Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pre-NYE party

What do partygoers do pre-NYE party?

Assuming there's no work that day, I guess they can do pretty much anything. I dunno what anyone else has done today, but I, for one, have ventured out onto the roads this afternoon to try and redeem my dinnerware from Cold Storage in BSC with the 35 stamps I have. Pulled on some jeans and a top, and with ruffled hair, braved the Bangsar traffic (which was pretty bad, I might add).

Parked, climbed the stairs and looked for someone who could give me some bowls and plates... well, to be honest, my stamps can only redeem about 3 bowls... but I digress. This Indian guy told me that they'd run out of stock! First thought in my mind was "Crap." because 31 December is the last day they run this promotion and I felt that I shoulda gone earlier to get my bowls. But then Mr Indian Dude told me they were ordering more dinnerware and the promotion would last till 15 January! So I thanked him and walked the roundabout way to the ticket autopay machine just so he wouldn't think I was a loser for driving out to BSC just to redeem 3 bowls on New Year's Eve.

At least my parking was free!

I needed to fill my tank since I'm driving to town later with Quebec Jo, plus my tires needed some major air. After I was done at the pump, I wanted to reverse into the Angin spot, but just then, some idiot in a van decided to go fill his own tires instead. Doesn't he realise I need to fill mine because I'm doing something important tonight?

Turns out it wasn't only for that reason that he shoulda gone to another petrol station. When I reached the Shell near my house, it started bloody raining! I got drenched just getting out of my car and getting the air hose, the rain started so quickly. Had to unlock my doors and grab my Super Umbrella, and fill my tires while holding an umbrella and my car keys, and the little air inlet cover. I'm just thankful I'm a pianist and therefore have full control over each of my fingers and they can multitask. Heh.

Oops... I now only have 30 mins to get ready for dinner with Quebec Jo. Better sign off and do my stuff. Have a nice celebration, everyone...! I'll be at Phuture, so come say Hi if you bump into me :)

PHOTOS: X'mas and randoms of 2008!

Thought I should fit in all the photos I've been hoarding before the year ends.

I hope they keep more architecture like this old façade around KL.

Isn't this just the picture of innocence?


We had Christmas lunch at the penthouse. I don't normally like roast chicken, but it tasted particularly good that day.

Asha wanted a tent, Asha got a tent.

Little Arran playing around.

Yummy garlic bread. I also don't normally like sparkling juice, but I was feeling kinda dehydrated from AlcoInhaler Jase's party the night before, so I was gulping it all down. No wine for me, thanks!

The tasty roast chicken. Dad doesn't like turkey. Anyways, we already had our Christmas turkey at Mum's.

Christmassy salad.

That's finally it! No more photos from 2008!


PHOTOS: Motorcyle Chronicles #3

I think it's the third instalment?

Sugar cane uncle.

PHOTOS: Marie Claire lunch @ Decanter PJ

It was my first time at Decanter in Section 17, and I was pretty impressed! The food was good, prices reasonable, service was good, and the decor is nice! Definitely a place I would return to if I'm ever in the area. Which isn't often. I wonder if the Damansara Heights branch has just as reasonable prices? Anyway, I had their signature dish, the Hainanese Chicken Chop. Was really good... and I was mighty surprised I finished it all as well. Must've been pressured by all those other girls sitting around me. Just in case they say I don't eat, that's why I'm so thin. Pooh... I'm not even that thin!

Anyway, the whole Marie Claire team went out for Christmas lunch on my last day at the mag. Had a good time (and a good meal)... and although I expected the boss (editor) to foot the bill and charge it to the company as entertainment expenses, the bill wasn't expensive, so I didn't mind using the money from my own pocket. Moreover, we all got presents from her (freebies from beauty and clothing companies, obviously) which was really cool! I received an Anna Sui eyeshadow, which came in a really nice compartment. Her cosmetics are always very rock 'n' roll, and this was no different. Black casing with engravings and a nice mirror.

The specials menu... no doubt most people would jump on the Braised Chicken with free Guinness!

Shanti and intern/office slave Noralyn.

PHOTOS: Photo shoot at Marie Claire

Not a glamourous shoot with models, unfortunately. Just items that need to be inserted into the magazine.

