Friday, March 12, 2010

I can't post photos of my view anymore.

I'm once again sitting at Schrobbenmaster's huge screen because it's so nice to blog here, compared to looking downwards at my own laptop screen.

Listening to his iTunes - currently Readymade FC is playing and it's quite peaceful. But one of those sorts of music that can repeat itself and you wouldn't realise because it doesn't really invade your consciousness.

This morning is the same sort of morning as yesterday. Cloudy and grey, unlike the first morning I arrived when it was all blue skies and sunny. What a nice welcome I had!

So here continues the adventures of Shoobs Boobs at home...

Here's me looking out the kitchen window. I contemplated smiling so I look less bored/fierce/fed up, but I thought it'd be rather weird to smile at the ladder just outside the window.

Had one more burger patty from dinner the night before, so I made that for lunch. Sliced some very fresh tomatoes (how come tomatoes here are nicer and less offending than KL's?)...

... cooked the patty. My oh my, cooking with butter is so fragrant! Not only that, but cooking here is so much more pleasurable because you don't have to sweat from the heat of the fire. In fact, I frequently stick my nose above the pan to unfreeze it.

I know it looks rather plain, but it's delicious and that's all I care about! I'm not much of a cook, so whatever tastes good is already a great achievement for me :P

After lunch, I continued my daytime activity of staring out the window.

These vehicles kinda reminded me of Lego.

And then I read a bit of my book. Trying not to finish it too quickly because English books here are few and pricey.

I need a good Agatha Christie to dig my brain into, to be honest.

Also dropped by the supermarket to pick up some essentials for Pancake Nite last night. It's quite a good solution to feeling cold at home - just walk out for 20 minutes, and when you come back, the house feels as warm as anything!

The good thing about living in Europe is being able to visit the other beautiful, cultural and historical spots on the continent.

On the day I arrived, over lunch, I told Schrobbenmaster:

Me: Now that I'm here, we can visit places like south of France and beautiful coastal towns in Italy!
Schrobbenmaster: We have all the time in the world...
Me: But I wanna go while I can still look glamourous!
Schrobbenmaster: Are you saying you look glamourous now?

So nice.


Mumsy said...

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frachely said...

that green vehicle looks exactly like the one in FV!!! mwahhahhaa