Friday, March 05, 2010

Art makes me relax.

Thanks for the sweet comments, Schola :)

In the days leading up to my leaving Malaysia, I've been trying to finish up my work but it's not always up to me. I rely on constant feedback from the client, and when they're slow, it slows me down too.

This whole week I haven't achieved much except to lock up my pink suitcase. One more suitcase and a box to go!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit bored and gloomy because I felt like such an underachiever. Realised I needed a new hobby rather than staring at Facebook and Twitter all day.

Then I remembered that making art always made me feel a little better. Guess it uses different parts of my brain and rests the others. I never really did much art in my spare time because it was too much work. I'm a very detailed person and would never be satisfied with something less than good. But I realise that I gotta get rid of this unhelpful way of thinking!

I've always liked simple Artline drawings, so decided to try my hand at one. Scoured the internet for a suitable image and found one of bottles. I just needed to copy the shape of them, and then I'd do whatever I wanted inside.

The end result:

This is obviously NOT an Artline drawing! Haha... just proves the fact yet again that things grow of their own accord and you can't control everything.

And it's kinda nice that my style came out without any planning.

I actually wanted to do a line drawing and use minimal watercolour.

But me being me had to make it realistic and layered. I simply can't do graphic!

When I finished the first bottle, I realised it looked too plain. I decided that drawing a label on would help. Then *ding ding ding*! I giggled to myself and scoured the apartment for real bottle labels. Found an old wine bottle and peeled the labels off.

This piece of work is going up in the apartment in Rotterdam whether Schrobbenmaster likes it or not!

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