Rachel and intern/office slave Noralyn trying to get the dress to hang right.

All the beautiful, expensive dresses.

Rachel and her wishful thinking.

So now you know how a regular photo shoot looks like behind the scenes. And how much work goes into those pretty product and clothing photos you see featured in magazine pages!

Incidentally, how nice are the shots I took from my phone? I gotta get myself some studio lighting for all my future photos hehe...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A thoughtful Eve of NYE

Back from whirlwind trip to Penang... I had tons of sleep over there cuz there's nothing to do at night except watch Chinese dramas on RTM2, but I still feel awfully tired! Thought I'd managed to catch up on some zzzzz, but perhaps not.

I wonder what everyone else's plans are for NYE.

My mind's all a-whirling again with thoughts, ponderings, musings... no wonder I'm in such a state of confusion! But at least I'm not depressed. That's waaaaaaay worse.

Let's all cross our fingers that our New Year's Eve celebrations will be filled with fun and happy memories... will try to fit in one more post tomorrow if my ponderous mood improves :)

Sorry for the rather dull post tonight.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Let's hope Tiger works

When I arrived home after lunch today, I saw my noisy downstairs neighbours unloading 10 pieces of luggage from the lift. What a blessed sight! They're going home for the holidays!! They're Filipinos btw... probably a band who sings in hotels, which explains the music practices and freakin' loud dance music they used to play.

My neck still hurts. Rubbed in a deep heating muscle rub before lunch, but it didn't really help. Yelleh Belleh swears by it, though. She uses it a lot cuz she's so old and keeps getting aches and pains... Nah, just kidding... she used to play volleyball a lot and kept getting bruised up. Now she just gets bruised up from Vincci shoes.

I do get stiff and aching muscles occasionally from ballet, but I can still go about my normal business, so I just take the pain as it comes. But this neck thing... it really bothers me! I can't turn my head to the side, I can't stretch my neck muscles (something I love to do)...

So after lunch, I went to Guardian to look for some patches to slap on my neck. Yelleh Belleh says that area of my neck is a little swollen as well. It's most definitely a huge muscle knot, cuz I can feel it when I rub and compare it to the other side of my neck. Again, was recommended Tiger Medicated Plaster (Warm), so I bought a small pack. When I got home and opened it, I realised there are only two inside!! That's not enough! I'm probably gonna have to slap on the patches for the next few days!

Anyway, I have one on right now and it FEELS SO GOOD. My muscle still hurts when I move it, but the feeling this patch is spreading throughout my neck is awesome!! I wish I could leave it on all day and night. But I think people might avoid hanging out with me if I head to Zouk with a huge white patch on my neck tonight.

Friday night chillout @ Home

I'm sitting at home right now... on a Friday night... having spent all night chilling out, watching Gossip Girl episodes. Lame? If it was, I wouldn't be feeling as calm and relaxed as I do now (with the exception of the searing pain in my neck... must've strained a muscle).

Yep, it was nice being at home and watching other people's lives (even fictional ones) unfolding. Not to mention the glorious clothes worn throughout.

Staying home also gave me time to check out the new beauty products I picked from the Beauty Box (see 2 or 3 posts down on my last day at Marie Claire... sorry can't be bothered to find out where it is... my neck hurts). Feels nice to pamper myself!

Enjoy the new track playing in the background, while you catch up on my latest posts.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

Am one day late in wishing everyone Merry Christmas, but as they say, better late than never, eh?

The reason I didn't post all day Christmas Day, was that on the Eve, I was super busy... went for lunch at Il Divo, a kinda fine dining Italian restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas. The place was alright... until someone at the next table started smoking! Now this is a completely indoor, air-conditioned restaurant. It's obviously non-smoking. So we asked the waiter to move us to a table further away (ie. two tables away as the place is so small), and then asked him why that man was allowed to smoke. And... get this... the smoker is the owner of the place! What an idiot, right? You open your own fine Italian restaurant, make it non-smoking, and then you break the rules yourself. If one of your customers started smoking, would you let them continue smoking at the detriment of your other patrons? What an ass.

I'm obviously not going back there.

After lunch, I went to pack the things I left at the Marie Claire office, and to say a proper goodbye to the girls.

