Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another IND sticker and house renovation photos!

Just got back from an early appointment at the IND to register myself at this home address, and to apply for an ID card. Lots of official looking things to check and fill in, but in the end, it took less than an hour to finish, and I now have another Dutch sticker in my passport, valid for the next 6 months. And then I'll receive some BSN thingy (not sure what it is) in a week, and finally, after 1 to 6 months, I should receive my ID card!

Immigration thingies really are a big hassle.

Anyway, the home is almost back to normal now. I just need to get a few more hangers for my clothes and an office cupboard/shelf to store all our officey stuff.

Here are some photos from the renovation:

First, we had to select the new floors to replace the old carpet.

It's quite posh how they serve tea to you. They give you a box and then you select your flavour. I chose lemon tea but it was rather horrid, even with sugar.

Next, to purchase a big, decent-looking and affordable wardrobe, we headed to IKEA.

Then lunch! And of course, I have to try the Dutch IKEA's Swedish meatballs. Completely different from the ones in KL.

I ordered a 'small' size, okay! Geez, man, what is a 'normal' and what is a 'big'?

And finally, picking up all the bits and pieces of the wardrobe and nightstands we selected. This stupid store didn't have any more stock of the clothes hanging rods though, how inefficient!

We had also decided to have the bedroom walls painted, so we biked REALLY FAR to Praxis. It was about a 30-minute bike ride, but OMG... it was so friggin windy that day, and we were biking AGAINST the wind! It was a flat road, but I friggin felt like I was biking uphill. Daymn! I was seriously panting and puffing and had rubber legs when I dismounted.

We selected a pale grey for the bedroom. Picked up the necessary equipment for painting then headed home, the wind behind us this time. Phew!

Here's a half-painted wall...

... and some ladder photos. It was dark and the ceiling light doesn't reach this far wall, so we brought in the table lamp from the office, creating a moody feel :D

'Course it's still my camera phone, so it's not that awesome. Although, I must say, my camera phone does take some really cool mood photos.

The bedroom walls are not done yet because we decided later on to paint one of the walls a darker colour. Haven't bought that yet, so the project is stalled for the moment.

But here's the Before and After for our living room!

And this is the office. No Before picture, unfortunately.

So nice!

And here's Schrobbenmaster installing the cable management system, in other words, a basket under the table.

My 'new' table has Spring flowers! Remember the little green stubby plant I got from Schrobbenmaster when I arrived in NL two weeks ago? It blossoms out into this lovely plant called Baby Grapes. Not sure if they're otherwise called Bluebells though.



frachely said...

here comes your no.1 loyal commentator haha

i love the new floorings! looks so much better than carpet!

And are you trying to recreate your bedroom back in KL hehehe

I like the baby grapes! love that shade of blue! at first i tot they were lavender -_- total noob :P

Rik van der Kroon said...

A BSN is a "Burger Service Nummer". Or a Civilian Service Number. Basically a unique citizen number which they use for all sorts of things like taxes and work.

shoobaba said...

That sounds like something you get from McDonald's.

schola said...

i'm loving the spring flowers! and i have to say "wow! accomplish so much in such a short time!" love the make over in the living room too... looks like so much fun!

shoobaba said...

yeah, it feels like i've been here for a month already, although it's only been two weeks!