Monday, March 01, 2010

Just a variety of thoughts and photos.

Before I continue with CNY posts and Operation ByeByeKL updates, here are some older photos that I absolutely have to clear from my desktop :)

I love these little quaint things about Malaysia. I love how we still have roti men, newspaper men, ais krim men and here you see, telur man.

And one of the things I hate about Malaysia: Perodua Kancil. These pesky rats turn up everywhere, blocking people and being a general menace on the roads. In this case, because this Kancil was parked thus, Regs in her huge Honda couldn't park in that yellow box and had to give it up to the smaller MyVi behind her.

Also, if the government wouldn't insist on making it affordable for everyone to have a car - hence the birth of the Kancil - they would have a more urgent incentive to improve public transportation and come up with common ways to battle traffic like Park 'n' Ride (which they already implement in Putrajaya, and desperately need in Bangsar) and more train stops in strategic areas.

Two photos of Arran at a coffee shop where we had lunch after church. I wanted to post these photos up so I could look through them again when feeling nostalgic in NL.

Arya with one of her more nicer smiles. She normally gives a really fake, toothy smile :B

I wonder if this is how they attract visitors to this, uh... mall?

At one point I was drawing trees. It's one of those objects that I actually am able to inject my own personal style into.

I love drawing the leaves. And somehow I love tall, thin trees with lots of leaves. Does that say anything about me? :)

Attempting a tree with another object.

Save the best for last. The leaves!

I do believe there's a little bird in a little nest in the middle of the tree :)

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