Monday, March 29, 2010

Searching for nice furniture!

Last weekend we had lunch at Bagels n Beans. Yes, we love the place.

I had ordered a big mochaccino instead of the usual small one, cuz I was thirsty and I wanted to have a treat. Normally, size-wise big is around 1/3 bigger than a small, isn't it? This big was double a small. I had to struggle to finish it!

This place is super popular. We had to share a table with two other guys (who spoke American English btw). And while we were there, they even set out a few stools next to one table and there were two young guys sitting, holding their cups of coffee just like that. It's like... whoa, guys, there is a Delifrance right opposite here, y'know?

After lunch, we walked to Blaak to catch a metro to Alexandrium, where the big furniture mall is.

Well, it's nowhere near as complex as the London Underground.

We got to Alexandrium and walked into several stores, looking for the perfect mirror and office cabinet. One of the shops we went in is called Riviera Maison, they had just opened there and was having a 'housewarming'. It's a really nice shop, but super expensive, even in euros!

This is the shop, but we walked on to the back, where they had actually built a house! The next few pics are of the amazing 'house'. I would love to have a holiday home like this!

I love the dining room.

But I love the laundry room more!!

The louvre doors on their furniture gives such a breezy, holiday feeling.

And just outside is the cafe, which looks equally inviting.

Another style of furnishing I like is the really old, classic, English look. We've already agreed to get one of those styles of bookshelves so that I can roam antique and secondhand bookstores getting old books to fill it with :D

When I first walked into this room, my jaw nearly got dislocated with awe. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall bookshelves! In the classic, old style!

For now, though, I need to get a job and money!!

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