Monday, March 15, 2010

This Day In History (March 10, really).

I just got home from my compulsory TB checkup at the hospital. Gotta get this done before I head to the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Dept) to finally get my ID card and become a proper member of the public.

I've been meaning to do a "This Day in History" from the day I arrived in NL, to close off the Malaysian chapter for the moment. Now begins the Dutch chapter after all. So here goes... this time in:

2009, I had just celebrated Mumsy Bumsy's birthday, gone to the Chivas Regal campaign launch at MOS, saw Sarah Brightman and had an interesting night at Sky Bar :P

2008, I was on a week-long road trip from the north of England, up to Scotland and back down to the Midlands again.

2007, I had just come back from Singapore, disappointed with the party scene at Clarke Quay, and still in my old job at The Edge, twiddling my thumbs, stressing myself out.

2006, I put up my Birthday Wish List and done my usual thing of commenting on good or bad service in cafes/restaurants.

2005, I was still in art school, taking photos for an assignment. I also had a jinxed day at BSC.

I have loads of photos from days out over the weekend, all kinds of activities done, but I'm kinda tired at the moment. Will post later!

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