Monday, December 08, 2008

Cosmopolitan is not a guy's drink.

I'm really worn out today... had an afternoon nap (and consequently missed Lapsap's BBQ & Junkyard Sale!) and woke up close to 7pm with a heavy head. Or it could be from the "power massage" I had yesterday. My neck still aches from it, but it felt so good!

Last night, Tequila Lin bagged us free entry into Luna and our first round of drinks with pure charm. Awesome! Okay, so we arrived at 9.35pm, when it's free entry before 9.30pm... but the gatekeeper had to pretend she didn't know that and wanted to charge us? YEAH... we arrived 5 minutes after 9.30pm on purpose, just so we could pay the RM50 cover charge. After some pleading on Lin's part, we were shoo-ed into the bar.

T'was my first time there... was pretty empty obviously, but nice interior, and amazing views. And, perhaps I'm being naïve or something, but just because there are two girls enjoying a drink alone does NOT mean we're looking for guys. Thankfully, we weren't harassed last night, but had an enjoyable chat with If, the bartender, instead.

Belvedere Sam picked us up from there soon after and took us to Changkat where we introduced him to Frangi. Made jokes all night about seeing hot guys and drinking Ribena (which was Cosmopolitan, incidentally, and I didn't recommend that drink to him). But at least being with a guy, and having our "avoid sleazeballs" radar turned up high, we girls escaped unwanted attention.

The coming week is looking set to be an enjoyable one, with not one, but two public holidays to look forward to! And not only that, Friday is my Visit Singapore day... and the past few blog posts should have let you know by now how excited I am. I'd better remember to pack my iPod and a big book for the journey!

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