Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

Am one day late in wishing everyone Merry Christmas, but as they say, better late than never, eh?

The reason I didn't post all day Christmas Day, was that on the Eve, I was super busy... went for lunch at Il Divo, a kinda fine dining Italian restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas. The place was alright... until someone at the next table started smoking! Now this is a completely indoor, air-conditioned restaurant. It's obviously non-smoking. So we asked the waiter to move us to a table further away (ie. two tables away as the place is so small), and then asked him why that man was allowed to smoke. And... get this... the smoker is the owner of the place! What an idiot, right? You open your own fine Italian restaurant, make it non-smoking, and then you break the rules yourself. If one of your customers started smoking, would you let them continue smoking at the detriment of your other patrons? What an ass.

I'm obviously not going back there.

After lunch, I went to pack the things I left at the Marie Claire office, and to say a proper goodbye to the girls.

Then family dinner, midnight mass (oh, I received a Crabtree & Evelyn hamper from church! I'm finally one of the lucky few who wins stuff!), opening of presents at home... and finally headed out to Barclub to join AlcoInhaler Jase for his birthday celebration. Of course, by the time I arrived it was already Christmas morning, and no longer his birthday. But everyone was so so so so merry, although I only had 2 or 3 drinks, I could so feel the looooovveee...

... Especially from one of the guys (whom I've never met, but whom Quebec Jo vouches for) who suddenly started dancing with me and getting all touchy feely. Lucky for him he was quite cute, or he would've gotten a black eye, or a hole where his front tooth should be.

When the club closed, some of us adjourned to AlcoInhaler Jase's room at the Sheraton Imperial. I must say it was more fun chilling out up there than it was at Barclub. Maybe it was because I arrived late and wasn't as intoxicated as everyone else, but even Quebec Jo agreed that hanging out at the room was more fun.

It's always not fun to KO after drinking... but to KO after drinking with AlcoInhaler Jase around is just a bad move... as Miao Miao Henry found out when he woke up after being given whiskers and glossy lips!

Anyway, came home, slept, struggled to get up, had Christmas lunch, then opened even more presents... and I received not one, but TWO L'Occitane fragrant candles! Hooray! Also got a black leather bag (which was on my wish list, if anyone remembers) because Mumsy Bumsy received a new one for Christmas and handed down her older (but still nice) bag. Yes, she has cool bags.

Incidentally, I just found out tonight that they'd bought 12 bottles (and finished 9) last night at Barclub! Incredible. We went back tonight to try to finish the remaining 3, but I'm not sure how successful the boys were, because Sharry Berry, Yuka and I went off to the mamak nearby to eat, drink and chat before the night was over.

One last thing I have to say... a big CONGRATULATIONS to Tequila Lin, who's just received a promotion at work! There will certainly be some celebrating this weekend.

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