Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Farewell Kuala Lumpur!

Okay, just a few quick words before I rush back to packing and organising and sitting on my suitcases to lock them.

I've really run out of energy and need to eat lunch soon as well.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who's sent me well wishes and Bon Voyage messages! So sweet of you!

Secondly, to anyone out there who prays, I would love to request a little prayer from you for a safe and comfortable journey, and for everything to go smoothly at both airports.


Last Saturday, Tequila Lin, Dan The Drinker, Bin and I went for a nice dinner at The Westin.

Trying both closed and open mouth poses. I think open mouth looks more cheery, right?

We conscientiously had the pizza packed because we had half a pizza leftover and didn't want it to go to waste. Dan The Drinker even had to sign off on some hygiene release form that we thought was kinda strange.

Walking to the lifts heading to the car park, where we would have drinks in Bangsar.

Trying to be the three stick figures. Note how I also have a representative of the power point on the wall.
Also note how no one is holding the pizza box.
Yes, we left it back at the restaurant. Sigh.

Bin went to pick Thila up and met us at BSC. We first had a round of Jagerbombs at twentyone upstairs, but as there wasn't anywhere to sit, we went down to WIP and managed to get a nice corner table indoors.

After another round of drinks, we took the lift back up to twentyone. Serious bar-hopping, man! In a shopping mall! Keepin' cool...

One shot for the ambience of the venue...

And now come the paparazzi shots...

My next post will be from NL! And I'm definitely gonna look for a camera of my own so I can take loads of photos of my new life there :)

See you guys and take care, till the next post!

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frachely said...

wth more wastage! the pizza box has gone to waste! poor Gaia :P

btw am I one of the bon-voyage-msg ppl? nyehehe