Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ms Heartbreaker's 23rd Bash @ Poppy Garden

Yes! Yes! Finally the pictures have arrived! This night was really hectic for me because I'd been to Beach Babe's grand banquet before (for her birthday - pictures in the previous post) and then I had to leave early and rush to Ms Heartbreaker's party in town.

How could I miss it? I've known Ms Heartbreaker since I was 4 years old! Of course, she wasn't such a heartbreaker then... more like a little monkey.

Look how she's blossomed now...

Ms Heartbreaker and Boyfriend.

Ninjaboy et moi.

Gentle Giant et Binks.

Ms Heartbreaker et moi.

Ooelatualet et moi.

Binks and I.

Binks et sa femme HEHE.

Mr Always Late and I.

Binks' Femme, Az and I.

Az et moi.

Huey et moi.

From left to right: Az, Mun, Chun, Me... um, I can't remember his name. Please enlighten me!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Beach Babe's 21st Birthday Bash

This party was also in April, but better late than never, eh? Pictures, I mean.

By the way, I just got a new keyboard, a real tiny, slim one because the normal desktop keyboards make my hands really tired cuz I have to lift my fingers up higher to hit the keys... hehe... I'm used to the laptop keyboard. So anyway, this keyboard is pretty cool, but I need time to get used to the miniscule Space Bar. I always accidentally press ALT instead! I guess this keyboard is even smaller than a laptop keyboard... imagine that.

Okay here are the pictures.

Birthday Girl et moi.

The Woman et moi.

The Woman lapsing into childishness.

Mel et moi.

Birthday Girl with Pooch (Lacey).

Thursday, June 16, 2005

What a techie!

Guess what?! My dad has agreed to buy me a video camera! Whoopee!! I'm definitely getting it before my trip to UK so that I can catalog my whole journey. Especially Paris. And I'll put some clips on my blog too so you guys who've never been to one of the most amazing cities in the world (Paris) can experience some of it.

By the way, my friend Charly has put some videos on his blog too from Paris ("Paris Pix de Malaysian Devil" on the right of this page) but I find it lacking in buildings. You should film more buildings Charly!

I'm also gonna try write in my blog at least once every other day to put up pictures so you can trace my journey. Not that I'm going to many places, but it'll be nice to look back on.

What do you guys think of the new song on my blog? Any comments, anyone who wants it taken off, just let me know.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Karen's Wedding @ Marriott Putrajaya

Okay so this was MONTHS ago, but here are the pictures!

This is Regs' sister's wedding reception at the Marriott. A very grand affair, indeed.

Me and Ms Heartbreaker

Rennie and Ms Heartbreaker

Rennie and Me

Me and Ms Heartbreaker making a claim for Larry King

Now we're fighting for Regs

Regs wondering which of us stole her boyfriend (Larry King).

We're putting on sweet, innocent faces.

Regs sued Ms Heartbreaker for theft. That's Ms Heartbreaker's lawyer on the left. Regs and I best friends again.

I don't know why, but in the end, we were all asked for mug shots. Look at Ms Heartbreaker thinking she can giggle her way out of it.

Ms Heartbreaker wondering who to set her sights on next!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Just a little note

Yikes! Okay I know I haven't written in a LONG time but I've been SO busy working and shopping it's crazy! Hehe...

Now all I need is a belt...

And, yes, I've been working too... it's been nonstop, with people asking me to do this and that job. I suppose it is good for me to get money for my travels. But I don't have time! Argh... and I'm going up to Genting this Sunday too with the family.

I still haven't watched Madagascar! But I've been quite up to date with the French Film Festival here. So far I've watched Arsène Lupin, which is quite a confusing show but charming anyway. And Les Choristes which was a really really pleasant show (the one nominated for Best Foreign Film and Best Song at the Oscars this year).

Lounge Paris: Velvet Underground is happening this Friday night. Apparently " evening dedicated to Parisian lifestyle and nightlife." Got this all from the FFF flyer. Well, still deciding if I should go, since I haven't been getting enough sleep.

I really really must remember to put up the pics from the parties in April! Gosh... I totally forgot about them. I'll try to remember this weekend. Till then, take care everyone!