Thursday, March 04, 2010

The MAC Colour Forecast show

It's a warm and sunny afternoon lying on my stomach on my bed with Lady Gaga playing in the room next door. I just packed some design mags and books, including my own work into a box.

What I think about a lot when it comes to this big move to NL is the part where I'm in the airport with my family. I have everyone and my life here in KL. Then I say Bye and I'm completely, completely alone. There is no home anymore in KL, and there is no home yet in NL. Complete limbo for nearly 15 hours. It's like time will be at a standstill.

Then I arrive in NL, and I see Schrobbenmaster at the Arrivals hall, beaming from ear to ear and I know I've come "home". A new home.


Yesterday, Operation Bye Bye KL continued with Eva The Celebrity.

First, we had a really early dinner at this little Thai place on the lower ground floor of The Gardens. Don't know what it's called but it was cheap enough and the food was decent.

After talking loads about how we each met our significant others, she invited me to join her at an event she had to attend at Mid Valley. She said she could probably get me in as her friend, so I said, sure, why not?

Turned out to be the MAC Colour Forecast show. I'd never been to one of those things before, and it was interesting. Well, I mean, an interesting experience. The whole thing wasn't very interesting at all, it was basically people wearing heavy make up, kissy kissying everyone else wearing really fashionable clothes. And by fashionable I really mean fashionable, not chic, not classy. I'm not saying I thought it was ugly or beautiful. It was just... fashionable. A statement.

I think half the guests were Cheena Chinesey, and the other half were Malays and boy-girls. Loads of boy-girls. Saw Deborah Henry and Amber Chia there as well. They're really pretty :)

I felt quite insufficient and inferior there because I was only wearing a little eyeliner and some lip gloss. Thank goodness I decided to wear that glittery gold top. At least some part of me was dressy!

Apparently those four guys in front of the waiter in orange are some sort of boy group who sing and perform. It's nice to see guys get dressed up, even if it's with bleached hair. At least it shows some effort.

The iMacs there are for people to snap photos at the Photo Booth and have them printed out. Will show mine and Eva's further down.

Pretty colours! One of the makeup artists actually put on some of the purple blusher for me. Sounds ghastly, but actually looked alright!

Eva The Celebrity had orange blusher for her face.

We each got door gifts when we entered. It was a colour palette catalogue and an RM50 voucher for MAC products. Eva The Celebrity was expecting actual products, but no luck this time!

I look kinda weird in those photos, but it's something cool to bring along with me to NL :)

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Mumsy said...

whether u r on the air, or thousands of miles away, u wl always have a home in KL..only u travel, yr home stays n waits