Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Something came right!

BSC was a total jinx for me this evening! So many things went wrong, I'm just amazed I didn't blow up like a kettle. Firstly I went to BSC this morning to get breakfast with my dad and I was wearing a bra with a detachable jewel (a huge diamond) on it, and when I came home, I discovered that the jewel had dropped! It was really sad!!

Then in the evening I went to BSC again with my sister to get some dinner. In the car park I discovered there was something wrong with the car's reverse system. It just wouldn't budge, as if I was stepping on the brake while reversing. And, no, the handbrake wasn't engaged. PLEASE! So that was really weird and a bit freaky, but I managed to park the car without anything else going wrong.

We went to Cold Storage to buy drinks and my sister bought a yogurt kiwi drink. The first one she bought had already been opened, so we exchanged for the second one - which was expired before the date stated. Then she went to get a third one - which had brown marks on the drinking part. HMM. So we asked for a refund and thankfully got it without any problems.

After that we bought food etc and we went to pay the ticket. We'd only been there 1 hour so I paid RM1.50. Then I decided to top up my prepaid card before leaving, so we went to the phone shop. Back on the escalator, I realised I'd forgotten to retrieve my ticket from the machine! Careless, I know, but imagine it happening it to you and you'll feel sorry for me :'(

We rushed back to the machine and I can't believe the dishonest people around! The ticket wasn't there anymore. It was maybe 10 mins since we left and the place wasn't even busy. Look, it was a ticket, obviously it's something the person would immediately miss because after paying, you usually go straight to your car, right? But noooooo some dishonest person had to take my ticket, already paid for! I asked the security guard who was sitting next to the machine if anyone had returned a ticket and he just asked me to go to the ticketing office downstairs. STUPID. No wonder he's a security guard. Gives a bad name to guards everywhere! Stupid stupid...

So I went down and I had to pay for a lost ticket! RM20 down the drain! I just kept saying that I couldn't believe I'd thrown away RM20 just like that!!! I'm just really thankful it wasn't RM30 like at my school. Sigh. I was really quite down and really afraid something else would go wrong. Oh, and as I exited the car park, I scraped the tyre on a curb (which I've NEVER done in BSC). So you can see why I hate BSC today.

Talking about my school, the redeeming part of the evening was when I went to pick my photos up. I'd taken some pics of my school for a project. Here's how my school looks like :

Panoramic view in the evening.

Hey... cool imposing sort of pic, eh?

Nice lighting at the white building. Although it doesn't look white in this light.

Is it just me, or does this remind you of the Centre Georges Pompidou?

It doesn't look AS nice in real life. HEHE.

My Advanced Diploma! Woohoo!

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