Monday, March 15, 2010

Mumsy Bumsy's birthday at Delicious/Dish

I have to get used to this Pedestrian-Is-Always-Right business here in NL. Every time I reach a crossing where a car is slowly headings towards me, I hesitate and hold a big, nanosecond debate in my head: Cross? Wait? Cross? Wait? Will he expect me to wait? Will I look stupid if I don't cross?

The result is always me hurrying across, trying to look nonchalant, as if I didn't just have a huge fight between good and evil.

Okay, let's continue this post with a recap of past events.

Before I left for NL, Yelleh Belleh and I took Mumsy Bumsy to Delicious at Dua Residency for her birthday dinner.

The empty bread box in front of us shows how yummy it was. Mumsy Bumsy always says she judges a restaurant's quality by how good and fresh their bread is. I do agree with that philosophy.

Do note that our table was right next to the high wall garden indoors (you can see the plants behind Yelleh Belleh) because I have a story coming up about it.

Group photo!

Solo portraits!

The infamous wall garden.

Okay, so we entered Delicious, expecting to have good service and good food, because this is a more pricey version of the Delicious cafe. In fact, I think this restaurant is called Dish.

We hung around for a bit, but no one saw us or served us, so we were beginning to get a little annoyed, when the front-of-house (FOH) guy came towards us. We asked for a table for 3, and he sullenly found us one. I already didn't have a good impression because he was so sullen and unwelcoming.

(This was my second time there, and I had actually enjoyed the service first time round, but I guess they pick and choose who they want to serve with courtesy. The first time I was there, my table had ordered two very expensive steaks and 3 bottles of very expensive wine. The snobbery!)

I sat at the table with my back towards the wall garden and was perusing the menu when I suddenly felt something drop on my head and then onto my arm. At first I thought it was a drop or two of water because of the garden behind me. I glanced at my left arm, and lo and behold... an 8cm long earthworm!

Now, when you have lived most of your life among young siblings, you learn to be very good at keeping calm while panicking internally, so all I did was shake my arm off with a hideously screwed up face (I'm sure), and muttering, "Eew eew eew!".

Mumsy Bumsy asked, "What?". And I pointed to the floor where, thankfully, the worm had slid to from my arm. I had obviously stood up and walked to the other side of the table by this time, for fear of anything else happening. A waiter came by and wondered what was happening. Mumsy Bumsy pointed to the worm and he went to get a piece of tissue to pick it up. Then the FOH comes over and enquires what the matter is. We tell him it's a worm that landed on my arm, and he asked the waiter to show it to him. And then they both left.

Without a word of apology.

And without even offering a complimentary drink or anything to make us feel better about this inconvenience!

That was annoying, but never mind. We were all in a good mood that night so we brushed it aside, although I did keep it in my head for future use, if anyone asks me what I think of this particular restaurant and its service :P

By now, I was already kind of criticising the FOH under my breath, about how he doesn't smile and how he was so sullen and uncourteous after our incident. Mumsy Bumsy had seen him smile once and said so. Then Yelleh Belleh went later on, "Oh, I saw him smile!". And I was the only one who hadn't seen it. Probably cuz I didn't even wanna glance at him.

After our delicious dinner, which, by the way, was a bit misleading on the menu - I had ordered a dish on the menu called "7 hour slow cooked lamb shank with pasta and basil pesto". I don't know what that sounds like to you, but to me and everyone else I asked, this dish should be lamb shank, with a side of pasta. And what arrived was actually a pasta dish, with some lamb shank pieces! Tasty, but misleading.

Anyway, after we finished, the FOH came by to clean our table of the plates and breadcrumbs. I watched him out the corner of my eye while I was tinkering on my phone, and I distinctly saw him flick his wrist with the cloth of breadcrumbs as his hand moved over my glass of water! Maybe he had muscle cramp, maybe he's just weird. But I definitely saw the flick. And tada! Breadcrumbs in my glass! I didn't say anything at that moment because I thought that he did that because he was clearing our water glasses as well. But nope, he just walked off after that.

I pointed my crumb-filled water glass to Mumsy Bumsy and Yelleh Belleh and they laughed at how the FOH didn't seem to like me much.

We ordered dessert, and I chose the delicious chocolate fondant cake that I'd had the first time.

When it arrived, I dug in, put the spoon in my mouth, and then realised that something was wrong. The chocolate sauce inside was sour!

We called over the FOH guy and told him that we thought it was spoilt. He took the plate away and came back later saying that, indeed it was spoilt and he had no idea how, as they cook it fresh every day. Pish tosh, whatever, man, the damn sauce was sour as spoilt milk is. That's obviously how!

He finally came back with an unspoilt version and I enjoyed it.

I don't know if I'll ever go back.


Mumsy said...

u forgot the FOH saying, half smiling, "next time u ask me to taste something, i'll b more careful, as that ws nt a pleasant taste at all"

frachely said...

can't express how much i hate bad service! especially when you have to pay for the 'service charge'. isnt that their jobs to begin with! cis