Friday, March 05, 2010

Go ahead and read.

Since no one pays any attention to me on Twitter, I'm gonna stop micro-blogging there and save it for here, where I won't be disturbing anyone.

... Gee, you know the cockiness of some people...

"So... haha... you only have (insert miniscule number here) number of followers...!"

Just because you are half a celebrity and you don't clear out your spam porn and medicine followers.

If I wasn't as vigilant with clearing out my spam followers, I'd have more, okay? And I'm not even half a celebrity. Psssshhhh...!

... How about when you tell a friend that you want to, say, go to his shop, or use his services or eat at his cafe? What I got was... silence.


So, no thanks, there are plenty of other services around to use, and I don't have to use yours. I was just trying to be a friend and even that got rejected.

Talking about rejection, how about two weeks ago when my happening friends went clubbing over coming to my place for drinks?

As frachely said to me today:
"ur friends!"

This afternoon I was kinda bemoaning the fact that I have very little traffic to my blog. At least, the very few comments I get show that.

(I do appreciate the new commenters though --> Melissa, Schola... and not forgetting my loyal commenter --> frachely)

So I asked frachely - since she's the biggest expert on my blog - if she thought my blog is easy to read.

frachely: quite subjective
frachely: one thing i'm sure is you wont attract any ah lians
frachely: which mean less traffic
frachely: haha
frachely: lotsa so-called 'celeb bloggers' in msia sg like xx
frachely: their fan base consists of mostly ah lian ah beng

Upon further investigation - okay, I only looked at one other blog - I found that this particular blog (which I've never heard of but is Malaysian) has 40 followers - I have one :'( - and 135 fans on Facebook. And all this girl wrote were 10 words and inserted 50 photos.

Okay, I love looking at photos. But I love looking at photos with a purpose, like fashion or good photography. I'm not gonna adore looking at 50 photos of the same 3 people whom I don't know. And don't tell me the hundreds of visitors to these celeb blogger sites know these 3 people personally.

Another thing... who creates a Facebook fan page for themselves and shows it off on their blog?

Well, I'm sorry random visitor of my blog, that you had to read through this massive essay of 1000 words with no pictures. But I think I'd very much like to keep to my readers of quality and not sell out to the ah lians and ah bengs just so I can have celeb blogger status.

Thank you, thank you.


schola said...

hahaha, i just love u la girl.. so honest with what you think... so what if it's just words, i find it extremely easy to read, cause it has content, and most importantly, it's your thoughts.

not sure if i'm being bias (cause i do know you in person, whereas others are just some random ppl), but any how, keep writing! will miss you dearly once u're half the globe away *hugs*sc

-=ŜçħőłąšŧĩĈã=- said...

oh ya... since u don't tweet anymore.. wanna try plurk?!
another microblog channel which i'm pretty much 'active' in, just 7 friends, and that's it, kinda private too ..let me know if you're interested to give it a try

shoobaba said...

Oh nooooooo don't get me hooked onto another social networking site!!

I'm still on Twitter but I won't be tweeting so much of my thoughts there anymore :P

How come you're not on Twitter?

schola said...

tweet... abit too public for my liking... just like no like... like to keep it as private as possible...

Mei Yin Sharon said...

hey, i'm considered a follower too - just a silent one. hehee..

shoobaba said...

Sharon: You sound almost like you're calling yourself a silent stalker heehee...! Thanks for the very rare indeed comment!

Schola: Are you free for lunch on Tuesday? I might be free then.

frachely said...

wow I sound like a Pro Blog Analyst or sth haha

You should have corrected my 'chatting-lingo' so that I'd sound even more pro! hehe

shoobaba said...

But this is to keep the essence of your writing personality! This is called "journalistic true-ity".