Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dim Sum and books

I love peaceful, quiet afternoons, but wish they didn't always make me sleepy.

I'm lying on the bed now with the calming sound of the fan whirring, trying to get some rest before heading out later for dinner at Prego, The Westin with Tequila Lin, Bin and Dan The Drinker.

Had a yummy dim sum lunch at The Ming Room at BSC earlier.

My cousins.

Yelleh Belleh... and my finger *sheepish*.

Mumsy Bumsy: "You have a lousy phone camera.". Yes I know :(

As demonstrated here. HTC Hero fail!

Oh, I only just realised we had two baskets of steamed fishballs. Thought we only ordered one and I was complaining that no one was eating them except me, because I kept seeing only two balls in the one basket. Okay, that paragraph was kind of needless, and I just saw an insect fly by in front of me.

After lunch we went down to WIP for dessert. Ordered churros and a choc mousse cake. For the third time, we requested them to thicken the chocolate sauce for the churros, and once again, they didn't. Oh man, it's really getting on my nerves because the churros themselves are really delicious. The sauce is supposed to be thick and dip-able, but this was so liquid it kept dripping, and by the time it reaches your mouth, you ain't got no sauce left to eat.

Oh my GAWD I just saw the silhouette of a baby lizard on my curtain. Used a hanger to whack it back out the window. I sincerely hope it didn't just drop onto my floor. I don't dare look. Things like these make me glad I'm leaving.

Anyway, it's been simply ages since I bought a novel, so I decided to pick up Robyn Sisman's latest. I had read an older novel of hers (Perfect Strangers) and liked it so I just bought this without thinking too much about it. The second book is from another author I would never think twice about buying. Jeremy Clarkson's latest!

Yesterday was Mumsy Bumsy's birthday. Happy belated birthday! I have photos and, trust me, really interesting stories to tell, but I'm tired now and will blog about it later.

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