bad time... rush hour! Some of you know I really hate being in traffic jams. But it's not nearly so bad when you have a tube of Pringles and a big bottle of water in the car.

I wonder if... we were in a really bad jam on the highway, say, and we called McDonald's McDelivery... would they deliver to you right there? I think people would be a lot more patient if they could have a picnic in their cars while stuck in a jam. Maybe McD's could even make it a sort of charity thing. A "Do your bit for road rage and road accidents" kinda thing.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

PHOTOS: Deutsches Gasthaus @ TTDI

Forgot to post these photos up from Friday night at Dan the Drinker's new place. We went over for gambling and a DVD, and then the guys wanted to continue gambling while Tequila Lin, Rik the Dutchman and I wanted to drink/socialise, so the three of us walked out to Sid's, but their bar was already closing, so we went to the German bar a few doors down and had some beer!

Emm... what an interesting way to walk down the stairs, Rik...

Rik wanted to capture my first sip of the frothy, huge Hoegaarden.

Lin regretting not ordering the pint.

Apparently we were too smiley in the first photo together, so we tried being a little more serious... for two seconds.

Back to my routine Saturday!

I realised last night that I hadn't been out clubbing/barring in a long time when I had my first lychee martini at Luna and found it to be extra strong. Took me far too long to finish it, but then, I was also trying to make it last as long as possible so that I didn't have to order another drink before Regs (who's back from Australia for a few days) and her boyfriend Lorimer arrived.

However, I had such a great time chatting with A that I just ended up finishing it - and received a snobby dirty look from the bartender when I told him I wouldn't be ordering another.

The four of us who were there first, Tequila Lin, Rik the Dutchman, A and I, were sat at the bar, and our friend If the bartender gave us a round of tequila shots, much to Tequila Lin's delight, I expect! Then after I finished my martini, the snobby-dirty-look bartender served up a delicious milky liqueur-filled cocktail for me... and a more manly drink for A. How brilliant... three drinks for the price of one!

When Regs and Lorimer arrived, they got their drinks and took a little tour of Luna and its spectacular views of the KL Tower and Twin Towers. It wasn't very happening up there so we left soon after to Changkat, where we met Sharry Berry and some other friends at Werner's.

I'm not a fan of Werner's so we only stayed for a glass of beer (which A amazingly - or worryingly? - chugged down in a couple of gulps), and adjourned to, where else... twentyone.

Great night!! Ooh, and a public holiday for Selangor tomorrow... sweeeeet!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Screwing the little people over

You know how all the tollbooths now have little boxes for motorists to conveniently donate to Palestine's aid? They even announce it on the traffic report signboards on highways.

But I just thought to myself... is this another way to extort us motorists?? Yeah, I know their need is great and we ought to help them in any way we can. But... I dunno... you guys already know how I feel about toll operators. Look at the bloody Kerinchi Link which is RM1.50... pretty pricey! And Touch 'n' Go also charges 10% extra when you use it to park in BSC. Why can't the toll operators and Touch 'n' Go donate a percentage of their toll earnings to the Palestinian fund, instead of (or, as well as) making it convenient for us - the little people - to donate?

Friday, February 06, 2009

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Was rudely awoken early this morning by someone from UOB Bank telling me that I had to bank in some money for my mum to top up the balance so her cheque wouldn't bounce. Apparently they couldn't get hold of her all morning so they contacted me.

Was a little suspicious so kept calling my mum to confirm it. And yes it was true, so it wasn't a scam. But what a good scam it would have been! Call at 9.15am and say that I have to bank in a small amount of money, say RM10-50, and that I have to do it by 10am. So there's hardly any time to double check anything even if you are suspicious.

Anyway, I had my hair cut yesterday... not sure what to think of it. I don't instantly love it, but I think it's better than the overgrown mop I had before.

Leaving my place in a bit to pick up two cheques... TWO CHEQUES!!! Yayy... I can finally pay some people back. Tequila Lin's brother is coming back from Langkawi today and hopefully he brought back a bottle of Grey Goose for me. I asked for Chopin as well, but poor thing probably can't bring back so many bottles. One's good enough, anyway!

Gambling at Dan the Drinker's tonight... la di da!!! It'll be my first time at his new place, and I'll try to remember to bring my camera so at least this blog has some pics from CNY this year.

Okay shucks I have to go get dressed now for cheque collection - and a brief (hopefully) meeting with Slavedriver.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Money talks, not dresses.