Then family dinner, midnight mass (oh, I received a Crabtree & Evelyn hamper from church! I'm finally one of the lucky few who wins stuff!), opening of presents at home... and finally headed out to Barclub to join AlcoInhaler Jase for his birthday celebration. Of course, by the time I arrived it was already Christmas morning, and no longer his birthday. But everyone was so so so so merry, although I only had 2 or 3 drinks, I could so feel the looooovveee...

... Especially from one of the guys (whom I've never met, but whom Quebec Jo vouches for) who suddenly started dancing with me and getting all touchy feely. Lucky for him he was quite cute, or he would've gotten a black eye, or a hole where his front tooth should be.

When the club closed, some of us adjourned to AlcoInhaler Jase's room at the Sheraton Imperial. I must say it was more fun chilling out up there than it was at Barclub. Maybe it was because I arrived late and wasn't as intoxicated as everyone else, but even Quebec Jo agreed that hanging out at the room was more fun.

It's always not fun to KO after drinking... but to KO after drinking with AlcoInhaler Jase around is just a bad move... as Miao Miao Henry found out when he woke up after being given whiskers and glossy lips!

Anyway, came home, slept, struggled to get up, had Christmas lunch, then opened even more presents... and I received not one, but TWO L'Occitane fragrant candles! Hooray! Also got a black leather bag (which was on my wish list, if anyone remembers) because Mumsy Bumsy received a new one for Christmas and handed down her older (but still nice) bag. Yes, she has cool bags.

Incidentally, I just found out tonight that they'd bought 12 bottles (and finished 9) last night at Barclub! Incredible. We went back tonight to try to finish the remaining 3, but I'm not sure how successful the boys were, because Sharry Berry, Yuka and I went off to the mamak nearby to eat, drink and chat before the night was over.

One last thing I have to say... a big CONGRATULATIONS to Tequila Lin, who's just received a promotion at work! There will certainly be some celebrating this weekend.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PHOTOS: Singapore Dec 2008

Even I can't believe that I'm posting pictures of my trip only a week or so after my trip! I must be getting more organised/hardworking/diligent ... by the way, the photos below aren't the same as the ones on my Facebook album, so no one gets bored.

On the 12th of December I was supposed to head down to Singapore for a much-needed break after my hectic November. I'd chosen that weekend because Yogamaster Jac had told me she and a bunch of friends would be heading to ZoukOut. Sounded like fun, so I told her to count me in. I persuaded POD Rach (that's POD for Photo Obsessive Disorder) to join us as well. So, as you know, I was really looking forward to a weekend of fun.

However, a few days before I was to head down, Yogamaster Jac nicely pulls out of the gig along with all of her friends... leaving only me and POD Rach to layan ourselves at a beach rave party. Cis! is all I can say.

At least she didn't pull out of our Supperclub plans...

So, on Friday morning, I hitched a ride down to Singapore in UFC's awesomely comfortable BMW, together with Mumsy Bumsy and co-worker Jolene. The three of them were heading down south to check up on the newly-opened 7atenine Singapore (note that this is actually the first time I'm typing out its actual name instead of just using the numbers!).

Nabbed a pair of Chanel sunnies from the dashboard and decided to borrow it for the weekend. Later finding out that it cost RM1200... regretted it a little (in case I lost it!). No wonder the sales assistants at Marina Square treated me so nicely.

The bar area.

I want those giant Bombay Sapphire bottles!

Mumsy Bumsy making sure the front-of-house person is pretty enough hehe. Ascott Kuala Lumpur was so nice to send these flowers for the opening.

789 is now open at the Esplanade, by the way. So drop by if you're in the area.

After doing some shopping at Marina Square, I went home to get ready for dinner and Supperclub with Jere and Yogamaster Jac. By the way, "home", meaning Jere's home.

Incidentally, decorations on Orchard Road weren't fantastic.

That's the view from La Salle Neige at Supperclub. It means "The Snow Room". That's a projection up there on the wall... I'm assuming dejavu was the theme of the night.

Funny things happen when you add alcohol to the night. Here's POD Rach looking sweet and innocent, while behind her, some couple is doing some decidedly dodgy things. I just couldn't resist snapping this picture.

