Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Lessons on being a more considerate person #2

This afternoon, I had lunch at an Italian restaurant on the ground floor of an office building. It was a casual dining restaurant, meant for the office workers and the prices were very reasonable. While I was waiting for my food, a man seated at the table next to mine behaved quite inconsiderately...

Lesson #2: Don't snap your fingers or clap your hands for a waiter's attention

This may not apply worldwide, but I'm betting in most places, waiters (and waitresses) would dislike being "summoned" by finger-snapping or hand-clapping. Yes, sometimes they're too busy to notice a raised hand or a wave, but they are people too, and everyone deserves some respect. In an office environment, if your colleague is trying to get your attention, you would expect him to get up and walk to your desk, or call you by name if you're nearby. I doubt many people would appreciate being called with a snap of the fingers.

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