Monday, January 16, 2006

When I was a recording artiste...

Oh yes I was a recording artiste once...

Only once.

Here are the pics from back in November '05.

Dean the very capable background vocal... shutting his mouth?

Warming up those chords.

Our very talented guitarist.

"Get out! Get out! You're cramping my style!"

"And here are the two most popular vowel sounds, kids, Ahh....."


A new discovery!

I just discovered Richard Ashcroft today. Yeah, well I suppose he's been around a bit longer than today... anyway, he has some pretty brilliant songs, most notably one called "Running Away", also his new single.. can't remember the name but it has something to do with breaking up some colours... and also a song mixed by UNKLE, "Lonely Soul".

Buy all his albums!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Apple like Antitrust?

At the risk of this becoming an Apple blog... I just have to put up this question. Anyone seen Antitrust (Ryan Philippe and Claire Forlani)? Apple's starting to sound very much like it. I get this eerie feeling about all these partnerships with big corporations like Intel, Mac etc. Gives me the shivers thinking of the money they make duping consumers into buying a MacBook now when in 8 months' time they'll be selling MacBooks with an added fur lining and 6x the speed of a G5 or something.

Anyway... just wanted to mention it. And I'll TRY not to mention anymore Apple stuff HEHE. But boy I'd love one of those MacBooks though :) Speed is everything!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No Pain No Gain! | New Year's Eve Party Pix!

One ideal example of the "no pain no gain" concept is a facial. Yes! I can see all the girls nodding - some with flawless skin (2nd day after facial), and some with spotty faces (just after facial). It hurts so much! But wow, look at the results. :D

On a side note, my iBook power adaptor just dropped out of its socket. I hate the iBook adaptor! The flat-ish cube that weighs 2kgs and which only sticks onto the socket by 2 very thin "electrode-y" things. Why make an adaptor so heavy and use such small ... oh yes, they're called "pins"! Yeah. My adaptor's always hanging precariously by those two tiny pins, which, by the way, I had to buy a special "socket" thing. Meaning the two pins are not local size so I had to buy something to plug into it, and then plug into the normal, local socket. Comprendez?

So that's really inconvenient, but - the iPod's pins are the local size! Why sell Apple products that have 5 different pins from each other in one country?

Seems like I get peeved by Apple's products all the time huh? Still, it's the little things that aggravate. Also the fact that there are not enough webcams which are supported by the Mac OS. Apple's iSight costs about RM500 (!!). Thank Logitech for their half-the-price cooler-looking QuickCams.

Anyway! I kinda got carried away with myself. Here are the pics from the New Year's Eve party themed "Yee-Ha!" at Souled Out, 31st December 2005.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

iTunes does everything!

When I was moaning earlier about Apple not having much software available, more specifically a software which converts audio files into any sample rate I want... I was mistaken! I explored iTunes and discovered I could do what I wanted to!! This is why, my blog is finally featuring a new song. Very short song, but it's just a test. I will now update my songs more regularly YIPPEE!

Hope tonight's New Year's Eve celebration will be fun. I may or may not bring camera tonight... will keep you posted. A bit lazy now to write a lot. Am clearing my room... not a new year's resolution, just preparing for my big move to the new flat which will hopefully be ready before the end of January! Also will put up pics of that :D