Le Bar Rouge upstairs, with good-looking bartenders - and one much more so than the others. I have a thing for guys with long hair. Well, of course, they have to look good with it as well!

And that's the nice combo of lighting from the small Le Bar Rouge upstairs and the bigger La Salle Neige downstairs.

On the whole, I enjoyed my Supperclub experience, although I expected the place to look and feel more different from other clubs. I suppose I'll still have to head to the one in Amsterdam to get the actual Supperclub experience I'm looking for.

The next morning I slept in so that I'd have enough energy to stay up all night at Siloso Beach. Went out in the afternoon with Jere to look for some sandals (yes, I left my flip flops at home in KL!) and shorts. He later left me to join his friend who needed help in planning his proposal to his girlfriend. Ooooh.

I was killing time in Borders, Wheelock Place, when I bumped into Gamemaster Jon! Singapore is that small. So we went for coffee and a chat. After that, had a nice Japanese dinner with Yogamaster Jac where she found out that I had become chief skank of KL. Hahaha... just kidding, of course.

After such a long day, I was naturally exhausted, and kept delaying leaving for ZoukOut. POD Rach hung out with me at home till about 1am when we finally made our way to Vivocity to catch the train over to Sentosa. They were actually yelling out to us to run because it was the last train of the night crossing over! Bloody lucky we were.

By the time we arrived, nearly everyone was already drunk and rowdy. It was a little strange, since there were only two of us, and we were completely sober! However, one of Charlie Wonka's friends had told me he'd be there with some friends, so we arranged to meet up.

POD Rach in front of the Velvet stage. We spent most of the night there, but towards the end, the Zouk stage was better. Stayed clear of the third stage, can't remember what it's called now. RnB/Mambo or something like that? The music was simply ghastly... Imagine No Doubt remixed. And dancing to that. Okay, maybe some people like that, but if you're one of them, then you're just being silly.

Another shot of the Velvet stage. The Zouk area was full of muscly hunky gays, so we felt a little out of place.

Yet another Velvet pic.

Singtel VIP Yacht. Apparently free flow of drinks :( The next time I go, I'm getting VIP passes from UFC!

And to please the males, a shot of one of the many hot chicas there.

On the whole, the event was alright. It was definitely an experience, and would probably have been better if our friends hadn't bailed out at the last moment! We did have the company of The Oompa Loompas, but it just wasn't the same...

Anyway, I think I've written quite enough on the Singapore trip. I feel it's time to head down under to Melbourne soon, but I haven't decided when yet.

Oh, and lastly, today was my last day at Marie Claire! I can finally catch up on some much much much-needed sleep. I was also lucky enough to be around for the distribution... well, the grabbing of goodies from the Beauty Box. I feel like I've just gone shopping for free! Thanks, guys!

PHOTOS: Being a lamp post

As promised, here's the photo of the 'lamp post' at Souled Out I spoke about some time last week.

Doesn't he look tragic?

Friday, December 19, 2008

And hello to you!

I haven't worked so bloody hard in one week in a long time! Every day, 9.45am till up to 11pm! It's just been so crazy.

Funnily enough though, I haven't really been looking forward to the weekend. I don't mean I didn't want the weekend to come. I just wasn't looking forward to it like I usually do. Guess cuz during the week I'm quite bored and can't wait till my friends are free to hang out during the weekend. But this week being so crazy, I've just had no time to think. I'm SO glad I'm not in this job permanently!

At least I had some time to unwind tonight at Souled Out. Saw two lovey dovey couples and a lamp post at a table opposite me. Poor guy. I actually took a photo of the tragic table, but am just too tired to upload it at the moment. Maybe I will one day.

It's been a while since I've been home on a Friday night. If I remember correctly, the last time I did was the disastrous adventure of me having too much Grey Goose and then following it up with lots of falling down and wrecking furniture. I would go back to that night and do it all over again though. Slightly differently!

Here's a little shout out to Tequila Lin, who's just discovered this blog although she's been a star in several posts for some time now. And another shout out to Colin Farrell, John Cusack, Holt McLaren, Edward Norton, Michael Bublé and Andrea Bocelli. Oh, and all the Roberts out there.

