Friday, March 26, 2010

I walked into the living room this morning to the light and fragrant smell of my hyacinths, fully bloomed and enveloping the living room and office with its sweetness. Ah, the experience of Spring!

Let me just get rid of the last renovation photos from my desktop now...

Before the living room looked sophisticated, here was me chipping in, removing the carpet.

Got lots of scratches on my fingers whenever my fingers/knuckles accidentally scrape the wooden floor boards. Nothing compared to Schrobbenmaster's bloody and scratched up hands though.

Before the renovation started, I was busy occupying my day going out to the supermarket or shops, getting necessities. One day I decided to stop by the library to check out their English section. Ended up picking this book up.

Looked like a fun read, so I settled in a chair with it.

Pretty cool library with the abundance of oversized lampshades.

I found the paragraph from Hugh Laurie (yes, House M.D.) in the foreword below quite amusing and chuckled aloud. In it, he is defending Wodehouse (the author of Jeeves and Wooster) from critics who say his comedy writing is too 'light'.

It says: "... charging Wodehouse with 'lightness' is not so very far away from accusing painters of relying heavily for their achievement of their effects on paint.".

Good one!

We watched Up In The Air last night, and I wasn't really impressed. The actors did well, but I think either I just expect too much action/comedy/exaggeration from Hollywood films that a simple story about a man who doesn't like to commit to friends/family just seems rather 'blah' to me. Or it could just be that the director didn't make it engaging enough. It just didn't inspire me.

The weekend is nearly here! Might go to Alexandrium to browse for furniture - we still need an office cabinet, a living room rug, a big bedroom mirror and floor protectors for our wheelie office chairs. Ah, the bane of having scratchable floors!

I suddenly realised yesterday that there is now a whole new market for me on Etsy. Instead of just searching for shops in Kuala Lumpur (to save on postage), now I can search in Rotterdam. Hmm, nothing. Searched for Netherlands. Found only ONE shop that I really liked! Even in KL I can find about 5 shops that interest me. Too bad, then.

The one shop I found was good, though, we even ordered an artwork! Should be getting it after Easter, so I'm looking forward to that! :D Will post pictures when we've got it.

House-decorating is so fun :)

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