Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day #2 on MC

I'm not sick... that's MC for Marie Claire :)

My blog was calling out for photos, so I obliged it and brought my camera to work today. As predicted, it was difficult to wake up early again, but it was helped by the thought that I don't have to do so tomorrow. Yahoo...!

My desk used to belong to a writer on MC. I thought it was a guy at first cuz the desk was absolutely filthy! Black, dirt and weird things all over it. How disgusting. At the end of the day I realised that there are no guys writing for MC. Isn't that a terrible thought? A girl, a writer from a glossy... having such a disgusting work desk? Anyway, those are the stickers I see in front of me every day.

That's my workstation, a Mac of course. Thought I'd better pixellate the page I was working on in case I get sued... it was one of the Beauty pages for February 2009.

Those are my co-workers... the only ones from MC who were there along with me early this morning!

That's the view to my right. Another writer sits where that empty chair is... and at the end is the editor, whom I've yet to meet.

And I have a nice front view of The Perve Pole. Posters of hot guys stuck all over it hehe... funnily enough, I haven't actually gone up to perve at them yet. Must make a note in my book to do so on Monday.

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