I need a drink.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Magic, my ass.

Stupid Magic-8 balls.

I was on my way out of the office tonight and caught sight of a really pretty pink ball from Benefit (the makeup brand) on the beauty writer's desk. OD Sha told me it was a Magic-8 ball, so, excitedly I picked it up and started playing with it cuz I hadn't used one before.

I asked two questions.

Me: "Will I meet any cute guys tomorrow?"
Ball: "Don't bet on it."

Super. I'll try again.

Me: "Will I have a good weekend?"
Ball: "Don't bet on it."

Thanks for ruining my weekend before it's even started!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a quickie

I've been too busy at MC to blog these days. I manage to Facebook only because I can log on and then keep it in the background, and go back to it when I need a distraction. I can't actually sit down and focus on writing new posts on the blog! But it should be better after Christmas, when I'm done with my contract there.

Talking about Christmas, I feel awful that I don't feel Christmassy at all and it's only a week away! My tree isn't up, I haven't bought any gifts...

Even though I've been busy at work this week, last week and weekend in Singapore were pretty eventful. But will dish on those events later on. Will also post up a few photos from Singapore for those who don't have access to my Facebook albums.

Peace and love, peace and love.*

*Chris Moyles reference :P If you don't listen regularly, then you won't get it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home alone.

Off to Singapore tomorrow...

It's a really quiet night at home. After the exciting events of last night (night out at Changkat as today's a public holiday for some of us), today seems very blah. It was nice meeting up with Tequila Lin for coffee and dinner - it helped pass the time. I just didn't want to be alone with my thoughts today.

Maxi's just left for Mumsy's house for the nights I'm away. I'm sure he'll have a great time reunited with Foxy :)

It's nights like these when I don't like living alone...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day #2 on MC

I'm not sick... that's MC for Marie Claire :)

My blog was calling out for photos, so I obliged it and brought my camera to work today. As predicted, it was difficult to wake up early again, but it was helped by the thought that I don't have to do so tomorrow. Yahoo...!

My desk used to belong to a writer on MC. I thought it was a guy at first cuz the desk was absolutely filthy! Black, dirt and weird things all over it. How disgusting. At the end of the day I realised that there are no guys writing for MC. Isn't that a terrible thought? A girl, a writer from a glossy... having such a disgusting work desk? Anyway, those are the stickers I see in front of me every day.

That's my workstation, a Mac of course. Thought I'd better pixellate the page I was working on in case I get sued... it was one of the Beauty pages for February 2009.

Those are my co-workers... the only ones from MC who were there along with me early this morning!

That's the view to my right. Another writer sits where that empty chair is... and at the end is the editor, whom I've yet to meet.

And I have a nice front view of The Perve Pole. Posters of hot guys stuck all over it hehe... funnily enough, I haven't actually gone up to perve at them yet. Must make a note in my book to do so on Monday.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guys with balls

Today was my first day at the Marie Claire offices. Working there for the next two weeks until Christmas Eve... it's been really difficult to get my head back into "office mode" - yes, it's only been one day, but I'm already dreading the days to come! Thankfully, I'm only going in twice this week, as Thursday's a public holiday for them, and Friday is my trip to Singapore. Easy does it, right?

After work, I headed to Souled Out for dinner with Mumsy, then left for Telawi to pick up the blouse I had altered. However, stupid boutique was closed when I got there... 20 minutes before its stated time! Guess that's what you get from little shops. So, dammit, I have to go back there after work tomorrow. At least I can look forward to a night out tomorrow though.

Met up with a friend for mamak while I was at Telawi... had a nice long catch-up of our weekend, in-depth discussions on relationships... typical girlie stuff. Funny thing happened after we left though! I wanted to go to 7-Eleven to pick up some munchies for work tomorrow (being in an office always makes me peckish), so we dropped by on our way to our cars. While I was browsing the aisles, I saw my friend talking to a guy, who I assumed to be a friend, so I just left them alone and continued my hunt for something tasty yet not too unhealthy.

My friend then came up to me with a strange look on her face, and told me that the guy had just walked into 7-Eleven, told her he didn't do this sort of thing usually... and then asked for her number! He insisted that it wasn't a dare... and when my friend didn't want to give it to him, he asked for her Facebook address. That explains why, at the end of their conversation, I overheard him saying, "What's your name?", and I was like... huh?

