Monday, March 27, 2006

One fine morning... a 6-year old story

Ever played the game where someone writes a sentence or two on a piece of paper and folds it to the back so it can't be seen, then ends with a few words on the next line which is visible to the next person, who then continues the story without knowing what was written by the previous person?

Some stories end really well, while others are just plain "Duh!". Here's one such attempt from the gang at HELP.

Some of you from college may remember this story with contributions from various members of the gang. Hehe. Now making an appearance for the very first time in digital format. Here is... Part One.

Note: Author change is denoted by the "..."

- - -

One fine morning Gary, Hui and Bin went to college like any normal day... They were on their way to Lecture Theatre 1 when they bumped into Daniel walking, holding hands with a pretty girl!... Aha! They were shocked. Daniel being bald is able to hold the hands of a pretty girl. How could he have done it?...

Chia thinks that it must be Daniel's winning personality. After all, he's a really nice guy. But, being Gary, Hui and Bin, they started teasing Daniel. The girl felt upset and ran away... Haha... I thought to myself (** Don't ask me who "myself" is. What kind of narrator is this?!). The girl turned out to be someone I knew. It was Jun-Yi (music started)... At least that is what the 3 guys thought, but she ran away too quickly.

Daniel glared at them fiercely and ran after the girl. Hui ran after them so he could "kow" her, Gary shook his head and tried to call... Sharon, and Bin continued to class. At last, Hui is able to catch up. Indeed it was Jun-Yi. Daniel came in moments later. Daniel tried to take Jun-Yi away from Hui. Meanwhile Charng Bin tripped and landed into the boobs of a girl walking by. He was so embarrassed... He said "Sorry!" but the girl didn't mind. She said, "Charng Bin!" It turned out to be Liu Yi. Meanwhile, Hui and Daniel were having an argument...

Suddenly, Daniel Pang Ti Han punched Hui with rage, ***Original version: "Hui being smaller sized was unable to protect himself." Edited version: "but he missed @!£$%$£@!£$?"*** Blood spattered everywhere. Jun-Yi was unable to help. During this time Gary snuck off from college to take a flight to Australia. It turned out Sharon has asked him for lunch... Gary was very excited. When he reached the airport though, he realised he didn't bring money! Back in HELP, Charng Bin was shocked that it was Liu Yi. He said sorry again, and they went to class holding hands. Jun-Yi helped Hui up and made sure he was alright. Then she dumped ***Original version: "both of them" Edited version: "Daniel"*** for being so childish. All this while, Chia was in Bazaar eating fried rice.

- - -

This is the end of Part 1. Part 2 will be up by demand. So let me know if you want the ending to this marvelous piece of work!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The new INXS

Oh I forgot to mention earlier how totally in love I am with the new INXS single called "Afterglow". I don't know what it is about it that I like.. just the whole "full" sound it has with such a simple tune. And JD's amazingly expressive voice, managing to sound sad yet faithful and inspired at the same time. I simply love the new sounds he's bringing to INXS! Mmm... a great addition to the band, indeed he is.

iTunes Music Store for Malaysia!

If anyone who has the power to do anythign about it is reading this - "Please open an iTunes Music Store for Malaysians!"

How are we going to combat music piracy if we're not allowed to buy mp3s online? Not everyone is willing to spend the money on an entire album, especially if they like only one song (eg. me and My Chemical Romance's "Ghost Of You" - the other songs are not as interesting).

I have a PayPal account that can be used to buy mp3s on iTunes, but apparently because my billing address is in Malaysia, I can't use it. Rubbish!

So come on, Apple! Give us an iTunes Music Store!

...(And please charge us RM0.99 for a song too, thanks).

Friday, March 17, 2006

Those were the days

Before I forget, I gotta recommend the song Umi Says by Mos Def on his Black on Both Sides album. It's great! I'll try to put it up on this blog as soon as I have time.

Yesterday I reached home from work and the gas man (man who drives around in a lorry selling gas stove gas tanks) was just making his round on my road. See, my road is on a dead end and anyone who turns in here has to make a U-turn to get back out. Poor guy has to do this every single time he does his rounds without the guarantee of someone buying his tanks! And I wondered - with the huge increase in petrol prices now, how do people like him cope? (Eg. the "paper lama" guy and "roti man") Their job is driving around without any assurance that they will get business. Sure, they can raise the prices of their goods but then people would complain and their goods might end up being the same prices as those the hypermarkets sell for.

I don't know what the situation is exactly but I just feel that every day's a hard day for these people. So let's do our part as Malaysians, remember what it was like in the old days (okay, maybe 10 years ago) and support these gas, roti and paper lama dudes.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vote for my design!

I've submitted a t-shirt design at Search for the design created by Shoobaba, called Play...

AND VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Just tick the box which says "I'd wear this!" Yes! Go now! Go! Go!

Thanks, guys.

On another note, I'm going to get a trim later this evening and I hope it turns out well because I'm having a birthday party this Friday night! I'll be sure to get some pictures and upload them either here or at Check this space again next week!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Birthday 2006 Wish List #1

Time for the next installment of The Wish List!

  1. La Femme Nikita Season 2 DVD Set
  2. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe Special Edition DVD Set

That's it for now. Can't think at the moment.

I would like to commend the managers at Delifrance@Plaza Mont Kiara for being friendly, courteous and efficient. Good job! People like this are rare in the service industry unfortunately, which is why I would like to make this statement here. Keep it up!