Monday, December 08, 2008

The evil Telawi

Sometimes when I'm out, I like to make a mental note of where each article of clothing I'm wearing is from. Today, I have to say, is one of the most multicultural days I've had, although it doesn't look it.

From top to toe:
Baby tee: Phuket
Watch: KL (just today, in fact... new watch!)
Bracelet: Hong Kong
Jeans: Singapore
Shoes: Dublin

Coolness, eh?

Anyway, the evilness of Telawi!! Went to see what I could find that was suitable for zoukOut, but didn't find anything worth buying in the end. Besides, on second thought, I figured I didn't wanna wear something new to a messy, dirty, sweaty beach party anyway.

Unfortunately I still did some shopping for day-to-day use! Thanks to Elleh Belleh, who introduced me to Tea & Sympathy (grrrrr......), I purchased two items... one of which is being altered (collecting tomorrow, hooray!). They're both sooooo nice, I'm just so happy with them. It's a really nice-looking shop as well - and to help you feel less guilty about spending money, they so kindly occupy a lot on the top floor of the Telawi shophouses so you can burn some calories on your way up.

Went to one of my favourite boutiques next, mooie, and got a 10% discount just because I'm friends with Sunshine Mary... love that girl. Thank you!!

So I've now blown some of my Singapore shopping/party budget... but I think my upcoming assignment at Marie Claire will help alleviate the burden a little, so I'll try not to feel too guilty!

(I hope they let me listen to my iPod during work...)

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