Apparently he was actually sitting at the table next to ours at the mamak, which could mean that he overheard our relationship talk (NOT good!) and decided to approach her... or that he's just... very brave. Whichever it is, in a way, it's nice that some guys still have the balls to walk up to a girl and introduce himself, but on the other hand, it's a little scary too!

... Goodness gracious, I have to wake up early again tomorrow...

Monday, December 08, 2008

The evil Telawi

Sometimes when I'm out, I like to make a mental note of where each article of clothing I'm wearing is from. Today, I have to say, is one of the most multicultural days I've had, although it doesn't look it.

From top to toe:
Baby tee: Phuket
Watch: KL (just today, in fact... new watch!)
Bracelet: Hong Kong
Jeans: Singapore
Shoes: Dublin

Coolness, eh?

Anyway, the evilness of Telawi!! Went to see what I could find that was suitable for zoukOut, but didn't find anything worth buying in the end. Besides, on second thought, I figured I didn't wanna wear something new to a messy, dirty, sweaty beach party anyway.

Unfortunately I still did some shopping for day-to-day use! Thanks to Elleh Belleh, who introduced me to Tea & Sympathy (grrrrr......), I purchased two items... one of which is being altered (collecting tomorrow, hooray!). They're both sooooo nice, I'm just so happy with them. It's a really nice-looking shop as well - and to help you feel less guilty about spending money, they so kindly occupy a lot on the top floor of the Telawi shophouses so you can burn some calories on your way up.

Went to one of my favourite boutiques next, mooie, and got a 10% discount just because I'm friends with Sunshine Mary... love that girl. Thank you!!

So I've now blown some of my Singapore shopping/party budget... but I think my upcoming assignment at Marie Claire will help alleviate the burden a little, so I'll try not to feel too guilty!

(I hope they let me listen to my iPod during work...)

Cosmopolitan is not a guy's drink.

I'm really worn out today... had an afternoon nap (and consequently missed Lapsap's BBQ & Junkyard Sale!) and woke up close to 7pm with a heavy head. Or it could be from the "power massage" I had yesterday. My neck still aches from it, but it felt so good!

Last night, Tequila Lin bagged us free entry into Luna and our first round of drinks with pure charm. Awesome! Okay, so we arrived at 9.35pm, when it's free entry before 9.30pm... but the gatekeeper had to pretend she didn't know that and wanted to charge us? YEAH... we arrived 5 minutes after 9.30pm on purpose, just so we could pay the RM50 cover charge. After some pleading on Lin's part, we were shoo-ed into the bar.

T'was my first time there... was pretty empty obviously, but nice interior, and amazing views. And, perhaps I'm being naïve or something, but just because there are two girls enjoying a drink alone does NOT mean we're looking for guys. Thankfully, we weren't harassed last night, but had an enjoyable chat with If, the bartender, instead.

Belvedere Sam picked us up from there soon after and took us to Changkat where we introduced him to Frangi. Made jokes all night about seeing hot guys and drinking Ribena (which was Cosmopolitan, incidentally, and I didn't recommend that drink to him). But at least being with a guy, and having our "avoid sleazeballs" radar turned up high, we girls escaped unwanted attention.

The coming week is looking set to be an enjoyable one, with not one, but two public holidays to look forward to! And not only that, Friday is my Visit Singapore day... and the past few blog posts should have let you know by now how excited I am. I'd better remember to pack my iPod and a big book for the journey!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

And we thought we escaped...

Another Friday night at our fave hangout, twentyone... Tequila Lin and I got there late last night as she had her company's annual dinner to attend. Very formal 'do, so she's forgiven for turning up in a ball gown... haha... she looked so cute and respectable among all those short dresses, camel toe leggings and belly-baring outfits.

I'd had a really good dinner beforehand so I could really enjoy my drinks without getting affected. Makes a really, really nice change from a week ago.

