Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dutch people are friendly, Dutch services aren't.

Referring to my previous post, not all Dutch service is cold and unfriendly. Out of the 3 people I spoke to when I was out last week, one was really nice that she made up for the don't-care attitude of the other two.

I was in Etos, a pharmacy, looking for eye makeup remover and facial toner. After perusing the shelves for a few minutes, making guesses at what each bottle was based on my little knowledge of both Dutch and French - in Malaysia, we have labels in Malay and English, sometimes Thai, here it's Dutch and French - I selected two bottles and walked to the counter.

Me: Is this eye makeup remover?
Lady: Yes.
Me: Is this toner for after cleanser?
Lady: Yes.
Me: Okay!
Lady (smiling and taking my items): It's not easy when it's not in your language, huh?


Here are some photos of me doing my daily grocery shopping. The supermarket is just a 3 minute walk down the road.

You will always find bicycles chained to any post that can be seen with the naked eye.

Opening the front door of the apartment. The main front door, not our personal front door.

And that's me camwhoring in the office.

My neck aches and I have lots of painting to do today. Omg, what did we get ourselves into? We have to build our new wardrobe, rip up the carpets, paint the bedroom walls, finish building the nightstands - and tomorrow the floor people come to give us a new wood flooring.

Wow, new home in just one day!

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