I'm just about to leave the house to get my hair chopped off. No idea what style I want yet, but William had better be having a good day today.

The initial plan for today was to visit a (relatively established) fashion designer to help her out with some patterns she wanted redone digitally, and to tutor her a bit in Adobe Illustrator. She was ever so long-winded when I spoke to her last week, but we finally settled on a day to do it. Then she calls a few days later to tell me that she has to postpone it a day later, so I said that's fine, but where are the patterns you were supposed to email me prior to our appointment? I needed them in order to write up a quotation for her.

When she heard that I had yet to give her a quotation she hesitated and said "Quotation?" and I was like, yes... a quotation for my services. And she said "I thought I'd give you a dress to contra your services".

Okay... if you're Donatella, Giorgio, Alexander, Marc or John, I'd be right in there and say wahooey yeah, that sounds great! But no, you're not... so please... give me money! Well, I just told her that I would have to look at her latest collection and decide for myself. I'm not going to do work and then be given any dress that I might never wear (unless it's a piece from any of the above designers). Not a fair deal, in my opinion!

No word from her since.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Reflection on a Dancer's character

Been watching some ballet videos on Youtube... read some of the comments below those videos, and found an interesting note.

There was a ballet called Afternoon with a Faun by Jerome Robbins, and in it, a male and female dancer dance very closely with each other, they dance as though they were in love with each other... but according to Robbins, they are actually looking at mirror images of themselves, and all their feeling is poured into the mirror image instead of the person dancing with them.

Here's a quote from Wiki on how the ballet is staged: "A ballerina enters and they dance facing the audience as though looking into the mirrored wall of the studio. He kisses his partner on the cheek, and she bourrées out of the studio and off-stage. He returns to his initial supine position."

Apparently, he's claiming that dancers, most especially ballet dancers, are narcissistic and rely on the mirror image of themselves to feel beautiful and loved.

It is true that ballet dancers (as are other dancers) have a close relationship with the mirror because it helps reveal the perfection or the flaws in their own movements. On that point I'd have to agree, since I look in the mirror often to see if the position of my body and limbs look like how they're supposed to. And when they do, I can't help but feel self-satisfaction that I've done it.

But I don't know if I'd go so far as to say I love my mirror image more than I love another person.

Thinking of supper?

So now I know that if I feel like having supper, mamaks are not the only places to go. Just found out last night that Kimgary at Mid Valley is open till late as well. I think last orders are at 11.30pm? And they still serve proper food too... I had their Baked Cheese Curry Pork Chop or some such name. Not too bad. And my companion had some sort of pork thing with corn sauce. That wasn't too bad either.

Looking forward to try more things on their menu in the future. Much easier to go there for supper than for dinner when you have to wait 2 hours for a table!

Monday, February 02, 2009

A CNY quickie

Firstly, a shout-out to Lapsap Kel for leaving a one-liner of encouragement. It was such an effort and I appreciate it.

Okay, it's Chinese New Year and there's nothing else to do when you visit people's homes than to gamble.

I lost my own money when I played it, but strangely, people seemed happy to give me their money to play with. So I did. And I won a decent amount with their money and got a share in the profits. So on the whole, I did get quite a bit of money this CNY. How awesome is that? It's like profit-sharing... you don't bear the losses but you get the profits.

On Friday night (30 Jan) I had a gathering at my place. Loads of people turned out which was really great! They split themselves into the blackjack group and poker group. I had no time to gamble since I was hosting, and I also really wanted to talk to the people who weren't playing since I hadn't seen some of them in years! The most interesting dude who turned up was ex-schoolmate Wes who at one time we all thought died of drug overdose... but who is now actually a Muay Thai welterweight champion in Canada! What a change, eh?

It was really great catching up with everyone who came that night and I'd like to yell a big THANK YOU to you guys!

Unfortunately, no pictures.

CNY is actually a great time to catch up with old friends... last night, I went to visit Nat Sugarlips at home (haha... I wonder if you'll like that nickname, Nat!) and ended up playing lots of poker and winning him some moolah. Also met a couple of ex-schoolmates there, one of whom is a kinda local celebrity... and I'm a tad embarrassed not to know that, but in my defence, the local entertainment scene is not very well-promoted.

Okay, I'm bloody hungry now and Quebec Jo wants to meet up for coffee in 2 hours so off I go. Photos from my Penang CNY trip coming up shortly!