I'd thought it was gonna be a nice little night out, just the two of us, no thinking about guys, just getting drinks and enjoying the music spun by DJ Rob Nutek. And it started off that way... until I noticed this old-ish white guy standing next to Tequila Lin eyeing her. He finally spoke to her and I thought, "Awesome, this guy can buy us the next round!". But try we did, and fail we did.

He still stuck to us, though. What the...

So I pretended to be gay. I bought Tequila Lin a drink in order to appear that I "owned" her, and I tried all sorts of ways to make it look like we were together and wouldn't be needing his company.

Failed again.

Sigh, long story short, this guy was actually turned on by the whole situation. Asked us several times to hook up after twentyone, but DUH, we said no and gave our excuses. Interestingly enough, another old-ish guy suddenly appeared next to us and started chatting to me. Are lesbians more attractive than straight, single girls?? At least this second oldie got me a drink though. So a few brownie points to him.

But what the heck? We couldn't lose them for the last half hour in twentyone! And normally, all this would be flattering, but..... these guys were like..... 40????? I'd thought my oldest would be 33 (which is just about acceptable considering who it was), but looks like the old folks home was giving their tenants a night off.

Mouldy oldies aside, Tequila Lin and I did have a lot of fun with each other last night. And I just realised... OMG this is another twentyone Friday night that turned dodgy! I'm seriously gonna think twice before I go there on a Friday again.

Friday, December 05, 2008


You'd think that Malaysia having so many American shows on TV would make me more attuned to their accents. But embarrassingly, I recently discovered that I'm so not!

Met a guy who grew up in the States and I think half the time he talks, I have to go, "What?"... a few times... that's awful! Maybe I'm too finely tuned to the British accent, with its singsong Northern accents, its clipped Southern accents... and its sexy Scottish and Irish accents :P that the Americans slurring their words together are just too difficult for me catch. Doesn't help that my eyes are automatically drawn to the Malay subtitles onscreen either.

Damn those subtitles!

Talking about subtitles, I can't believe Quantum of Solace was subtitled entirely in Malay! For such a popular film, and in a country with loads of non-Malay speakers (foreign students, tourists)... how could they completely forego the English subtitles (I'm talking about the scenes with non-English speech)? Aren't we trying to boost our tourism? If we want the tourists, why do we alienate them? I don't think we're at all on par with France who have everything in French, are we?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The fake Supperclub

I just got back from the fake Supperclub in Desa Sri Hartamas. I never intended to visit it at all because I really hate copycats, but good friend AN invited me for a work/hangout chat at the Corbis do tonight, so I joined her.

The interior was not too shabby. It just looks like all other clubs around KL, nothing outstanding at all. Nice and glam, chandeliers, disco balls... everything you could expect from an upmarket club. But just nothing interesting. Sigh.

I always thought... if you want to be a copycat, at least make yourself stand out. Look at Bed Supperclub in Bangkok. Their architecture and interior has made it into several design books globally and every other person has heard of it. So, well done there. Now I'm not even sure if they intended to copy Amsterdam's famous Supperclub, or if they genuinely did their own thang and succeeded.

At least there was free flow of alcohol at the Corbis event tonight... no vodka, weirdly, but they had wine, so I had that. A pat on the back to myself for not going overboard with the alco! I'd been telling Tequila Lin earlier that I was really off the booze for a while because of what happened last Friday (still in my crazy November heydays). I really couldn't stomach anymore alco. But I had wine tonight, and I enjoyed it. Maybe the curse has lifted then...

As usual, I don't have pictures cuz I don't carry a camera around... if I was paid to blog about these places then why not... but I'm not paid to do so, therefore I'm not obligated to put up any pics. So here's some random stuff from tonight then.

The Corbis goodie bag. I haven't looked inside yet, but I hope it's more worth it than the twentyone fashfab goodie bag I was hoping to collect tonight - but had no one to go to with!

The Supperclub wristband... and some cash for my late McD's supper. Ate a little before going out so that I could drink. But now am super hungry and decided to indulge in some unhealthy American fast food... yum!!

The delivery guy should be here soon, so I'd better turn the music down and wait by the door. Sometimes they tap on the door then run away with your food, you know.

5 + 2 days

I used to think 5 days was waaaay too long for a working week when you only get 2 days of rest.

