Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well wishes that turned into a rant - as usual! Happy CNY :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

And also a romantic Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day has never really been a big thing for me as I have never really had a special someone nearby whenever the day comes around.

Last year, I spent it with the girls, cooking in Sharry Berry's place, then later joined Tequila Lin, her Australian friend, and Schrobbenmaster... who ended up being my special someone some time after anyway. Strange how things work out, huh? Especially remembering what was on Schrobbenmaster's mind most of the night. Heh.

Anyway, this will probably be my last Chinese New Year in Penang for a while, as I'll soon be heading over to NL. I think coming back for Christmas and New Year would be a more convenient time, instead of in the middle of January or February, so CNY in Malaysia wouldn't be very feasible.

At this point in time, I'm not really feeling too bad about it, as my eyes hurt, my back aches and my feet are sore. Haven't been able to get enough sleep, as I sleep in the same space as the little siblings who wake up at unearthly hours and make so much noise that I also have to wake up, or lie in bed with my eye mask, struggling to block out the noise.

This year it's also been rather horrible, as the silly MacBook Pro decided to give up on me and not show anything on its display. So it's had to stay with the Machines people in The Gardens, who promised to update me after 3 days on what was gonna happen to it. It's now been more than 5 working days and they don't even pick up the phone when I call. This kind of behaviour is EXTREMELY irritating!!

Look, if you say you're gonna call a customer, THEN CALL THE CUSTOMER!! Otherwise just ask the damn customer to call you instead. Whichever way, the customer has the right to know what's happening with her several thousand ringgit worth of machinery. This is not the first time I've received horrendous service from a Mac dealer. There was another one in 1 Utama (can't remember if it's Machines as well) who told me he'd order my external hard drive and give me a call, but after two bloody weeks, he never even freaking ordered the damn drive. Lazy bastard. Naturally I told them to bugger off and leave it.

I want my MacBook Pro back!!

This post seems to have turned into a major rant about Machines and freaking store people who never call back. Hey, it's not like if you call me, I'll think you've fallen in love with me okay? Freaking do your job, man!


elleLee said...

HAHA to the last paragraph!

schola said...

not sure why, but my MBP is giving me problems too... it hangs! weird right ... and i hate to send it for service here in malaysia..

shoobaba said...

schola: yeah it's weird that it hangs... macs don't usually hang! hehe...

where would you send it for servicing then? are you going away?

melissa chan said...

heya next time send straight to the apple authorised service centers...there is one in jln yap kwan send called VR Tech and the other is Sapura which is in Section 14...usually the shops will send to these places, hence why it takes so long i guess.

ex company's it tech used to send anything faulty to VR and I have sent once to Sapura and are both quite quick.

bypass the shops and send straight to the service centres...i think there's a list on the apple's official site (loading real slow so can't get the link for you!)


shoobaba said...


thanks for the tip! will definitely pass this on to anyone else who has a problem with their macs. wish i'd known it sooner! i was so panicky about the display going kaput that i just rushed straight to the shop in The Gardens.