Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Operation Bye Bye KL continues

I got Sigur Rós playing in the living room, and my finger just got caught in a hole in the bedspread, making it ever so slightly bigger.

Decided to write a lil summin summin before I start getting ready for my ridiculously early dinner appointment - at 5pm - with Eva The Celebrity.

I'm now at the stage of Operation Bye Bye KL where I start wearing all the clothes hanging on the clotheshorse - clothes that I wear for a couple hours and I reckon are still clean enough to rewear. Um, think eco-friendly rather than dirty, okay?

So I've picked out this glittery pale gold top that I think is kinda glamourous for The Gardens, but I think paired with black leggings and my black boots which I haven't worn since working at WIP, I'll manage to grunge-ify and un-glamourise it. Bah, who cares, anyway? I shouldn't be afraid to be stylish, wherever I am!

In the weeks leading up to this post:

I went shopping at Times Square.

Saw this top. I'm always attracted to words and couldn't stop myself from trying to read this. Trying being the keyword here. It starts off just a little grammatically wrong and then eventually becomes pretty psychedelic.

I smell the use of OCR.

Mumsy Bumsy and I waiting for little miss Yelleh Belleh to finish looking through each and every pair of shorts in search of the elusive "Denim High-Waisted Shorts" (Yelleh Belleh: I SO need to have a pair! Boohoo...!)

Dinnertime at The Chicken Rice Shop.

A nice little replica of a Chinese street down in the concourse of Times Square. 100 times cleaner though, I bet.

I started packing.

Got a bunch of cardboard boxes from WIP for me to pack up my valuables in the house in case anyone comes to live in here. Sigh, will deeply miss my apartment!

Pink luggage all packed up! So glad I decided to buy this, it's just too pretty.

I said Farewell to some friends (Operation Bye Bye KL).

A couple weekends ago, I invited some friends over to my place for dinner and sangrias. While some 'really happening' almost-thirties decided to head to Zouk to get drunk enough to hit on college girls over saying Farewell to me, a few others chose the good route to my apartment.

Bin and the fiancee, Thila, came over first to have dinner with me. We ate Chinese fried noodles opposite my apartment and talked about how a certain friend of ours was drifting away from our group and apparently stealing wedding ideas. Was also asked about my Dutch inburgering exam and what it's about. And as usual, Bin asks the most important question for every man in a different country:

Excuse me, where is the toilet?
(Sorry, waar is het toilet?)

Btw, the photo above ISN'T a photo of our fried noodles dinner, in case you were wondering what sort of new noodles that is. Those are Cheezels mixed with Chachos and Chipster.

Dan the Drinker posing with a stroopwafel. Stroopwafel is one of two Dutch products people scramble for. Except that this can be legally brought into this country.

I somehow don't see Dan the Drinker normally eating so carefully with a plate. Seems more likely that Bin made him feel guilty about dropping crumbs.

I thought this shot above was rather cool and glamourous. They were posing for another camera when I snapped this.

Tequila Lin finally shows up after her family dinner and needs to catch up on the sangria count. And apparently found it not strong enough.

Bin, after a sip: Omg, Junyi, this batch of sangrias is much stronger than the first and second!
Tequila Lin, on the other hand: Hmm... this sangria is not very strong.

Schrobbenmaster calls on the webcam midway through our session, so I invite him to join us.

Unfortunately, my night ends with me sharing gossip with the toilet bowl.

I headed up to Bukit Tinggi.

Last Friday was a public holiday, so Mumsy Bumsy took the opportunity to take Yelleh Belleh and I up to Bukit Tinggi for a break from the city. We stayed at the Berjaya Hills Golf Club, which... well, coulda been better, but was decent enough.

The sofa's armrest was kinda scratched and torn to bits as if someone had brought a cat in there or had a fight with the sofa. But the room was really huge for a two-person bedroom. We had an extra bed brought in since there were three of us.

The beds look nice and big, but the mattresses are ridiculously hard and I had a really bad night's sleep. Woke up several times and the whole day had a tired and aching body.

Before heading back to the city the day after, we stopped by the Horse Trail to look at the horses.

They're such big creatures and yet so gentle. Love horses.

I love this horse's look. Really beautiful brown body and platinum straight hair with a fringe. So fashion forward.

Also such a showhorse. When she realised we were taking photos, she finished eating her hay then went to stand like this for the next 15 minutes with her back legs crossed like a model :P

I said farewell to more friends (Operation Bye Bye KL).

On Sunday after lunch, I went to Wondermilk to meet Jean and Melissa, fellow graphic designers from my school. I don't often hang out with graphic designers and that meetup with them made me wonder why. We have so many feelings and thoughts in common with being our age and at the position we're in.

Melissa is also a designer who started her own company around the same time I did. We could have helped each other out so much if we had kept in closer contact. And Jean just resigned from her job at Ogilvy & Mather after years of servitude because of severe back problems and a need to 'find herself'.

Seems that all of us have plans to move overseas in search of better prospects and better treatment. I am already on my way, while Melissa is deciding on all her options and Jean is just starting to research.

A big Hi and Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come out and say Farewell to me :)

More coming up soon.


frachely said...

that horse's a blonde!

fly from singapore! i'll go meet u at changi :D

schola said...

when u leaving again?! we should so meet up before u leave...

shoobaba said...

On Tuesday midnight! 9 March :P