Well, technically, they still are. But these days, for some reason or other, these 5 days seem to magically get sucked into a black hole, and lo and behold... the weekend has arrived. And gone.

Is this another phenomenon of falling over the tip of the iceberg? I've read that once you reach a certain age, 15 years becomes 15 seconds. How ironic that the opposite is true when you're a wee child. Would I wanna be a child again? I honestly don't know. There are lots of things I wouldn't wanna have to do again, or make decisions on again. Time-travelling would definitely not be one of my desired Heroes abilities.

It's Thursday today! The 4th day into December. November seemed long, yet fleeting... but December is just being chewed away ferociously by the cookie monster. My notepads are still sitting on my shelf. Will anyone buy them as Christmas presents??

I need a break.

I need to buy some really nice clothes...

I bought a hippy headband last night which I might wear to zoukOut. Am thinking though, that sweat + headband + looooong hours DOESN'T equal to a very nice forehead. But what the heck... it's Sunday the next day, so there wouldn't be any partying for the next few days anyway.

So pleased that my good friends in SG will be joining me in the pool of fun next weekend!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The secret November. Upcoming plans.

I don't think any horoscope could've predicted the November I've just had.

Now that BGN (3 people's names, btw) have left the country, it seems quieter... less happening. And the reason that should be so, I'd rather keep to myself :)

And that's as much as I can write here in public. I guess my (mis)adventures in November will have to be archived forever in my private inbox instead of here, my public diary.

On to my December! Got a few things lined up which I'm really hyped up about. Perhaps it won't be as unhappening as I thought, after all. I bought my coach tickets down to Singapore for zoukOut next weekend. Going down one night before in order to pay a visit to the esteemed Supperclub, newly opened at Odeon Towers.

ZoukOut 2007!!


By the way, does anyone realise how many Supperclub copycats there are out there?

I'm immersing myself in Supperclub music non-stop these days and I'm just hoping my friends in SG will be free to take me there (frachely>>> make sure you join us at zoukOut!!).

789 Singapore will also have opened by next week at the Esplanade, and I've been asked to pay a visit. Pay is the right word to use! Guess I can have a coffee and hang out a bit. I think it'd be too much on my pocket to actually have a meal there :P sorry dears, but the contents of my pocket are going elsewhere!!

I'm still impatiently waiting for my Razr2 to arrive!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Falling over the other side

I was watching Nanny Diaries tonight when it suddenly occurred to me: the transition from "young, promising and world at your feet" to "too late to do that now" is extremely quick.

When I was 23, I still had time to do so many things... travel, sing, dance, start a company... I had ample time to find my Chris Evans (of Fantastic Four, not the Brit DJ), become famous... and anything else I wanted. But when you're 23, you think you have all the time in the world to do all that, so you just laze around and bask in the glory of being a young, yet free, adult.

Now, a few months short of my 26th birthday, I know I'm not really "old" yet - but 26 is like falling over the other side of the iceberg. It's entering the latter part of your twenties. And in society, the latter part of your twenties is when you have to fulfill the most obligations in the shortest amount of time: earn a decent - if not wonderful - salary, have an interesting career, be with Chris Evans, and on the road to a happy life together. In reality, how the freakin' heck can a girl manage to do that in 3 years, and still have "seen the world" and experienced all things exciting to a young person?

How can you settle down with someone if you've not seen and done everything you wanted to do? Like wander through a vineyard in Champagne, or a lavender field in Provence... or roamed around the art in Florence... or partied it up all week in the hottest clubs in London? I haven't even been anywhere north of Peninsular Malaysia (in S.E. Asia) besides Phuket.

I suppose one could do all those things with a life partner. But when you've seen things elsewhere in the world, and opened your eyes to all its possibilities... would you still be happy with someone you chose before you opened Pandora's box?

Now I understand when people who are 28 or 29 say, "I'm old!!"... it doesn't mean that they think they're old age-wise. It just means that they haven't yet done what they wanted to do when they were 22. As I approach the tail-end of my twenties, that fact is being etched into my brain ever clearer. And I have to do something about it so that I never grow "old".

Incidentally, I find that a very comforting band to listen to when you're growing old-er, is Sigur Rós. Scroll to the bottom of this page to select one of their tracks.